FIFI enhancements for Ccom12: Silent Hunter III

To me it’s the only super mod that reflect the planes threat nightmare for U-Boats.
Escorts were still a little too easy (harder than LSH3 though) and i tried to make them more deadly (but still playable).


– Key ‘T’ for activate/deactivate TDC (instead of ‘Ctrl+T’)
– NumPad ‘*’ to jump directly max TC
– better DF antenna
– better periscopes
– Rubini volumetric clouds
– new environment with darker nights and sea colors adjusted
– water streams & splashes added to all U-Boats
– better foam, sea foam, and sub siaj
– few new emblems
– few new sounds
– camera.dat adjusted and UZO view now unstable when selected
– compass rose added to sub on nav map
– commands Cfg file adapted for Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_for_CCoM_by Wurmonkel (should work with ARB gui – not tested)
– type II interior adjusted
– sub sensors adjusted (hydrophone wheel rotation speed increased)
– Hsie.ini adjusted
– crew on deck feature added, with ‘shift+D’ and ‘Ctrl+D’
– camera.dat adjusted
– default radio room sonar view (type VII & IX) now heading right direction
– fixed type II watch officer on deck not rotating for visual search
– smaller moon
– better ruler compass
– torpedo tubes can now be all opened without closing each other
– full radio messages in English for Ccom12
– AI sensors increased so U-Boat can now be detected periscope depth with ASDIC
– Escort detection increased (more obvious late war)
– type VIIB has grey skin as VIIC (must be dropped in COMMANDER MOD folder & activated in COMMANDER Jsgme!)
– smoke from different fires has been enhanced
– negative buoyancy added so sub is slowly sinking when all stopped (like NYGM) —-> IMPORTANT: REMOVE THE DATA/ZONES.CFG OF MY MOD FOR PLAYING type XXI (to avoid the main pump destroyed at start with this type, because of negative buoyancy included)

Get ready for a whole new level of realism!