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Default 3 questions about configuration.

Dear Forum Members!

I will introduce myself first - I will write a few words about myself: I am an eternal computer noob.
In Silent Hunter IV - I play with breaks for several years. Basically - I play it in a strange way, which changes the game settings. Unfortunately, I can not always do it - I do not know how to do it.

This time my problem is a small modification in S18.
I do not remember the user who suggested how to change the submarine's coming tower, but thank him! I managed to mount the Porpoise coming tower on S18 in a strange way. I do this because of access to the front anti-aircraft gun. It’s work!
Unfortunately, it has a very small angle of fire. I understand that I need to change something in the properties of the Porpoise ship.
1. What, where, what values should I change to increase the field of frontal anti-aircraft gunfire in the Porpoise coming tower?
2. How to completely eliminate the possibility of receiving a photographic recognition mission in surface ships? Removal of records about such missions in \ Data \ UPCData \ UPCCapaignData \ PatrolObjectives - does not solve the problem, how to do it? It is about mission objective that are sent during the mission after completing the first mission objective and sending the report?
3. How can I change or radically enlarge the target marker? Or maybe some other type of marker can be set - e.g. a big red circle? I have a problem finding enemy fighters in the sky.

Attached, I am sending an image showing the missing firing angle marked in green.

Best regards, I'm sorry for the language of my English from translator!


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Default welcome aboard!

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A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > mundio_73a
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Depending upon whether the gun is mounted to the submarine directly, or to the conning tower, there is a node associated with that gun mount, which is linked in the sim file of the same name, that controls the rotation and elevation of a gun mount. However, there is also a gun dat and sim file that the gun is in and that does similar. It is difficult to say what you have, and it might be that you have to find the node and the gun, and adjust both of them...

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Specifically in the OBJECTS folder, have to use Silent 3ditor to edit the .sim file for whichever conning tower you use. Aft traverse is never a problem but the forward traverse is usually restricted too much, numbers I use;

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Default Thank You very much!

Dear Sniper297!

Thank you very much for Your advice. It was helpful.

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angle of fire , photo recognition aim , target marker

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