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Default Favourite Mega Mod and Why?

Heyo Guys,

So I've been playing SH4 now for a long while on and off, and mostly
I've a set of mods which work pretty well. However now I'm considering
a Mega mod. The problem is there are so many to choose from from
Trigger Maru, RFB, FOTR and I'm sure others.

So I need some help working out which to use.

So if you could just say which you think is best,why and what it does different to the stock game.


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Think of TMO as a difficulty mod. Its intention is to have the submarine commander act more like what a WWII commander would have. In other words, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the game is tuned to be more aggressive and accurate than they actually were. Putting RSRDC on top of that changes the Campaign layers traffic patterns of the AI ships and airplanes encountered, to use more "historical" (predictable) routes and timing. This makes it more difficult to find enemy traffic in the game, unless you know where to look. Fall of the Rising Sun is more "pretty" than "historical", attempting to bridge the differences between the Stock game and TMO while adding more ships and planes (and other assets encountered). FotRSU will (hopefully) have more and more "tune-ability" in the near future, that will allow a player the ability to increase or decrease the difficulty of the AI encountered, though that has not happened as of yet.

There is also "Ralles RealModPack", which is Bleiente's mix of TMO, RSRDC and OTC (Optical Targeting Correction) mods, and is an alternative to TMO with RSRDC. Bleiente includes a few options with his set of files. OTC attempts to refine the data used in Manual-Targeting of the game, and centers the submarines' conning tower on the platform, resulting in very similar targeting results fore and aft, resulting in more accurate shooting. Bleiente's mod is similar to what you would get by using "Traveller Mod v2.6 on top of TMO + RSRDC, but without the OTC mod. Traveler attempted to add features to the game, but the game does not fully cooperate with his efforts. There is a link to his mod's thread on that download page.

For me, having plenty of hard drive space on a 2nd drive, I made a copy of my initial SH4 install, and copied that to various other folders in my "Games" folder, such that I have folders for "Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific" (Stock), "TMO_RSRDC", "Ralles", "OM" (Operation Monsun, for the German side, which currently has Fifi's "Dark Waters" mod activated), "FotRSU", and a few others, each with their own copy of the SH4 game folder contents in them. I then use "MultiSH4 v1.5" (the version number follows the SH4.exe version), copied into each of the game folders, and is used to create a separate "Save" folder for each copy of the game, such that I have the Stock "SH4" folder in the "C:\Users \UserName \Documents\" folder, along with one for my "TMO_RSRDC" copy that is named "TRC" (I also have a "plain" TMO install, named the same in MultiSH4). I have another for Ralles named "RAL", another named "OMD" for Op Monsun with Dark Waters, and "FRS" for Fall of the Rising Sun. The name of the Save folder for the SH4 game is limited to 3 characters, hence the short Save folder names. But I do attempt to have slightly memorable names for each copy of the game. In this manner, I can keep the disparate versions of the SH4 game with mods, separate from each other, and experiment to my heart's content with the various mods.

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After purchase I played around with SH4 vanilla, then decided to try TMO. it improved vanilla significantly and is IMHO a classic. Last year i played “"Ralles RealModPack” , which combines TMO, RSRDC and OTC into a nice package. I also played around with Operation Monsun (OM), the German side of SH4 which was interesting-I learned some history, but I seem to favor the Pacific fleet boats.

FotRSU plays and looks great. I haven’t played it enough to comment thoroughly but I’m impressed with what I see. It seems to be leading the way forward for SH4 and is shaping up to be my favorite of all the mods I’ve tried.

I haven’t given up on the German side of SH4 either I also plan on trying Op Monsun with Dark Waters

Best*? That’ a tough one. Depends On what you look for. I consider myself lucky to have all these really good mods to choose from and a active modeling community to work on them. . My play-time is wedged between work and family and the reason I prefer offline single player. I also prefer a hard game, manual targeting, navigation, tough escorts, etc. my .02. -Vox
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