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Old 10-10-2008, 11:59 AM   #1
Typical Russian
Totem Games
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Default Ironclads: American Civil War already on sale

After long and heavy works our small team has finished work above game. Many thanks of administration of this site for the help and support. I wish to thank participants of a forum for criticism, advice and support.

We have tried to consider the majority of your wishes on game. I hope you support us. Your fair responses about game very much for us are important.

Maxim Ferapontov,
Totem Games

Excuse for my bad English. It is not enough time for study.
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Onkel Neal
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Congratulations! News link added.



A reel shocker:
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Old 10-15-2008, 05:57 AM   #3
Sailor Steve
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Cool! I have to get this one!
“Never do anything you can't take back.”
—Rocky Russo
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Old 10-16-2008, 01:07 AM   #4
Typical Russian
Totem Games
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Dear buyers!

I ask you to pay attention that when in your country midday in Russia can be midnight. We a small team also cannot provide activation of game at night.

Thank you for your understanding.

Maxim Ferapontov.
Totem Games
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Old 10-16-2008, 11:56 PM   #5
USS Sea Tiger
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Default I got it, and love it!! My own review

Hi all

When it came out, I was one of the first in line and had to have this one. I wore out 4 Yaquinto "Ironclads" games and this is the very first ACW naval game since. OK shows my age too knowing that game. That a company in Russia would come to our rescue for us Yaquinto players,, WOW and THANK YOU Totem games!!

Thsi is a turn based game, they move and fire and then you move and fire. Some will like this (especally us oilder game players you liked Yaquinto's ironClads) some will not. Myself, I like it. IT has the feel of the old game I love, but without all the crazy plotting and paperwork. For me a 9.

a WARNING TO ALL> The Graphics are FAR better than in the demo, Honest, I had the demo, and almost passed on buying the final program as I thought they were so poor. Don't think the demo graphics are the same as the game, they are NOT.

The Security system is unique, or at least it is to me. You make a file,, send to them, and in about 12 hours at most (mine took 4) you receive a file back. Drop it in you game file and your sailing. A note here. In my experience, you must create the file on the computer that your game is on and your going to play from. otherwise it did not work for me. Initially I had the game loaded on a memory stick, and it played once, I wnet to a differing computer and it would no longer work. I am no computer wiz, I cannot tell you why that happened just that it did in case you have the same issues.

The program menu is set on a road system. You start as either the Union or Confederate. There is no "easy, medeum hard " level. you learn as you go, or you lose. Relax though, no time to panic. You will quickly understand the navigation system even should you chose not to read the rules. Sailing around the board is a breeze (get it, a breeze) ok bad joke, I dident mean to take the wind out of your sails, sorry.

I chose Confederate , and nearly lost the battle of Norfolk but in the end I forced the USS Monitor aground with a well placed ramming and then battered her to death with broadsides. (Yes, it was a good feeling!!!) I lost all my consorts quickly, and sent her consorts away in flames. YES I SAID RAMMING!. That is fun !!!!, Not nearly as damaging as I thought it would be. Maybe I'll find the area where that damage is controlled and tweek it a bit.

The ship models are crisp and very nice a 9.5 easily, probably a 10 to be fully honest. . A great deal of Time was obviously spent here.

All models are in an .x Format, but I have yet to be able to convert these. My hope is to make add-on ships, just as we have in the SHIII and SHIV. then make add on forts, such as New Orleans and such. If anyone can figure this out let me know as I have many Civil war models for the Inland wars to add. It is the Community that made SHIII and such what a great game it is.

Accurate, I would rate a 8 honestly. OK maybe I am being a rivet counter here so take this wih a grain of salt. In the Battle of Norfolk the Teaser is displayed as a full rigged Sailing ship under steam. In fact she was a converted river tug with cannon. Other historical issues I have. Not until the 1905/6 Japanese war with Russia did ships fight until they sank. In the ACW time era More often than not a ship surrendered, and then drifted off until gathered up latter. It is a rare thing for them to sink when fighting other ships. Sure the Cario hit a mine and sank, and at the Battle of Mobile Bay another Ironclad hit a mine and sank. But in general, they struck colors and that was it for them. Rather than sinking, it would be nice for this to happen, they jsut stop,, white flag, and cannot be used by eitehr side but would make navigation harder. Thnk of the Union fleet running past Port Hudson, and the USS Mississippi in line, ungrounding and floating about in that narrow part of the channel while the rest of the fleet tried to pass.

What I liked, and I mean really liked, a clean simple system to navigate, fight, speed control and know how much and where your ship will turn. the Damage control was great too, simple to monitor to know the weak areas of your vessle and be able to fight her accoringly. They are to me Excellent. I have yet to figure how to fire guns in the middle of a move as the computer player does, but will learn in time. The game system is simple, yet accurate, and thus makes for a fun fast and furious battle.

All battles and ships thus far that I have seen cover the harbor and ocean battles. There is no Inland river battles.

Now remember this is a company in its beginings and needs our support if we want this to live. I think they have great promise. I hope no one takes the above as complaining as it is not meant that way at all. This is a great game. For us ACW naval buffs, it is the first time ever someone made something for us and I thank them greatly for that. There is GREAT promise here.

I am hoping they can evolve. A pick a battle menu and a create a battle menu is a needed touch. I hope too they will allow the community to add ships and forts.

Overall, I rate the game a 9.3.
Simple and quick to understand, No complex table and keyboard commands to memorize. Great modeling, a rare subject.

thanks for reading

Mike Davis

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My review is up.
Jim Cobb
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