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Default [REL] Stormy`s DBSM collection SH5

SDBSM Version 1.3

---------------------------------------- NEWS-TICKER -----------------------------------

03.01.22 TWOS compatible version aviable !

03.22.12 optional "Gillette Patch" by misha1967 aviable !

03.11.12 optional additional creaks and noises released !

03.11.12 SDBSM support for Rubini`s "Crash Dive time and set_depth problem solved!"

02.07.12 Stormy`s options files for NewUi`s 6.9.0 !

08.23.11 WIP: Additional Crew Sounds beta 6 relesed !


just converted my Living SH3 DBSM Collection to SH5.

This Sound Mod Compilation also uses sounds from other sound mods like DBSM Project Schwertfisch, anzacmick`s SH3 Sound Mod, Trigger Maru or Thomsen`s and Paulsens Sound Mod, the more real Ktl KUrtz`s BritishAsdicMkI v1.02K and of course the fresh work of Rongel`s "Wasserbomben" + "Battlestations" sound mod`s, and as a base for sound scripting Heretic`s great Mighty Fine Crew Mod (you cant miss that), Church because spending his keyboard mod as a base, all the people who created the movie Das Boot !

...of course it have many new high quality sounds i overhauled or resampled for a new set of mixtures.

So this means, credits go to all contributers, Thank You Sir`s for all of your hard work.

New readme regarding TWOS compatible version

This sound mod compilation requires SH5 v1.2 with german voice pack installed !
[SIZE=1](german voice pack is selectable by SH5 custom install, works with english text)
also aviable from Venatore ->

commands so far: (US keyb layout, should work for all)

G Send bridge crew below deck and prepare for diving
shift+G Send bridge crew back on bridge if you dont want to dive
U Snorkel dept (diff callout used (good regarding diving to deep))
shiftHOME Toggle OBS scope (for 3d scope sound)
shiftEND Toggle attack scope (for 3d scope sound)
shiftF1 Flood tube 1 (sound only)
shiftF4 Flood tube 4 (sound only)
P Sonar, follow nearest warship
shiftP Sonar, normal sweep

Would highly recommend editing TDW options file regarding diesel startup sequence timing after surfacing and so on.

Easter Egg sounds are controlled via icons only now:
WP_Target_nearest_merchant ...long crew sound regarding received convoy position and all ahead flank then.
WP_Target_nearest_ship ...U96 attack sequence on a convoy, fitting good just before starting a attack run.

Changes on menu.txt:
-Make these changes if you like:

;4530=Cannot recommend target!
4530=Watch crew ready to duty, sir! or "Seewache auf Brücke" for german version.

As for compatibility reasons there is no SH.sdl atm.

Old stand-allone (without TWOS) documetation:

This sound mod compilation requires SH5 v1.2 with german voice pack installed !
(german voice pack is selectable by SH5 custom install, works with english text)
also aviable from Venatore ->


- Mighty fine crew mod 1.21 (option crew with beards, and crash dive fix)
- TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s from 6.3.7 upwards. (It may also work with other UI´s but need missing menue commands linked to commands.cfg)

This sound mod now recommend additional mods:
- Avee`s "No magic skills" mod
- Athlonic's "MCCD" mod

Links for needed mods:

Links for recommended mods:

Install Stormy`s DBSM 1.3 using JSGME after the above mods are installed, but before TDW NewUI`s and Open Horizons !
(New UI`s 6.9.0 wont overwrite important SDBSM features anymore but exchange some important radio voices i created for NewUI´s. These are working with NewUI`s radio messages system, SDBSM, Open Horizon`s campaign and its radio messages).

NOTE: For beeing able enjoying the most of the new central and torpedo room interrior ambience sounds, its recommended to rise the overal game sound volume til youre able to recognise them. By doing so, it is recommended lowering the speech volume lever using in game`s sound options screen by -5% or -10%.

Sound related special keys:

"Home" Toggles fully rising or lowering the OBS scope with sound while in 3d.
"End" Toggles fully rising or lowering the attack scope with sound while in 3d.
"Mouse-Wheel" Periscope optics motor, for binocular i recommend using the "B" key.
"Mouse-turning" Periscope turn motor, coupled with bearing ticker, only active in periscope view.
"SHIFT+C" U96 surface attack sound sequence, it also estimates range to target.
"SHIFT+S" Crew **** chat, for boring situations, makes also a photo using the periscope.
"SHIFT+Y" Secure from silent running.
"Y" Silent running.
"R" Toggles recharging but also plays new engine startup sequence or e-engine clutch.
"F" Prepare normal dive, no more flooding sound, useable from the bridge, only sound.
"M" Toggles mission briefing and messages, plays a fitting sound.
"SHIFT+." Camera on next unit, enables stationary unit cam, use only from external view.
"SHIFT+," Camera on previus unit, enables stationary unit cam, use only from external view.
"SHIFT+i" Identify current target.
"SHIFT+F1" Flood tube 1, torp lauch preparing sounds. After starting, just klick on tube 1 flooding/opening knob.
"SHIFT+F4" Flood tube 4, torp lauch preparing sounds. After starting, just klick on tube 4 flooding/opening knob.

Changelog Version 1.3

- added support: for Avee`s "No magic Skills" mod regarding generic crew answers and new interactions.
(personal edit for being able using overchargeable diesel and preheating torps, this change is not included).
- added support: for Athlonic's "MCCD" mod, added fitting compatible german samples for it, revised radio scripting.
- integrated: Rongel`s "Wasserbomben" sound mod, extended 50 shuffeling samples version.
- Integrated: Rongel`s "Battlestations" sound mod, altered some sounds regarding immersion compatibility.
- integrated: Ktl KUrtz`s BritishAsdicMkI v1.02K original for SH3.

- workarround: regarding "man the deckgun" sound is triggered by selecting a gun target using binoculars. -> commands.cfg [Cmd430],[Cmd431]
(generic sound for manning the guns now (ability start sample, fitting also in other situations. for silent running only use "Y" key now)) !
- bugfix: "drumbeat sound bug after sinking a ship" which was playing for ever at a wreck side in 3d space.

- overhauled: int./ext. background ambience sounds are quadrophonic and got overhauled.
- overhauled: torpedoroom ambience sounds have new crew and equipment noises, altered ranges.
- overhauled: central compartment ambience sound, added electrical devices humming, altered ranges.
- overhauled: TDW UI flooding and torp door switch sample.
- overhauled: periscope rising sample if using manual key.
- overhauled: hatch opening and closing samples.
- overhauled: TDC_Pistol_I sample.
- overhauled: extended "Radio Room Telemetry" sample.
- overhauled: silented "HUD click".
- overhauled: "dept charge" samples.
- overhauled: "Blunder Bernard" got silented a little bit (arg... ohh.. ohhhh.. silent damn).
- overhauled: "go to snorcel dept" is "LI hold exact dept" now. if used in tension mode it plays a LI panic sample "dont let her go down further...".
- overhauled: "leveling" or "dept change" sample for tension mode.
- overhauled: "diesel engine is damaged" sample.
- added sound: torp tube 1 selection, usage "SHIFT+F1" -> commands.cfg [Cmd315].
- added sound: torp tube 4 selection, usage "SHIFT+F4". (tube 4 not perfect, more to come later)). -> commands.cfg [Cmd318].
- added sound: "taget identified" if using "SHIFT+I". -> commands.cfg [Cmd343].
- removed: 30mb flooding fx sample, not nessesary any more duo integration of Rongel`s "Battlestations" sound mod, less stress for the sound system.

- optional support: fitting TDW UI`s options file (v. 6.3.7) using SH3 interface, hiding UI elemnts, Emtgufs scopes, fitting diesel recharge (startup) timers, keys working with altered commands.cfg and so on. (regarding warning icons, they are moveable out of view)

New changes in commands.cfg after DBSM 1.2: (little help for migrating into a customised cfg file)
[Cmd430], [Cmd431], [Cmd315], [Cmd318], [Cmd343].

Changelog Version 1.2 (older changelogs and features are in the readme file)

Intended to work with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s from 2.9.1 up and Mighty fine crew mod 1.21. (option crew with beards, and crash dive fix).

- New sound for incomming radio messages.
- New sounds for sending radio messages (useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New slipery dirty ladder steps.
- New sound for "Captains log" (useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New sound for crew management.
- New sounds for handling the deck and aa guns, used from Paulsens Sound Mod (useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New sound for battlestations via key press (useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New sound for starting diesel engine in case of switching to recharge batterys (also useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New sound for switching to std propullsion (also useable with TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s).
- New sound for "we are taking damage".
- New sound for "enemy ships is ramming us sir" (not tested).
- New sound for "calling the medic".
- New sound for "men down on the deck".
- New sound for "We're_under_attack_sir".
- New long night on surface attack run sample, which allow following the night attack of U96 via keystroke (SHIFT+C).
- New sounds for dept changes, unrealistic flooding and pressure sounds in case of dept changes are now deptplane hydraulic sounds.
- New shorter rudder commands and confirmings (the nerving orig. confirmings are gone, confirmings for man. rudder only with keyb).
- New activated missing contact following reports from the hydrophone guy, follow nearest ws (SHIFT+X) and follow nearest ship (SHIFT+Z).
- New crew cheers if enemy aircraft destroyed.
- New weather report response, in normal mode only short noise.
- Added some "Easter Eggs".
- Added periscope turning sound, using the bearing ticker as trigger, not perfect.
- Added periscope optics zoom motor sound, be a bit more carefull with the mouse wheel, right mouse button activate/deactivate sound
- Added 3d periscope sound played via commands.cfg (toggle observation full up/down, toggle attack full down), It plays the periscope sound from using the wep`s officer while in 3d, plays only using the special keyboard command for toggeling fully rising or lowering periscopes (HOME/END keys, use SHIFT for hydrophone). Please take in account that this should only be used while nobody is speaking at current, sound could be delayed. I hope it would be possible someday adding sounds directly to animations.

- Deleted some old anoying SH4 creaks out of the background sample, added some footsteps, is more "moisty" now.
- Disabled anoying "tube x get closed" voice while switching between torp tubes.
- Overhauled Submarine diving sound.
- Overhauled diesel sounds, if you have a good sound system, you may also hear a bit of diesel exhaust.
- Overhauled bad weather sounds, was missing higher frequencys.
- Overhauled a creak sound.
- Overhauled some damage reports, mixed with some damage sounds.
- Changed forward crash dive rumbling (ctd fix for some systems).
- Changed "Surface the sub" (added additional crew rumbling).
- Changed sound for "we have not enough water below kiel" (original voice nerved to much).
- Johann the Phantom is more patient now.
- Some Volume adjustments (especialy for guns and so on).
- Changed hydrophone wreck bouncing sample (to bad quality and to much stress on the sound system).
- New mixture for sinking ships, if your very very close, you hear death creeks while in 3d space.
- Exchanged a stereo sound (have to be mono for 3D).
- Removed the breathing from submarine surfacing sound.
- Removed Semmelrogge`s duck quaking from torp impact pleasure sample, they are also shorter now if on silent running.
- Overhauled blow ballast.
- Added sh.sdl compatibility for RDA 1.4 mod (additional planes).
- Grammophone track, fitting for leaving the pier or bunker.
- Enabled view units keys, use from external view only or char get stuck. If stuck, use TDW UI teleport function to recover.
- Overhauled "Normal diving" sound (key "F") , now only prepares diving with command "Einsteigen (get in, to diving stations)", rumbling, commands and preparing sounds, the flooding sounds are gone, playable from the bridge

- Added Diesel Engine Startup Sequence ("R" Key). This key toggle recharging batterys, simply press "R" one or two times, after surfacing while the crew climb up the ladder. This sequence plays if you switch to recharge the batterys. It is special designed to fit with a new interrior diesel engine sound, if hatch to engine room is closed and speed is below "all ahed full". Also a good idea is standing next to the hatch leading to the radio room. There is also a new decent sound for toggeling to std. propullsion, which is also fitting if the boat dives from surface. It should also work automatic, if using of very low timer settings in TDW UI options file, but could switch by exident in bad weather conditions, worth a try.

Altered Sounds for Mighty fine crew mod regarding:

- Overhauled go to surface blow special commands mixture, overhauled climb up/down, fall and water droplets and wave sounds regarding ->

- Surface the boat.
- Goto snorcel dept.
- Normal dive from Surface.
- Goto periscope dept with added special sound for leveling.
- Crash dive with special alert rumbling, added additional allert source and sequence to make it longer, added sound for diving to 80 meters. (would recommend adjusting your UHS settings for crash dive dept)

- Crew steps up ladder with additional water droplets and surface wave sounds after opening the hatch.
- Crew steps down the ladder with additional water droplets and rumbling.
- Crew falls down the ladder with additional rumbling.
- Crew is moving with new background rumbling, there is a lot more live in the boat now.

- Ballast tank flooding and blowing sounds.
- Engine telegraph volume reduced.

Optional mods:
- Always shouting WO in normal mode. Sometimes i hate my boring always lucky WO, but crying in friendly harbors ?
- NavMap babelling. (is also in tension or whisper mode different now).
- Damped Sonarguy. This guy realy needs a smoke or something, he is now damped with -8db.
- Remaining orig sounds converted to 22Khz. All my wave files are set to 22khz sampling frequency, saves some mem and performance, why not doing this also with remaining unmodded files ?


If Mighty fine crew mod`s crash dive workarround is installed, expect an additional "easter egg" (Bernard is on board).

Dont forget to customize your "TheDarkWraith`s new UI`s options file" to assign your keyboard layout acordingly fitting to the allready existing key commands that come from Church`s Key command mod.

Known problems:
Dont give to much commands, without pauses in the chain... some sounds work parallel, otherwise something is lost or delayed, especially the sonar guy, if he is talking, you should wait with a new command until he`s finished with talking.

...not shure what is causing this exactly but sometimes if on or near periscope dept, "heding to view" and "course commands" using the compas isnt working, in this case simply give a leveling or dive command and the selected view to heading or clicked curse will be followed.

Sometimes, after a diving command is initiated, the crew wont climb down fast enough, or the sub wont dive at all, this happens often by giving the "goto snorcel or periscope dept" command from surface and/or after using time compression. In this case and for example periscope dept, i give commands twice ("D","D " followed by "P","P") in one sequence, pressing the keys not to short.

Compatibility with other mods or keyb. layout:
For merging with another "commands.cfg", simply copy over all the sound entrys into the new one. Make shure, if my section have a key bound, that you also bind a key for it. It may also work with other UI´s but need missing menue commands linked to commands.cfg for things like gun handling and so on. The SDL file is also important, there are many volume adjustments and other settings included, you can merge it with another one using S3D If you like to install this over RDA 1.4beta, it is allready compatible regarding additional planes.


plz, before enabeling my delivered special TDW options file using JSGME, make a backup of your current customised one, or you will loose it !

DL links suspendet atm !

Download Stormy`s DBSM 1.3:
Download Stormy`s DBSM 1.3 mirror:

Download optional louder engine sounds:
Download optional louder engine sounds mirror:

Download optional scary creaks:
Download optional scary creaks mirror:

Download HOTFIX 3:
Download HOTFIX 3 mirror:
HOTFIX 3: (Include hotfix 1+2) this little fix replace the HUD warning sounds with lower volume samples, adds missing Rongel`s shuffeling deptcharges, adds 1 additional shuffeling deptcharge for it, adds 6 new sounds and SDL- entrys for upcomming TDW UI incoming radio sound triggers, adding the missing voice sample "meter" to the ChiefEnginer (now MO compatible), changed message config of radioman regarding new message received, new versions for tension and whisper (now MO compatible), cleaned chief engineer`s tension dept command abit from disortion noise.

Download additional crew sound`s Beta 6 (include HOTFIX 3):
Download additional crew sound`s Beta 6 (include HOTFIX 3) mirror:

NEW Download optional additional creaks and noises:

Download Stormy`s options files for NewUi`s 6.9.0 and SDBSM
(Helpful config files for TDW`s NewUI`s 6.9.0 and SDBSM)
(if using this with Rubinis new "Crash Dive time and set_depth problem solved!", you should re enable the NewUi´s crash dive key in this config file)

If you want to alter SDBSM`s keyboard layout, i recommend SH_Keymapper by jimimadrid, as it wont destroy SDBSM special sounds integrated in commands.cfg:

Last edited by Stormfly; 03-06-22 at 06:35 PM. Reason: documentation update, install order
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Sailor Steve
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Looking forward to hearing it!
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Sounds good, downloading now. Thanks.
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Posts: n/a

It is a shame a use the other sound mob.
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Just tried it out, excellent mod, really like it, nice background noises etc some good touches, thanks.
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I am always on the lookout for more sounds.
Such an important part of the game.
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Wow, sounds like a lot has been changed. Thanks
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The hits keep coming! Outstanding...I'm up to my ears in mods. I spend more time fiddling than playing.

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Back in the Day

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hmm... we urgent need a mod preventing the WO to report contacts if sub is submerged...

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WOW...thought I'd try out my new headphones cranked'em up, listened to some seagulls, turned it up some more.....
You sure know when they spot a ship. I was standing right next to my WO when he began yelling, gees, pulled them off like a sonarman hearing a depth charge.
Just help makes a difference
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Did you use all the creak sounds from my sound pack?

IIRC, it was around 42-45... I never managed to make them shuffle in SH3, maybe in SH5?

I still dont have the game, but I will start working with a new soundpack as soon as I put my hands on it.
To each his own
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great stuff, downloading now!
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Originally Posted by Philipp_Thomsen View Post
Did you use all the creak sounds from my sound pack?
no ithink i sampled them by myself, sorry iam not shure which sounds are from your mod. Cant wait for your shuffle creaks

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Just clicked on Crash Dive and crashed to desktop. Not sure though if this is your mod or the SH4 style 3 Gauge interface mod.
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