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Default Read Before Install any mods or patch with TDW's Generic patcher

Before install any mods or patch the game with TDW'S Generic Patcher do a clean fresh SH5 install.

  • Before uninstall SH5 make a backup to the MODS folder which one is located in the main SH5 Folder.
  • uninstalled SH5 and also Delete the old folder where SH5 was installed and also the folder located "C:\Users\UserProfile\Documents\SH5"
  • Install again SH5 after the installation in complete go to "******\Silent Hunter 5\Support\" and run "gu.exe" to update the game to 1.2 if the update doesn't work u can always manually update the game to 1.2
  • patch 1.2 manual download CLICK
  • Start the game and wait to load the main menu and there u can see if it's patched to 1.2
  • After the game is patched to 1.2 make a backup of the following files from the SH5 main folder
    - sh5.exe,
    - EventCamera.act,
    - SH_NClient.dll,
    - SH_NProtocol.dll,
    - SHCollisions.act,
    - SHControllers.act,
    - SHSim.act,
    - SHSound.act,
    - SHZoneEditor.act
  • Now u can Start installing mod.
Which Mods should i install ?

if u are new to this game and u don't wanna mess up with tonnes of mods and mod incompatibility i suggest u to install TWOS mega mod.

Really important before enable any mods or a mega mod pls READ THE DOCUMENTATION of each mod or mega mod.

  • The Wolves of Steel Mega mod Thread can be found here
if u wanna make your own mod list i suggest u to follow sober mod list or my Mod list which one is based on DrJones MagUI
  • Sober Mod list Thread can be found here
  • My Mod list thread can be found here
Patching the game With TDW's generic Patcher
  • How to patch the game with tdw's Generic Patcher thread can be found here
Other Useful Thread
  • SH5 Tonnage bar fix here
  • SH5 Mod Guide for Beginners by Trevally here
  • SH5 video Tutorials by Stoianm ( they are old videos but the targeting solution, find ship course / speed / location are the same ) here
How to report a problem

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