Navigation Game Wishlist

For a long time I’ve wished there was a nautical game or sim that had accurate celestial navigation in it. And I was just thinking: I know how to make that work. At least in theory. So I wonder if there are any developers out there who would be willing to either add it to an existing game or – better yet – make a simple [or even complex] navigation simulator.

I have all of the formulas and algorithms ready to go in my spreadsheet (available here). It would just be a matter of tweaking them to work in whatever language the developer uses. And I could certainly provide some guidance should any problems arise. I even have a little bit of experience programming (I know: a little knowledge … ).

I don’t think it would be a trivial undertaking and I am in no position to finance the operation, so I’d understand if there were no takers. But if there were, I’d love to see:

  • A semi-accurate representation of Earth. Land masses could be complete abstractions, but positions and scaling would ideally be accurate.
  • A choice of at least one simple motor vessel and/or sailing vessel.
  • A simple [procedural] weather/current model. (If an accurate current model could be implemented, that would be awesome.)
  • Accurate celestial and navigational models (of course).
  • Some way during or after the voyage to compare one’s fixes with the actual ship’s positions to assess one’s performance.
  • A radar model and other ship traffic would be super cool, but not necessary.
  • AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!