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TMO Update V2.0
100 difficulty
Cameras off, map contacts on.

January 1944 in Area 8...

23 January


0000 Entered Area 8, began North-South
patrol line along suspected shipping route.

0010 Seas picked up. Strong chop but not heavy. Clear skies, low moonlight,
Winds at 17.50 kts direction 114 degrees.

0100 SJ contacts bearing 355 28500 yds.
Multiple pips, appeared to be convoy.
Course 310 at speed 17 kts to intercept.
Tracking party called to stations.

0109 Increased to Flank speed to close.

0114 Slowed to 15.5 kts.


0124 Spotted convoy bearing 235 10000 yds
Course 133 degrees Speed 10 knots

0125 Sent Contact Report to COMSUBPAC
Convoy Sighted
28-49N 132-39E in Area 8
Estimated Course 133 degrees
Estimated Course 10 kts.

0132 3000 yards off to port of
convoy track. Convoy appeared to be
six merchants in loose formation with one
escort forward, one astern.

0136 Forward escort identified as MIKURA Type B Escort Vessel
Rear escort appears to be DE type.

0149 Near firing point, convoy made what appeared to be
routine zig to SW.

0151 Flank speed, turned to course 105 to pull away from convoy.
Rear escort, began high speed sweep along port side of convoy
BARB was not spotted, this was believed to be routine escort maneuver
as convoy showed no sign of alert.

0153 Rear escort bearing 175 4000 yards.
Identified as Otori Class Torpedo Boat/Escort.

0155 Paralleled convoy on course 188 to pull ahead for

0345 Convoy zigged to port course 160.
BARB maneuvered to regain position quickly
to fire from starboard side of convoy.

0400 Fired Tubes 1,2,3 at Target No.1

0400: Fired tubes 4,5,6 at Target No.2

0402 Torpedoes impacted Target No.1
Large fires observed on target.

0403 Torpedoes impacted Target No.2
Large fires observed on target.

After torpedo impacts, BARB came under heavy machine gun,
deck gun fire, illuminated by strong searchlights aboard
Target No.2 (MIIKE MARU) during turn away.
Lead MIKURA escort came aboard, fired two star shells
above BARB and began closing at high speed.

Several rounds of machine gun/auto cannon fire hit BARB's superstructure
but caused no serious damage. Several deck gun splashes observed
, closed about twenty yards off starboard beam during turn away.

0405 Otori Class Torpedo Boat rear escort observed pouring on the coals
speeding BARB's way. The choppy seas made it initially difficult to reach above 19 kts
during initial get away but 20 knts was reached.

0412 Otori bearing 180 fired several rounds forward guns
Splashes landed well ahead of BARB. One
flew low and heard it roar over the
periscope shears, splashed into sea about thirty yards
off port bow of BAR. However, range continued to open
so remained on surface.

0415 Began end around for follow up attack.
Observed AK AKAMA MARU 5425 tons sink at
28-32 N 132-38 E.

0416 Depth charge explosions observed/heard 6000 yards astern.
Enemy believes BARB submerged. Poor whale/fish taking our punishment.

0421 Observed AK MIIKE MAR 11800 tons sink
at 28-32 N 132-38 E.


0426 Tracking large pip believed to be AK making a solo run from area.
Bold strategy. BARB closed contact at high speed.

0450 Spotted AK bearing 292 10,170 yards.

0503 Turned about, began to back towards target
for stern shot.

0525 Target identified as AK HIYAMA MARU 7145 tons.
Course 160 Speed variations of 7-10 knots
zigging along course.

0526 Report of enemy pip closing range fast on
SJ radar, appears to be escort coming to join the

0538 AK HIYAMA MARU changed course 280, possibly to rejoin
convoy. Escort closing high speed bearing 130 7000 yards
Closing range fast.

0541 HIYAMA MARU suddenly turned hard starboard to course 345, instead of zigging back towards BARB as anticipated HIYAMA MARU increased speed to twenty knots ruining stern shot. Vessel also fired several rounds from her aft deck gun in BARB's direction. BARB turned to pursue, moving to her starboard to avoid oncoming escort now just 5000 yards bearing 335, identified as Otori Class Torpedo Boat. escort (interesting tactics AI pulled here)

0618 Unable to catch HIYAMA MARU, as rejoined other merchant vessels,
another AK was on course to cross our stern for perfect setup.
Switched targets to AK similar to JOKUJA MARU 7390 tons.

0630 JOKUJA MARU turned North, away from BARB.

0634 As pursuit of JOKUJA MARU was going on. HIYAMA MARU again
towards BARB.

0636 Otori spotted bearing 170 5000 yards, closing.

0637 HIYAMA MARU turned away high speed, firing deck guns
and machine guns/auto cannons at BARB.
Star shell illuminated area.
Otori observed heading BARB direction.
Ordered flank speed on course 035

0640 Otori was now chasing BARB range 6000 yards bearing 180, closing.

0650 Otori slowed suddenly, then turned back
for convoy. BARB secured GQ and ordered
forward tubes reloaded. Would end around for follow up
attack, before dawn if possible. This would give the
convoy a chance to calm down.

0937 Regained SJ contact after end around.
Bearing 009 28,350 yards.

0956 Ahead of convoy, waiting for anticipated dawn zig for
dawn attack. Visibility now too great for surface attack.

1022 Convoy made dawn zig to SE.


1101 Submerged for attack.

1106 Depth 300 ft for high speed run to close range.

1128 Periscope depth.
Observed convoy on course 160 degrees
to being stern tubes to bear on

1148 Tubes, 7,8,9,10 made ready for firing.

1152 Fired tubes 7,8,9

1153 All three torpedoes impacted as aimed.

1154 Small fire observed, vessel lost way.
Engine noises ceased on sound.

1155 List to starboard developed on target.

1156 Lifeboats (two) observed from AK KANAGA MARU. Vessel low in water,
sinking on even keel.
Pings. Otori observed closing, Mikura escort observed closing as well
high speed. Ordered 300 ft, rigged for silent running and depth charge.

1157 Passed thermal layer 195 ft.

1159 Pinging

1202 DC explosions astern, not close.

1203 Enemy above to port. Splashes.

1204 DC explosions. Close. Real tooth shakers.
BARB at 350 ft depth. Most charges seem above.

1206 Second escort above. Many splashes.
DC explosions. All were above, not too close.

1207 BARB leveled off at 370 ft.

1209 Pinging

1211 Depth Charge explosions, distant.

1212 Sounds of ship breaking up audible on sound gear
from last bearing of target attacked.

1213 Multiple DC explosions astern.
Pinging from closing escort.

1215 Pinging on short scale. Enemy closing high speed.

1216 Enemy above. Many splashes.

1217 DC explosions.

1221 Pinging. Distant DC explosions.
BARB at 375 ft

1223 Enemy crossing bow above.
One DC explosion, above aft.

1224 One DC explosion to port.

1226 Pinging.

1227 Enemy crossing bow, above.
Splashes. Ordered AHEAD FLANK!
BARB at 382 ft.
Boat shaken by DC explosions.

1230 Pinging

1238 Distant DC explosions

1248 Pinging.
More distant DC explosions.

1251 Enemy above.
BARB at depth of 390 ft

1252 DC explosions.

1310 Sound reported enemy heading away at high speed.

1332 Believe one escort departed to rejoin convoy.
Other remained in area estimated 5000 yards, hunting.
Occasional ping heard but did not appear to
have contact with BARB.

1416 Secured GQ
Escort remains in area hunting.
Maintained Silent Running.
Course 256 Speed 2.5 kts
Depth 390 ft.

1500 Damage assessment show BARB faired well
in depth charge attack. Only some light bulbs
and glass fixture busted. Minor piping
and air line leaks in conning tower and control room.

1510 Enemy remains in area about 7000-10000 yards astern.
Occasional sporadic explosions heard.

1630 Turned to course 332 degrees

1945 Lost Sound contact.
Secured Silent Running.

1948 Tubes 7,8,9 ordered reloaded.
BARB to depth of 300 ft.

2306 Periscope depth.
Night settled in.
All clear.
Seas remain choppy.

2308 Radar depth for SJ/SD sweep.

2315 Surfaced.

24 January

0000 Position: 28-22N 132-23E
Course 320
Speed 10 kts
Proceeded to Northern section
of Area 8.

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