DGUI 1920×1080 for GWX and Stock SH3


This GUI was designed to be used for manual targeting. It does not have the notepad and it provides tools to make it easier to get a firing solution manually. It also tries to be historically correct. However, it works great with auto targeting. If you do not select “Manual targeting system”, when you target a ship the id and firing solution will be automatically displayed on the TDC.

Another way of playing would be to select “Manual targeting system” and not select “No Weapon Officer assistance”. In this way, you can do manual targeting but if you don’t feel like doing it you can just ask for the ship id or solution to the Weapon Officer.

The RAOBF disk does not work if you do not select “Manual targeting system”.


– 1920×1080 resolution.
– Full TDC on all stations.
– AI upscaled TDC dials.
– Correct AOB and Bearing dials.
– Custom reticle with the vertical scale in milliradians and the horizontal scale in degrees, similar to the original ones.
– Calibrated reticle on both periscopes. You can accurately measure using the vertical and horizontal scales at both 1.5x and 6x zoom.
– Authentic looking Uzo with only a vertical line as reticle and 7.1x zoom.
– Commander binoculars with 8x zoom.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!