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I have seen it. His name will not be mentioned-The series follow the Danish CSI in their effort to solve it.

I as some of you followed the case via the media-Here In this series you will get an insight in how they(CSI) worked.

I didn't knew that Peter was only some hours from being released.

Keeping on forgetting things
It's important to add that this serie does NOT glorify Peter Madsen
Nor does it glorify the crime itself.
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It is a bit sobering to look back to the images of the Copenhagen Subsim meet a few years back and see the logo on the conning tower of the sub.
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The Undercurrent Trailer Brings a Submarine Murder to Surface

In 2017, journalist Kim Wall went missing after boarding a submarine with eccentric Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen. Madsen had built the sea craft himself, and Wall was interviewing him for a story. Madsen surfaced without Wall, and the ensuing investigations and murder trial fed into a media frenzy, full of victim-blaming rhetoric and leering detail. Now, Wall’s murder is the subject of the new two-part HBO documentary Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall. The doc is directed by Erin Lee Carr, who previously directed At the Heart of Gold, about systemic abuse in USA Gymnastics. Undercurrent will delve into Wall’s murder and the psychology of Madsen, who was deemed a “narcissistic psychopath” in Danish court. Undercurrent will air both parts back-to-back on Tuesday, March 8, on HBO and HBO Max.

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I'll certainly be giving this a viewing.
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Quite something this entire ordeal.
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madsen, murder, nautilus, wall

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