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Default Windows 10 Graphics Fix

With one of my computers Silent Hunter runs just fine. BUT...On my new gaming laptop SH5 ran in partial screen with no sound. This is a known problem for games running on Windows 8 or 10.

The solution is to change the SH5.exe properties | Compatibility| tab and check

X__'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'

X__'Run as administrator'

Also if you have a new computer you can install SH5 on it with your old disk. The key is to log onto Uplay and change network settings to 'Always start Uplay in offline mode'. You can read more about this in my SH5 Quick Start Guide under News Flash. link below

SH5 Quick Start Guide
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Default Thank You!

I just got a new Windows 10 high end desktop, re-installed SH5 and ran into exactly what you described. Applied the fixes you suggested and I'm up and running...nothing but Outstanding!

Now on to getting my game the way I want it with many of the great mods on this Site. Just a Happy Caption on my soon to be reborn sub...

Thanks again for posting this rather simple fix, just a bit embarrassed I didn't find this on my own...
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The solution is to change the SH5.exe properties | Compatibility| tab and check

X__'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'

X__'Run as administrator'

I'm really confused, I cannot find this., I right click on the .exe ,select properties but see none of this... How do I find what your saying,thanks
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Default welcome aboard!

tactikalwarfare! (oops we missed camarorks first and only post)

"Only two things are infinite; The Universe and human squirrelyness; and I'm not too sure about the Universe"
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A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > tactikalwarfar
A Warm Welcome Also To The Subsim Community > camarorks

Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community
If you are new to SH5 look > > HERE << STEAM is not compatible with the essential application TDW’s Generic File Patcher
Steam Conversion Installation Instructions for SH5 Updated Version
Highly Recommended SH5 > The Wolves Of Steel Mega Mod > Includes > Optional KSDCommander And Working Enigma M4 Machine > Sub Flags

SH5 should not need a compatibility mode for Windows 10

Post #74 Run Both SH5.exe And Ubisoft Game Launcher Application's As Administrator's
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