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Default Two things I don't understand

I opted to purchase and install the SH5 through Steam.

I followed the instructions as far as I could understand them. Then I installed the TWOS megamod. Everything seemed to go okay but the Genecic File Patcher stopped after I selected English as the language.

Three icons appeared on my desktop. JSGME which listed twenty-two mods. ,TWoS Options file editor which does nothing. and KSDCommander, which does nothing. There aren't any instructions in the TWOS MOS Installation PDF that mentions those ICONS.

What do the ydo?
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Did you install Steam (and the Steam Library with the game) into a Windows "Program Files" folder? Windows "security" will stymy any attempts to alter files in that folder with mods. Refer to Moving a Steam Installation and Games from the Steam Support site for ways to do that. If SH5 is the only game, then it is probably easier to unintall the game and Steam and start over. If you have a 2nd, valid HD that you can put a Steam Library on, then you could do that much easier, and just re-install the game there. If you have to re-install Steam because of only having the C: drive available to use, then you would edit the install path during the install process, and direct it to install into a folder of your own making, such as C:\Games, which then would give you a path of "C:\Games \Steam..." or whatever you choose. Most of Steam itself still ends up in the Program Files folder, but your Steam Library will be in that "C:\Games..." structure. You might have to also download and update UConnect from Ubisoft yourself. Be sure and follow vdr1981's TWoS Steam instructions, and then you should be able to get through the GFP program all of the way. Then it will just be a matter of figuring-out to efficiently get down the ladder in the sub so that you can dive the boat when necessary... lol

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