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Old 02-09-09, 11:55 AM   #1
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[REL] Fall of the rising Sun for SH4 V1.5

Hello Captains,

now its time to release AOTD´s "Fall of the rsisng Sun" for SH4 V1.5 UBM Version 1.3 ( New Version from 11.12.2009 )
This version of FOTRS is an full english version, especially made for the english speakin community !

First of all we would like to mention that TMO (Trigger Maru Overhauled by Ducimus on was the base and inspiration of this modpack. Special thanks to Ducimus and all other modders for their work ! In addition we would like to note, that “Fall of the rising sun” is just a modpack and not a mod for itself. That means, that “FOTRS” is a bundle of many already existing modifications and many other new modifications made by me and my clanmates. The copyright of each modification belongs to its developer.

"Fall of the rising Sun" is full JSGME-compatible and this Version is made for SH4 V1.5 ( UBM-Version )

Contents :

New Units :

1.) Ships


- BB-36 USS Nevada
- BB-43 USS Tennessee (41-42 )
- BB-43 USS Tennessee (42-46 )
- BB-48 USS West Virginia
- BB-60 USS Alabama
- BB-62 USS New Jersey
- BB-67 USS Montana

- Essex-Class Fleetcarrier
- USS Enterprise
- USS Saratoga

- Benham Class Destroyer
- Old Corvette

B.) Japanese

- IJN Nagato

- IJN Shinano
- IJN Akagi
- IJN Soryo
- IJN Shoho

- Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser
- Auxcruiser ( New Modell )

- Kagero Class Destroyer

C.) German

- Bismarck
- Tirpitz
- fictive "Germania"

- Deutschland Class Cruiser ( New Modell )
- Heavy Crusier Lützow
- Blockadebrecher ( New Modell )

- Typ36 Narvik
- Typ36K
- Typ36

D.) British

- HMS Ramillies
- HMS Resolution
- HMS Queen Elisabeth
- HMS Renown
- HMS Nelson

- HMS Illustrious

- A&B Class Destroyer
- C Class Destroyer

Many new Merchants are added to the scene so you got enough to shoot.

2.) Planes


- B17 Level Bomber
- B24 Level Bomber
- Catalina Searchplane
- Seversky/Republic P35
- Republic P47 Thunderbolt
- Republic P51 Mustang
- Vought F4U-4 Corsair
- Douglass SBD-3 Dauntless
- Lockheed P38 Lightning
- Douglass F6 Hellcat

B.) Japanese

- Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki
- Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate
- Nakajima B6N2 Tenzan Torpedobomber
- Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei Divebomber
- H8K2 with Deepthcharges
- H6K2 with Deepthcharges
- G4M Betty as an Torpedobomber
- Kawasaki KI 61 Hien

C.) German

- F. Wulf FW190-A5
- Messeschmitt BF 109
- Junkers Ju 52

D.) British

- De Havilland Mosquito TseTse
- Hawker Hurricane MK1
- Swordfish Torpedobomber

E.) Many new Merchants, Tanker and Troopships and Repunishment-Vessels

3.) Gameplay/AI-Settings

New flight-management is added to the fighter.
If you took the loadout "fighter" this plane will attack all ships and subs in an low level-flight with the guns.
For testing this out you can play an singlemission called "Airtest deepflight Ki44/G4M" and "Airtest deepflight Ki84/G4M"
There you see how strong planes are !

Some US-Fighters got Rocketracks.
If you wanne see what happens when they attack ships, take a look to this single-mission "Rockettest 1" and "Rockettest 2". They kick asses...............
After watching this you should be happy to drive a boat on the US-side

The Japanese Torpedobombers got new Torpedoes, They are better and stronger as the US ones.
Be carefull with them cause the G4M Betty as an Torpedobomber will shoot you to hell.
You better prepare to dive !:rotfl:
Regular the AI-Setting is harder as the stock-version.

4.) Campaign and Terrain

The campaign is based on TMO but heavily reworked.
Midway is now an Submarinebase where you can start your carreer.
All New Units are implemented to the campaign-files
Some Atlantic-Missions are implemented to the US-Campaign.
In case of this you can cross the Panama-canal to reach the Atlantic and your Patrol-Area and new Naval-Bases in the Atlantic.

5.) Environment

FOTRS uses an reworked Environment5.0 from W-Clear.

Installing :

After downloading the mod you can enable/disable it with JSGME !
In the Support-Folder you can find an 16/9 Tool for big resolutions like 1680x1050 which should be activated if you use an widescreen monitor.

Download : <<<< for some reason this link is no longer working so use the link below

use this link to get the mod -

Now its up to you ........ enjoy it.
We from AOTD hope that you like this mod !
__________________________________________________ __________________________

Updated on 11.12.2009 :

Version 1.3 is out !

Version 1.3 is an complete new Mod.
All Upgrades, Bugfixes and Carrier-Upgrades must be disabled and the new V1.3-Version should be enabled !!!

Changes :

1.) Campaign

- Some Bugs are gone
- little bit more Harbourtraffic
- more single merchants and small convois
- more and stronger subhuntergroups
- less japanese airplaines

2.) New Units

- IJN Akagai Carrier
- Whalechaser
- Akita II Class Freighter
- Old Fleettanker
- Wheelsteamer build by Rowi58
- reworked Equipe-Files of some japanese DD´s ( more K-Guns in late war )
- all Ships heavy reworked ( Reflections on Water )

3.) New Japanese Weapons

Some japanese Units got ship to ship Rockets from 1944.
Take care, they are very strong !!!

4.) Effects/Sound

- some new sounds and speech-files
- better graphics for explosions

5.) Other stuff

- resized dials for telegraph and divinggauges for better gameplay in small resolutions
- Ki-settings reworked

It is important to end your last patrol in your harbour before you install the new version of FOTRS !


AOTD is gone, iam the last survivor ........

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Old 02-09-09, 12:17 PM   #2
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well Maddy : finally you've made it for ubm !

at least now we'll see some change.

did you work on the damage model of US ships ?


ps dl now
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Old 02-09-09, 06:25 PM   #3
Admiral Von Gerlach
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Wonderful news...and so many great surface units and air assets! wonderful. thank you to all who worked on this!
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Old 02-09-09, 06:30 PM   #4
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Danke Maddy !!!
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Old 02-09-09, 06:36 PM   #5
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Congratz on releasing

Will surely try it out, now you have made it for v1.5

Download my mods from SHMF
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Originally Posted by thumper
could someone "PLEASE" send this to my e-mail address??
First, it's a big download of 700mb, and I doubt anyone can send it by mail.
Second, I would advice you not to publically post your mail adress.

Download my mods from SHMF
Follow my photography here
taler dansk, speak English, spreche Deutsch, parle fraais, forstår svenska/norsk, comprendo castellano
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i hope this is also released in english, I love RFB, but i dont mind trying something different
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Old 02-10-09, 02:04 AM   #8
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Hi MadMax,Very useful and nice mod. Look like it going to be my favorite for SH4 as it fixes weapon emplacement on ships along with other advantages even becides new models. Previously, you used to note on German Ubi forum that new Allied ship will be availible for SH3 too. Are they still on the list to do?
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Old 02-10-09, 07:07 AM   #9
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Please , can German Ships be added but as optional ADD-on? (unless they were in fact involved on Pacific war) Thanks
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Old 02-10-09, 08:27 PM   #10
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looks good but good lord its "700mb" in zipped format

thats got to be about a 1gb mod when unpacked, i love the mod but i'm just amazed at how our mods have grown in size.

again totally im not dissing it

its shocking until you think about just how much stuff is in this mod.

thanks for all your hard work, i know there must have been a lot of conflicting files to merge with all that data.

keep up the good work guys
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Default My view and suggestions.

To the modders, you have done a damn fine job making this mod. Good parts..The compass, clock, and gauges are very well done. Bad parts, Where are the MK 10 Torpedoes? Your mission orders need to be worked on, check out TMO or RFB for guide lines.Silent running should mean just that, no unnessary noise, example some bozo yelling YAAA when a torpedo explodes...Sounds, you have some fantastic sounds, the only things i would like to see improved on are the secondary explosions more of a WHRUMP or deep THUDDING after all these are going off on the inside of the target, torpedo doors opening and closing i can barely hear them.. Maps are you using the stock maps that came with,the game or are you using RSRDC maps? OK thats my wish list, to the modders, this is a real nice piece of work i really appreciate all of the hard work involved, but it could be better.
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Old 02-11-09, 04:27 AM   #12
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Hi Webster,

you got an PM.

Yes you are right mate, 700mb zipped is big but new 3D-models and new units are using this space.


i know that we can do some things better as we did it in this version but iam a one men team just like Ducimus.
So it will took a while to make FOTRS perfect.
Take a look to Duci´s TMO, he is updating and fixing it.
His first version of TMO is not the same as his latest version.

So wait a while, upgrades and fixes are in work.


AOTD is gone, iam the last survivor ........
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Old 02-11-09, 10:07 PM   #13
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Nice mod.
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Old 02-12-09, 07:06 PM   #14
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Great job Mad Max with FOTRS. How do I get the attack map?
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Old 02-12-09, 07:37 PM   #15
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Nice work


Back in the Day

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