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Wolfehunter's Shipyard of U-boat production

You ask I provide. This is my collection of current U-boat skins and some WIP projects I’m working on.
No more headaches finding my skins. They’re links are all here. All skins are JSGME ready.
My motivation to skin for SH3 was from Fubar. His great highly detailed skins gave me the push to give back to this amazing community of GWX team and Silent Hunter 3 fans. So here they are my skins, I hope they give you the feeling of being closer to the Atlantic hunt.

Type II’s
On my to-do list!
Type VII’s
VIIB bluecamo + Plain V1.2
This was a remake of my first sub skin.
VIIB U-boat U-83 Med camo
This started my obsession for authentic subs.
VIIC U-boat U-82 camo
My level of sources to details increased. I paid more attention to each subs unique qualities.
VIIC U-boat Standard Camo
This camo was taken from type IX subs. Many in the forum ask me to convert it to VIIC. This was also the second skin to work with tomi_099’s new VIIC3 play model now called Tomi_T3_VIIC_CT3_GWX
VIIB U-408 Winter Camo V1.1
This is a high quality sub skin. This skin is compatible to VIIB, VIIC, and Tomi_T3_VIIC_CT3_GWX
She has snow and ice effects that looks and feels frosty! One will be released later without this for a crisp new look.
U-99 VIIB Rusty weathered
She show shes a workhorse. Many months in the sea. Many configurations for all VII types.
Wolfehunter's VII Series Final (Skins + Templates)
This is complete release of various type VII series skins, playable and skinning templates. This is my final release for this type of U-Boat.

Type IX’s
U-boat U-124 IXB
First type 9 I did. I love them 9ers. Good for long hauls!
U-boat U-516 IXC
I was looking for new camo’s when I stumbled onto this sub.
U-boat U-160 IXC
This mod worked with both type 9b and 9c’s.
U-boat IXC Standard Camo Fantasy
I was trying something new. Many didn’t like the idea of a change to traditional U-boat look so I added a patch to remove the evil eye!!!
U-Boat U-??? IXB/C Standard Camo MKII
This Camo is authentic but I don’t know from which sub. I have few sources showing type of camo but no id? U-106 and U-107 had similar camo patterns.
Wolfehunter's IX Series Final (Skins + Templates)
Similar to my VII Series Final (S+T) pack you will have all you need to enjoy playing or creating new skins for type 9's.
Wolfehunter's IXB U-40 Skin
Originally U-40 was a Type IXA but I converted her to work with SH3 and she looking good.

Type XXI Electro U-boats
U-Boat XXI U-2511
This was a beautiful sub that was perfect killing machine in her time.

All my skins are Unique and only have similar traits like the real subs in the war. None were built exactly the same. Every U-boat had their own history and special qualities.

If any links are dead just PM me and I will post them on file front again.

Other ways to quick access my work is click on the links beside my signature.

Thank you modders out there who make SH3 a better game.

For some serious notes, This is a game simulates evens that had happen to our grandparents or families in the second world war. Let keep it in the game and not let our grand children or future families have to fight a similar war!
Happy hunting

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