This is a mod more for the SH4 gameplay mods.. USE WITH JSGME… It is a version to use with SH4 from scratch or with your saved games to give you (More) from the camera views than the usual chase after the sub (user free cam view) is the Skoaler SH4 combo Mod V5… Best to use in the JSGME program.. Just activate it and click (yes) to overwrite other mods you might have…

My goal is to make this game what it should of been.. They did an incredible job of what they did.. But my studies make it clear just from the (Camera.dat) the funding got cut off back then to the great mod guys of this game.. There are actually about 15 other camera stations the game has in the camera.dat that do not work or appear.. The mod I made here I found through other files (in my opinion) was in the works.. There was just no (Button) made in the main console.. So that is what this mod is — as a work around.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!