I love and hate these kind of surprises! This game is still awesome, 25 years later!


I haven’t played this title in awhile. I was in the mood for current WWII sub simulator and tried to get into UBOAT but just couldn’t warm up to it. I’ve always been way more interested in US submarine ops in the Pacific.

So, I reinstalled the reigning premier title for that theater and added the latest FotRS mod. I was really enjoying my first patrol (I even engaged and sank a German Auxiliary cruiser around Truk) when I ran up against a Japanese escort destroyer that knew their s&%^$. I took a pounding – heavy flooding in fore and aft torpedo rooms, a diesel knocked out, etc. I managed to finally slip the escort and get the flooding under control but realized I couldn’t steer the boat and I was heading for Japanese held shores. I checked damage control status and noticed my rudder transmitter was damaged. I got it repaired and still couldn’t steer. I was thinking it was a bug, but after surfacing and checking the free camera, I found I had actually lost the rudder during the DC attack! I never had that happen when I used to play unmodded SH4 back in the day.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!