86’s UI Enhancement_for LSH3 2020 + Fifi Enhancement MOD with ARB GUI

Hi captains
I made an UI enhancement MOD for LSH3 2020+Fifi Enhancement MOD with the ARB 1920X1080 GUI improved in details!

For player command control:
1.Add the mouse wheel to control the bearing of the Hydrophone and Radar Rotate the User can roll the mouse wheel to change the Bearing of them.
2.Add the Hydrophone volume Control command. The player can press and hold the Shift key then rotate the mouse wheel to adjust the Hydrophone volume.(Shift+Mouse Wheel)
3.Fix the T key bug, Use T key to Switch on/off The auto TDC, meanwhile Use the Ctrl+T to transfer to the AA Gun.
4. Due to I change the Key command in the game, I change the HELP page to match with my modding.
5. Make the Map can be zoom when the game is paused.

For UI BUG fix
1. Fix the main page to display the more characters

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!