FIFI enhancements for Ccom12: Silent Hunter III

To me it’s the only super mod that reflect the planes threat nightmare for U-Boats.
Escorts were still a little too easy (harder than LSH3 though) and i tried to make them more deadly (but still playable).


– Key ‘T’ for activate/deactivate TDC (instead of ‘Ctrl+T’)
– NumPad ‘*’ to jump directly max TC
– better DF antenna
– better periscopes
– Rubini volumetric clouds
– new environment with darker nights and sea colors adjusted
– water streams & splashes added to all U-Boats
– better foam, sea foam, and sub siaj
– few new emblems
– few new sounds
– camera.dat adjusted and UZO view now unstable when selected
– compass rose added to sub on nav map
– commands Cfg file adapted for Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_for_CCoM_by Wurmonkel (should work with ARB gui – not tested)
– type II interior adjusted
– sub sensors adjusted (hydrophone wheel rotation speed increased)
– Hsie.ini adjusted
– crew on deck feature added, with ‘shift+D’ and ‘Ctrl+D’
– camera.dat adjusted
– default radio room sonar view (type VII & IX) now heading right direction
– fixed type II watch officer on deck not rotating for visual search
– smaller moon
– better ruler compass
– torpedo tubes can now be all opened without closing each other
– full radio messages in English for Ccom12
– AI sensors increased so U-Boat can now be detected periscope depth with ASDIC
– Escort detection increased (more obvious late war)
– type VIIB has grey skin as VIIC (must be dropped in COMMANDER MOD folder & activated in COMMANDER Jsgme!)
– smoke from different fires has been enhanced
– negative buoyancy added so sub is slowly sinking when all stopped (like NYGM) —-> IMPORTANT: REMOVE THE DATA/ZONES.CFG OF MY MOD FOR PLAYING type XXI (to avoid the main pump destroyed at start with this type, because of negative buoyancy included)

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!