Intelligent Random AI (IRAI)

This mod will bring new AI behavior to the aiplanes and ships in game. All airplanes have the ability to attack you now. If they have bombs and/or torpedoes then they will come and attack you if you are detected. Once they are out of bombs and/or torpedoes they will return to following their waypoints. Those airplanes that are armed with only a torpedo(es) will do a ‘torpedo run’ on you to fire their torpedo(es) (close to the water run). Ship’s AI is ‘smarter’ now thanks to more states available and those states having sub-states bases on the crew’s AI level (poor, novice, competent, veteran, or elite). The ship’s AI has been greatly improved also. I went to great lengths to make anything that could be a random value random. This ensures that the AI’s behavior doesn’t look like it’s scripted at all. Hunter-Killer groups are something to be wary of!

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!