Big Heritage seeks big ideas for new U-Boat attraction in Birkenhead, UK

A multimillion-pound scheme centered around historic WW2 German submarine U-534 is under way in Woodside, Birkenhead, and we’ve created an engagement site where enthusiasts worldwide can contribute their thoughts and ideas for the project. Alongside this, we’re launching the ‘How To Fix A U-Boat’ project offering an inside look at the day-to-day restoration and planning work.

The Type IXC/40 submarine – one of only four survivors out of over 1100 U-boats built – was sunk by an RAF bomber in 1945 and raised from the seabed in 1993. It became a star exhibit at the Warships Preservation Trust, Wallasey until their closure, and in 2008 was moved in sections to its current Woodside site. It was the centerpiece of the ‘U-Boat Story’ museum there until closure in 2020.

As the submarine’s new custodians, we at Big Heritage want to build a new museum attraction around this remarkable wartime relic. We’ve appointed Liverpool architects MGMA to bring our ambitions to life.

Big Heritage are the operators of Western Approaches HQ, the hardened bunker in Liverpool where the Allied fight against the U-boats was masterminded and now a popular tourist attraction. Acquiring U-534 gives us the irresistible opportunity to tell the story of the Battle OfThe Atlantic from both sides. The new attraction will be a key part of the wider regeneration of the local area, alongside the famous Mersey Ferries terminal, a heritage tramway and other amenities.

However the U-534 project is of international significance so we’re welcoming feedback from anyone with an interest, wherever they may be. Enthusiasts, historians, students, parents, tourists…we want to know what will make it a compelling experience for you, while we work to preserve this incredible relic for generations to come. Do you have ideas, thoughts or concerns you’d like to share with the U-boat’s new custodians? We’ve made it as simple as possible.

Contributing to the Placed project is quick and easy with no registration or personal details needed. Users can leave comments or suggestions on an ‘Idea Wall’, add pins to a map of the area, or take a short survey, as well as voting on other users’ posts.

Placed community engagement site:
How To Fix A U-Boat:


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