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Thank you very much!
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Old 10-14-2019, 02:17 PM   #317
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My Game crashes in loading screen when this Mod is active, why?
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There could be a myriad of reasons why. First of all, can you start JSGME and click on "Tasks...", then "Export activated mods list to -->" and choose "Clipboard", which will put the list into your computer's RAM. Reply to the post here, and Paste (<Ctrl><V>) the clipboard in the Reply to Thread text box.

Refer to the bottom of Post 1 of this thread, and make certain you have the latest of the Med Campaign, and that you have WDAD and the Patch, and that you have them activated in JSGME in the correct order. "We Dive At Dawn" is a bonus mod, only available to paid members, so you would have to sign-up with Onkel Neal to gain access to it. The Bonus Mods are well worth the cost of membership. Once you have them activated, you should either clear the Save folder, or use MultiSH4 1.5 and make yourself a new save folder, such as "BMS" (Battle Med Sea) or some-such that you'll remember. You need a "clean" Save folder for the mods to copy files over correctly. You also cannot have the game installed in a Windows "Program Files" folder. If you do, Windows will partially rollback all of your mod activations of anything that Windows suspects might be a system file, such as cfg files. You can copy the whole installation folder and paste it into another folder of your own making, or you can re-install the game.

Those are the most common reasons, but of course, there are many more... Let us know what you mod list has!

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For what it's worth, the Med campaign seems to be working just fine for me. Not too much in the way of mod-soup so perhaps that might be an issue.

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