NYGM Tonnage War Mod
For Silent Hunter III

THE NYGM Super Mod, Version 3 (and its sub-versions)

This is the most accurate and realistic representation of the U-boat war that the NYGM team can make. We define accuracy as 'getting the experience (sinkings and probability of being sunk) that a real U-boat commander would be likely to achieve.'

First prepare a CLEAN installation of Ubisoft's Silent Hunter III, including Ubisoft's own 'patch 1.4b' (this is pre-installed on all releases of SHIII by Ubisoft after the end of 2005.)

Then create a folder Program Files\Ubisoft\silenthunteriii\mods, and make sure you have installed a copy of JScones' General Mod Enabler (JSGME) in your folder Program Files\Ubisoft\silenthunteriii\.

The NYGM Mod contains several parts, for convenience of downloading and updating, as follows:

  • 1. NYGM_Tonnage_War_V2.5_Full_Version.7z (Essential, 322 MBytes)
  • 2. NYGM3_New.7z (Essential, 102 MBytes)
  • 3. NYGM3_6F.7z (Essential, 58 MBytes)
  • 4. NYGM_2017A.7z (Essential, 14 MBytes)
  • 5. IABLShipsforNYGM_New_Thomsen.7z (Optional, 14 MBytes. UPDATED VERSION March 2017 for NYGM_2017A.)
  • 6. 3rd Flotilla Mod.7z (Optional, 60 KBytes)
  • 7. SH3_Commander_Updates_for_NYGM.7z (Optional, 0.07 MByte)
  • 8. MFM-Interim-Beta_NYGM.7z (Optional, 35 KBytes)
  • 9. Stiebler4C_V16B1.7z (Optional, an upgrade of the 3A variant but more complex to install; 22 MBytes; includes many new turms for radar.)
  • 10. EnvSimAct_10.7z (Optional, 5 KBytes)
  • 11. NYGM_HiRes_Submarines_3_6F.7z (Optional, 104 MBytes - please observe large size to download)
  • 12. WYGM.7z (Optional, 35 MBytes)
  • 13. Hsie/Stiebler Options Selector (Optional, 157Kbytes)
  • The first six of these mods MUST be installed in the order shown above. UNZIP the six files above with 7-zip (best) or with later versions of WinZip or WinRAR. Copy the un-zipped files into your Ubisoft\silenthunteriii\mods folder, as created above. Install the mods in the order shown with JSGME.
    (You can later un-install the six mods in reverse order with JSGME.)

    Files (7), (8), (9) and (10) contain their own instructions for installation.

    File (11) should be installed LAST of all the above mods in your set-up.

    File (12) - the wide-screen (1920x1080) mod should be installed after file (11).

    File (13) - for use only with the H.sie and Stiebler hard-code patches.

    Full instructions for use are found in the documentation folders of NYGM 2.5 and NYGM 3_New. A few additional small mods are included in the documentation folder of the latest overlay of NYGM, currently 3.6F (file (3)).

    • Files (1), (2), (3) and (4) comprise the main NYGM mod, as at this release date. Updated versions of Hitman's GUI mod for NYGM and Rubini's HarborTraffic mod are included as optional extras in the documentation folder of (4).
    • File (5) contains ships of IABL's new highly detailed merchant fleet, specially selected for NYGM and well tested.
    • File (6) contains the files needed to operate a U-boat from the French Biscay base of La Rochelle.
    • File (7) contains the latest files for NYGM, to be installed with JScones' popular SH3Commander mod. Full instructions provided with file. But you must have SH3Commander installed for these files to serve any purpose, and the files should be installed in the SH3Commander folder as stated in their documentation. (Optional.)
    • File (8) contains a small patch to improve IABL's large new MSM-interim-beta merchant fleet for use with NYGM. The fleet itself must be downloaded from IABL directly. Then install this mod (8) afterwards. If you install the MSM-interim-beta fleet, you *must not* install the earlier IABL fleet, file (4) above. This mod will also improve the same ships where found in IABL's final merchant ship release(s).
    • File (9) contains an expansion of H.sie's famous 'Wolf-pack' patch kit (now v 1.6B1, file (9) is NOT suitable for the older V16A3) for improving and removing bugs from the main Ubisoft file, SH3.exe. For copyright reasons, you must have your own original SH3.exe file, our patch kit uses our original code to modify Ubisoft's code, and the patch-kit functions only with legitimate copies of SH3.exe.(Optional.)
    • File (10) contains revised weather file envsim.act, in two forms. One form is for ANY form of the original SH3.exe, as used in NYGM (included with NYGM_2017A), GWX, LSH3 and other super-mods. The other should be used for those who have patched SH3.exe with H.sie's hard-code patch. (Optional.)
    • File (11) restores Mikhayl's 'Hi-Res Submarines' mod for NYGM, by popular request. Other contributors include Anvart and Tycho, and also BigWallEye, who consolidated and added several mods for this request. (Optional.)
    • File (12) provides VanJast's wide screen adaption of SH3 for screen sizes of 1920 x 1080 (Uses Seeadler's original dll file). Adapted for NYGM by BigWallEye and Blitzkrieg. (Optional.)
    • File (13) provides the latest vesion of the 'Options Selector', for use only with the H.sie and Stiebler hard-code patches. (Optional.)

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