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Default [REL] Speech Recognition for SH5

Speech Recognition for SH5 – v1.4 - by skwas

Developed in 2010 by skwas, a game enthusiast and ubergeek )


This mod enables speech recognition to SH5 allowing you to use a microphone to dictate your crew what to do… Happy sailing!

English vocabulary only! Suggestions, bugs, please post. Also note, English is not my native language so any corrections on spoken phrases/orders are welcome.


v1.4 – 29-03-2010
  • Renamed Page Voice Recognition.ini to Speech Recognition.ini
  • Renamed Page Voice to Speech
  • Moved XML-files to game data folder Data\Sound\Speech
  • Added XSLT-stylesheet so you can view all supported commands by opening SHSpeech_Commands.xml in a browser.
  • Lowered default confidence level to 0.87
  • Added Microphone-icon to test application
  • Added support for floating point values (max. one decimal), f.ex. 3.6 meters
  • Fixed: when ordering ‘set pistol to magnetic’ you’d get a confirmation, but the pistol setting did not actually change.
  • Added numerous commands. See ‘Supported Voice Commands’-shortcut for a complete overview.
  • Included source code
v1.1 – 1.3
  • Updated test application only.

  • Initial release

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • English language pack must be installed!!!
See Windows Update to install a language pack. Alternatively, check these links:

And if you can't install a language, check out this important post by Ernesto78 (it worked for several guys!):

IMPORTANT: Any older platform may likely NOT work and cause CTD’s.


Install as any other mod using JSGME, and simply run the game.

NOTE: Likely NOT compatible with UI mods...!


Open the file Data\Sound\Speech\SHSpeech_Commands.xml in a browser, or view online:


My mod is using a custom written DLL and some Python script-files. The entire speech recognition configuration can be controlled using two XML files, which contain the grammar for the accepted spoken words, and a commands file which controls the translation to a game command. Optionally you can capture any command and alter it’s behavior form the .py files I included.

See the readme for more details.


Do not redistribute or reuse this mod without my permission.


Source code is included in the Documentation\Source code folder. You will need Visual Studio 2008 (C#).


Miton's improved editions:


Have fun, and let me know!

Assistence needed to further improve the commands, and in the future for localization (once the mod has proven to be stable and functional enough)!

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