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Rockin Robbins
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Default Sub Skipper's Bag of Tricks

Well, we're giving the old WernerSobe thread the old heave ho and starting a new tactics thread. The intent of this thread is to keep it about tactics, not SH4 game mechanics, although sometimes we will have to visit that as a side effect. Principles in this thread should apply to SH4 submarines, real submarines or the submarines of any diesel electric submarine simulation.

Of course we're still going to feature all of Werner's great work and maybe repost some of his best stuff here. All links will be preserved, and since they will lead to Werner's thread, all that great material will continue to help all the great skippers at SUBSIM. This first post will contain all the tactics links I can cobble up. If anyone else has some that were left out PM me and we'll get them included. Here we go with Sub Skipper's Bag of Tricks, Mark I:

US Navy Links:
The Fleet Type Submarine Online
The Submarine Commander's Handbook
The Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual
Torpedo Data Computer, Mark III
Submarine Periscope Manual
Standard Submarine Phraseology
Target Bearing Transmitter, Mark 9
Submarine Attack Course Finder, Mark 1 Model 3

WernerSobe links:
link fixed 6/23/15
link fixed 6/23/15
link fixed 6/23/15

Aaronblood's Links:
MoBo: Electronic Maneuvering Board and Dead Reckoning Tracker

Rockin Robbins' links:
.......brand new video 8/14/2015!!!!

The Dick O'Kane Manual Targeting Written Tutorial (includes the U-Boat Fast-90 Technique too!) repaired again 5/23/2012 repaired 7/23/2015!!!!

Printable 3x5 Crib Cards for Above Techniques
Further Explanation of the 3 Main Attack Method Families

ColonelSandersLite's links:
Advanced Convoy Simultaneous Hits on Multiple Targets Tutorial .......brand new 9/10/2015!!!!

Tale's links:
Convoy Multi-targeting Video #1
Convoy Multi-targeting Video #2
Radar Approach Video Tutorial

Rocks'n'Shoal's links:
Constant Bearing Technique with TDC thread

HalfjackHJ's links: addition 5/3/2012

Edit: 8/14/09
And a very important and useful part of Subsim history:

Edit: 10/22/09
From the guy who started it all, gutted:
Solution Solver 1.3
The sound you hear is me munching on my words "I believe in attack methods using only in-game tools: no external calculators, no alt-tabbing out of the game for external software, nothing that would damage your immersion into the submarine." YUM! This tool is so useful that it cannot be ignored. You'll be glad to kill the immersion a little and astounded at the sophistication and ease of use of this software torpedo fire control tool.

Edit: 12/15/09
Ducimus link:
SH3 & SH4 "Uber" AI Explained
This is a detailed explanation of how escort sonar works and how to handle your submarine to give you maximum advantage. It also explains how the enemy AI works so your strategy can actually work FOR you instead of being counterproductive. This work is of vital importance to any player of SH3 or SH4 especially if running Brand X in 3 or TMO in 4.

Whew! What a collection! Do we have enough yet? NO! But I'm just trying to get everyone I've promised inclusion in this thread together in the same place. Enjoy!

SH4 Video Thread
Formerly a sticky topic, here is the link.

AoB Calculator based on CapnScurys Realism Tutorial
Link to formerly stickied topic.

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