France rolls out new nuclear-powered attack submarine

The French Navy’s newest nuclear submarine has been rolled out of its dockyard at Naval Group’s shipyard in Cherbourg.

French shipbuilder Naval Group has rolled out its new Duguay-Trouin S636 nuclear-powered attack submarine in preparation for the ship’s launch.

The 4,500 Duguay-Trouin S636, which is capable of firing MdCN land-attack cruise missiles, is the second submarine in the Barracuda class (or Suffren class). The French Navy’s new nuclear attack submarine is versatile, mobile, enduring and quick to deploy.

As noted by the company, among their missions, the Barracuda-class submarines participate in the support of the nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) of the Strategic oceanic force (FOST). They will help in particular to create a veritable sanctuary for incoming and outgoing SSBN patrols.

The new submarine is set to be delivered at the end of 2022.

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