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Originally Posted by Xboxman523 View Post
Good luck!
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20 April-21 May 1943


Returned to Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. on 26 February 1943 from SIXTH War Patrol, 76 days since
departure in December 1942. All except for a brief two day stop in Brisbane, were spent at sea. Upon return, shore commenced commenced
while voyage repairs along with battle damage repairs were conducted. One twin 20 MM gun was installed forward, and one twin 20 MM gun
was installed after, replacing the .50 Caliber Machine gun mounts. Twenty four MK 14 torpedoes were loaded, along with provisions
and ammunition 17-19 April. Ready for sea 20 April.


April 20, 1943

Departed Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. for Dutch Harbor, Alaska at 0730 in accordance with Operational Order
No. 43-35, to conduct a special mission. Departed harbor on course 090, then turned to 345 for a transit off the eastern shore of Oahu.
SD Radar made a contact at 1218, range 14000 yards, steady. No visual contact was made. (Aircraft Contact No.1)
Conducted trim dive from 1230-1245, surfaced and continued on course 345 at 14.5 knots.

At 1437 spotted (Ship Contact No.1) surfaced submarin position 21-45N 158-25W, bearing 110, course 210 speed 18 knots, range 9000 yards. SJ did not contact this
vessel before lookouts. Submarine determined to be a Gato Class Fleet Boat on crouse 210 at high speed,
likely coming in from US mainland attemping to make harbor before dusk.

April 21-26 1943

En route Dutch Harbor, conducted normal underway routine, along with dive, torpedo fire control, gunnery, and
emergency drills. Weather remained calm overall, with seas growing choppy and a noticeable decrease in temperature
as NAUTILUS made her way Northward.

At 2108 on 26 April, SD contacted a aircraft (Aircraft Contact No.2) at 12000 yards, closing. As dusk settled,
visually spotted a PBY patrol plane bearing 272, course 355 altitude 1200. PBY made a flyover of NAUTILUS
exhcanged recognition signals, PBY continued on to Dutch Harbor. Position approximately 75 NM SSE of Dutch Harbor.

April 27, 1943

At 0100 slowed speed to 7 knots to ensure NAUTILUS did not arrive Dutch Harbor before dawn.
Lookouts spotted several ice flows and icebergs in area, but none within 5000 yards.

As dawn began to break at 0349, sighted PBY bearing 030 altitude 600 ft. PBY flew above, exchanged recognition signals
, PBY escorted NAUTILUS towards Dutch Harbor, remaining in our vicinity.

Docked Dutch Harbor, Alaska at 0550.

April 28-30, 1943

NAUTILUS assigned to support Operation LANDCRAB, the recapture of Attu Island by US forces.
NAUTILUS assigned to special mission in support of LANDCRAB, but transporting and landing
109 men of US 7th Infantry Division Provisional Scout Battalion and Native Alaskan Guardsmen at
SCARLET BEACH on Northern Attu in advance of forthcoming landings on 11 May.

Conducted voyage repairs, topped off fuel and provisions for forthcoming operation.
Conducted familiarization training with Army scouts in submarining and deployment of boats
via submarine . Ready for sea 1 May.

1 May

Departed Dutch Harbor for Special Mission at 0530 hours. Conducted trim dives
at 0900 and 1621. Set course for Adak Island to top off fuel prior to conducting

2 May

En route to conduct special operation via Adak. Scouts permitted on deck on 3 May to conducted
boat drills. Uneventful.

3 May

Fighting heavy seas, which began shortly after 0100, entered harbor, docked at Adak Operating Base
from 0600-1400. Topped off fuel and provisions. Departed at 1430 on course to take well North of Kiska to avoid enemy aircraft
and patrols en route to Attu.

4-9 May

Bering Sea certainly lived up to her reputation, as Arctic gales began after 0900 on 4 May,
ending relatively enjoyable weather had experienced since departing Dutch Harbor.

10 May

Submerged off Holtz Bay, Attu Island at 0330 for reconnoiter of the area, including SCARLET Beach,
where the Scouts are to be landed on 11 May.

At 0700 and 1800 a Fubuki Class DD came into view, patrolling the area. Went to 300 ft and silent running to avoid
as not to reveal our presence prior to landings. Surfaced at 2200.

11 May

At 0100 deployed all men of US Army Scouts 3000 yards off SCARLET Beach. Departed area to West for
patrol in the Northern Kuril Islands and Sea of Okhotsk.

SJ contact was established at 1106, bearing 347 19845 yards. Spotted two ships with one escort, possible DD
at 1111. Likely enemy convoy not aware of the morning's landings on Attu. Proceeded to course
090 to get ahead of the vessels, sent contact report. Lost SJ contact at 1151, but regained contact at 1204 at 20200 yards.
Convoy on course 090 9 knots.


Submerged for attack at 1227, went to a depth of 250 feet for high speed run to close the range of five
nautical miles to get to ideal firing point. Called GENERAL QUARTERS-TORPEDO at 1234. Sound made contact
with enemy ships at 1244, closing. Slowed to 3 knots and went to periscope depth at 1253.Two large
AK followed a PB type, believed to be PB No. 4x , similar to old Wakatake Class DD's converted to escort/patrol vessels. Observation at 1308 confirmed course 090 8.5 knots. A second, smaller
escort was spotted astern, trailing the vessel. This could possible indicate the important of the two
transports. Tubes 1,2,3,4 made ready to fire at 1317.

Observation at 1331 selected large AK in rear of column identified as ARISAN MARU for attack. Fired tubes 1,2,3,4 at 1334. Torpedo No.1 prematurely detonated just yards from target. Torpedo No.2
hit side of target, but failed to detonate (DUD), impact audible on sound. Torpedo No.3 run below target and exploded
fifty yards off opposite side. Torpedo four impacted target amidships, large explosion, believe
blew boilers/engines out as target engine noises ceased.

Rear escort, identified as a MS, began to close NAUTILUS's location at high speed. Ordered 250 feet,
rigged for silent running and depth charge, while commencing turn into her to narrow profile to beam.
Passed thermal layer at 85 feet. Pinging began at 1341, escort above, high speed props.
DC explosions at 1343, astern of NAUTILUS, not close.

Pinging from second escort, now on scene, began at 1346, with escort soon roaring above, with audible splashes.
Boat shaken. Series of close depth charge explosions at 1352 shook the boat, caused minor damage in various compartments.
Another series of very close charges exploded at 1356, but no serious damage was reported.

Several more depth charge runs were close, with enemy apparently maintained strong contact, even with NAUTILUS
at depth of 365 feet. NAUTILUS was shaken severely again at 1435 due to numerous close depth charges, but suffered no damage,
as it is believed depth charges are set too shallow, as has so often proven case.
NAUTILUS at depth of 388 feet, with explosions likely taking place at 350-360 feet.
Enemy suddenly and unexpectedly began departing area at high speed, perhaps to rejoin the freighters at 1450.
Last depth charge explosion was at 1447. However, sound maintained contact with one enemy warship, searching the area for some time.
Lost sound contact with enemy at 1545. Secured GQ, maintained silent running.


After several hours of silence from enemy, believing they left area, came to periscope scope at 1815. Spotted
the AK ARISAN MARU bearing 018 7 nautical miles, dead in the water, slightly down by the stern, and likely abandoned. Began approach, cautiously searching for
undetected escort vessel. At 2034, began rising from 90 ft, called GENERAL QUARTERS-TORPEDO to administer the coup de grace to

At periscope and SJ radar depth, only one contact detected, apparently the stricken transport was
left behind as the convoy, still seemingly unaware of the landings earlier in day, continued on course towards
Attu. Returned to 90 ft and set course to attack from port side as in previous attack, reloaded bow tubes.

Returned to periscope depth at 2132 and fired Tubes 1,2 from 1000 yards. At 2133:10 firs torpedo impacted, but was a dud. Second torpedo prematurely exploded.
Third torpedo hit at 2133 and was a dud, as was fourth torpedo. Turned to bring stern tubes to bear.


Fired tubes 5,6 from 1050 yards at 2147. At 2148 enemy gunners opened fire at periscope, possibly spotted it or torpedo wakes in the glow of the sunset on the icy waters.
First torpedo prematurely detonated at 2147, second for unknown reason missed astern by wide margin, possible gyro failure.


Ordered full turn to port to bring bow tubes to bear, firing tubes 1 and 2 at 2157. Enemy gunners again opened up in direction of
NAUTILUS's periscope. Torpedo 1 impacted, but was a dud. Torpedo hit, causing large fire amidships. Fired tube
No. 3 at 2159. Torpedo hit, but was a dud. Fired tube No 4, torpedo prematurely detonated.

Torpedo Attack No.1D

Brought stern tubes to bear once again and fired tubes 5,,6 at 2235. At 2236, first torpedo hit, but was ANOTHER dud. Second torpedo
impacted and detonated, causing a large fire which quickly spread. ARISAN MARU quickly began to settle in the water.
ARISAN MARU 7827 tons sunk at 2241, position 53-08 N 172-01E. No survivors observed.

Quickly surfaced, secured GQ and with just four torpedoes remaining (after SIXTEEN fired) , set course at flank speed on
course 090 in attempt to locate remaining ships. Considered that likely by dusk they received word about
invasion and diverted course, will compensate course to see if can intercept them heading back West.

May 12, 1942

On surface, 75 NM SW of Attu patrolling probable 'escape' route of convoy if diverted.
SJ made contact at 0818 at 5-20N 171-40 E bearing 039 19000 yards. Increased speed to flank and began closing.

Multiple plumes of smoke spotted, do not believe this is same convoy contacted previous day, unless joined with other ships
heading West away from Aleutians given invasion of Attu.

Attempting to pull ahead and get maximum battery charge prior to attack. This is proven difficult as
batteries have been slow to recharge, possibly damaged in previous day's depth charge attack

Batteries stopped charging at 85 percent capacity, confirming damage. However, charge is sufficient for attack
and evasion. Convoy is now on NNW course 280 at 9 knots. Disengaged battery charged, ordered ahead flank to pull ahead for attack.


GENERAL QUARTERS-TORPEDO was called at 1030 and submerged for attack at 1037.Went to 250 ft at flank speed
to close the range for firing.

Upon visual observation from 3000 yards at 1111, convoy does not appear to be same one contacted
on 11 May. Convoy is four AK and one DD believed to be of the Akatsuki Class. At 1117, DD appeared to be closing but
was on normal sweep, returned to position. NAUTILUS, after holding her collective breath for several minutes, breathed a sigh of relief
the DD did not detect her. Continued to close in for attack .

Fired tubes 3,4, at 1127 at large AK in port column. All bow torpedoes expended. during torpedo run.
Torpedo one prematurely detonated at 1128:55, second torpedo hit, detonated at 1129:02. Torpedo hit amidships and
caused a large explosion, vessel slowed. NAUTILUS rigged for depth charge and silent running, went to 300 ft as DD turned about and was heading directly for periscope.

Depth charge explosions astern estimated 2000 yards. Pinging soon began at 1137, DD closing in fast. Several depth charge explosions above, not close at 1139. Several close depth charges at 1201 and 1210 caused minor damaged,
but the rest were not close and the DD appeared to never have strong contact with NAUTILUS, possibly due to
thermal layers detected, in addition to the sea condition (as later observed) grew choppy since dive.
However, DD remained in area pinging, dropping charge, stopping to listen and repeat cycle.

Finally, sound contact was lost at 1520. Secured GQ, maintained silent running. At periscope depth at 1955, all clear on visual and SJ sweep.
Surfaced at 2000. Set course to pursue last track of convoy to regain contact.

SJ contact bearing 353 20055 yards at 2040. At 2108 spotted damaged AK dead in water, apparently another
left behind. Due to thick fog and diminishing daylight , did not visually spot AK until 9000 yards away. Ordered immediate dive
for approach. Leveled off at 75 feet and 4 knots. Called GENERAL QUARTERS-TORPEDO at 2114.


Observed transport at 2133 dead in water, well settled with decks partly awash.
Approached to turn for stern shot, as all bow torpedoes expended in previous attack.

Fired tubes 5,6, at 2222 from 1000 yards. All torpedoes expended.
Torpedo one ran below target, observed wake pass under. Second torpedo prematurely detonated 15-20 yards away.

With all torpedoes expended, opened range and stood by for BATTLE SURFACE-GUN ACTION.
Blew tanks for rapid surface at 2335, commenced firing at 2337 from 5000 yards with broadside of
6" 53 caliber guns. Twenty one rounds were fired from each gun for twenty two hits. The large
AK SHOHEI MARU 9980 tons sunk at 2357 52-20N 169-50E.

Status report was sent to COMSBUPAC, with option to return to port.
All torpedoes expended and damaged batteries now not recharging beyond 77 percent, turned for Pearl Harbor,
after a brief, but busy patrol.

May 13-20 1943

En route Pearl Harbor. Rough seas and storms 14-16 May, otherwise uneventful transit.

May 21, 1943

Arrived Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H., docked at 1130 and terminated war patrol.


9980 tons

7827 tons


Of twenty torpedoes fired, just three managed to function properly. Premature explosions and duds continue to be a problem. Depth control failures persist, however are usually negated when able to set torpedo to minimum depth.

Forward and Aft Batteries damaged in depth charge attack, unable to repair at sea.

Orders to Mare Island for overhaul and refit prior to next war patrol.

W.H. Brockman Jr.


Storms in Bering Sea en route to Special Mission at Attu

Damaged by torpedo

Debris from SHOHEI MARU after sinking.

Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbor at dawn

Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbor

Sun on deck

Iceberg. Some oflarge ones reach high enough the SD air search radar will detect fact.

PBY arriving to escort NAUTILUS into Dutch Harbor at dawn

Old S Boat in port at Dutch Harbor

Difficult to see, but US Army Scouts boarding rafts on 11 May 0100, 5 hours before main forces land on Attu (Operation Landcrab)

Still one of my favorite mods. Visually tracking convoy at ten miles by the smoke plumes. In the Aleutians fog, can still see smoke if pay attention. SJ radar off, only periodic sweeps.

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TMO Update BH V2.0
Donation Narwhal Mod
100 difficulty, cams off, contacts off,



Returned to Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. from SEVENTH War Patrol on 21 May 1943. After voyage repairs proceeded to Mare Island, CA for overhaul. Arrived Pearl Harbor from Mare Island 25 August 1943. LCDR W.H. Brockman Jr., USN, was relieved by LCDR W.D. Davis, USN as Commanding Officer on 26 August 1943. Ready for sea 15 September 1943.


16 September

Departed Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H., for Special Mission at 0700. Escorted by PC-461 out of area. Observed a PBY patrol plane at 1624, exchanged recognition signals.

17-18 September

En route to Gilbert Islands via Johnston Island

19 September

Finally docked at Johnston for fuel top off. Foul weather throughout the morning prevented entrance to the atoll. at 1245 .Departed at 1715 hours.

20-25 September

En route Gilbert Islands for Special Mission. Assigned to conduct photographic reconnaissance of Makin, Tarawa, and Abemama Atolls.

26 September

Submerged ten miles off Makin Island at 0600, before dawn.

At 0900, Makin Island was clear in sight. Closed very close to reef within five miles and photographed shore batteries, fuel storage tanks, a anchored inner island freighter estimated at 1500 tons, as well as AA gun emplacements.
Photography of Makin Island completed by 1000, turned South for recon of Kuma and Butaritari Island.

Photographed shore installations on Kuma at 1130 and proceeded to Butaritari Island, arriving off shore at 1500. Butaritari Island, where NAUTILUS landed raiders in August 1942, showed signs of being substantially reinforced since that visit with multiple shore batteries and gun emplacements. Fuel tanks destroyed at the lagoon's port last year were repaired. Observation posts/coastal searchlights also observed. Completed photography of Butaritari Island and proceeded to round island and turn North for final objective at Makin, Bikati Island, which would be reconnoitered on 27 September after dawn.

27 September

Submerged before dawn and closed Bikat Island. At 0900 from 5000 yards, photographed shore installations including shore batteries. A small boat, possibly PC type of 50 tons or so was moored inside the reef near the island.

With objectives at Makin Atoll complete, turned south for Tarawa Atoll at a depth of 100 feet and speed of 4 knots. At 1223, sound reported warship contact bearing 346, closing. At periscope depth spotted smoke plume of a PC type vessel, converted tugboat. When vessel suddenly turned towards NAUTILUS, went to 300 feet and silent running. PC roared above, but no signs of detecting NAUTILUS. Lost sound contact at 1330 maintained silent running until 1600 and secured. Surfaced after dusk and proceeded to Tarawa Atoll.

28 September

Submerged ten miles off Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll before dawn. Photographed enemy installations on the tiny, but reinforced island. Surfaced when clear of area and proceeded to Abemama Atoll.

Submerged off Abemama at 1500. Conducted photography of Abatiku Island,
the reef entrance, south east cape, and Manoku Village areas prior to dusk. Surfaced ten miles off shore and proceeded to east side of Island to complete photographic mission at dawn.

At 0334 a PC type vessel was detected on SJ radar range 9100 yards. Vessel came within 5000 yards but was evaded successfully with no indication NAUTILUS was detected.

Submerged before dawn east of Abemama , photographing installations there. At 1100, conducted photography of enemy shore batteries and gun emplacements on NE Abemama.

Received message from COMSUBPAC at 1104 ordered rendezvous submarine MUSKALLUNGE at 3-7 N 166-26 E. MUSKLLUNGE reported being strafed by enemy fighter planes to the east of the Marshall Islands while en route to patrol area in Palau Islands, with several crew injured. Not able to continue with seriously injured crew aboard, but not wanting to turn back to Pearl Harbor, it was decided to have NAUTILUS provide transport. as was roughly one days sailing time at best speed. Accordingly, NAUTILUS proceeded to designated rendezvous point at 16.5 knots.

29 September

Arrived in area just after dusk and at 2044 SJ made contact with MUSKALLUNGE at Bearing 340 7,825 yards. Fortunately, seas were calm and made transfer (Rescue Raft mod is great) of injured crewmembers a easy task. Upon recovery, exchanged messages of "well done" and god speed" , proceeded at 14.5 knots for Pearl via Johnston Island. While not ideal due to heavy patrols, the "gap" between Gilbert and Marshall Islands was the fastest way home, with injured men aboard and a deadline to return to Pearl by 20 October in order for our vital intelligence gathered to be analyzed properly, chose this route.

30 September

En route Pearl Harbor via Johnston Island. Uneventful.

1 October

Heavy winds and seas set in around 0400, slowly advance to 15 knots.

At 1130 , approximately 125 nautical miles East South East of Mili Atoll, SD radar made contact with aircraft at 12000 yards, closing fast. Submerged to avoid.

After hour and a half, a periscope and SD sweep, it was decided to surface.
At 1300, just after sounding the surface alarm, prior to securing sound gear, sound detected a closing contact, close aboard to port. Unable to stop the ascent, ordered flank speed and quickly assessed the situation on the bridge. With no contact visible, it was assumed (as reported) contact a submarine, quickly confirmed as in the heavy seas the conning tower/periscope shears of the enemy submarine broached and were briefly visible.

Standard procedure for NAUTILUS is to turn away and present stern to such contact. However, given the distance, it was likely the submarine was at its firing point or had in fact fired, opening the angle would have likely exposed NAUTILUS to a torpedo hit. A order of rudder hard to port was given and NAUTILUS turned , her engines and gears groaning. Collision Alarm was sounded and With a zero degree AOB on the enemy sub attempted to run above him to put astern so could submerge and prevent a likely shot by the enemy. As passed above, in the clear but rough seas, the silhouette of the enemy submarine was visible. After passing over the enemy, ordered a hard turn to starboard and to submerge.

Ordered a depth of 200 feet, rigged for silent running. Sound maintained strong contact with submarine and sound of torpedoes in water was audible. Appears NAUTILUS has a true close call. After a hour and a half, sound lost contact with enemy submarine. Maintained silent running until 1600 and secured. Remained submerged until after nightfall when surfaced and proceeded on run at flank speed, changing course in case enemy sub was in area, possible shadowing. (AI subs will in fact stalk contacts have found in testing. Their waypoints are also structured to move ahead and back track to simulate a end around, kind of neat how it works out in the)

2 October

Beginning at dawn, a series of SD contacts throughout the day prevented surface running.

3 October

Only one SD contact all day, remained submerged for majority of day though.

4 October

En route Pearl Harbor via Johnston Island.
Storms, heavy seas, slowed advance.

5 October

En route Pearl Harbor via Johnston Island.

Storms and heavy seas continued.

6 October

Unable to enter Johnston Island due to storms.

7 October

Storms persisting in area. Decision was made to continue on to Pearl Harbor as had fuel required to make the trip, although at slower speeds.

8-11 October

En route Pearl Harbor

12 October

Docked at Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H., terminated war patrol.


No torpedo were conducted on this patrol as primary objective was a special mission and no worthwhile targets were encountered.

Special Mission

Photographic Reconnaissance of Makin, Tarawa, and Abemama Atolls was a complete success. Excellent photographs of shore installations were made. Fortunately, the weather in area was quite cooperative.

Additional Operations

Rendezvous with MUSKALLUNGE (SS-262) was conducted with some ease. Coordinates provided were accurate and MUSKALLUNGE arrived prior to NAUTILUS. Seas were calm and made easy transport of the injured sailors back to Pearl Harbor.

(This photo mission as well as secondary assignment to pick up injured sub is part of the new patrol objectives added to the campaign in V 2.0. The retrieval is conducted by the "rescue raft" , as raft which can be picked up like a survivor in the war. These rafts are present in the first version of the TMO Update mod and spawn from some downed aircraft)


I had the external camera off. However, I had to cheat so used the free roam cam(internal cam) to "walk" off the bridge and down the side, below. Takes time but managed to get this screenshot as passed above the enemy submarine. I hoped to catch torpedoes in the shot but did not. However, they were close enough I could hear them while submerged with the cam as well as on sound gear. Tub turned away it appears as I tried to run him over lol.

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Default USS Nautilus SS-168 Ninth War Patrol 8 November- 12 December 1943

TMO Update BH V2.0 (soon to be released)
Donation Narwhal
100 difficulty with cams and contacts off.

War Patrol Report
USS Nautilus SS-168
8 November-12 December 1943


Returned Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. from War Patrol EIGHT 26 October 1943. Commenced normal refit and repair along with preparation for special mission on upcoming patrol. Ready for sea 8 November 1943.


Departed 0900 9 November Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H., underway for Special Mission per Comsubpac Op. Order 263-43.Eight officers and seventy men of Amphibious Reconnaissance Company under Captain J.L. Jones, USMCR embarked. Proceeded on course directly to Gilbert Islands, forgoing usual stop at Johnston Island.

Primary assignment of this patrol was to land and support the Marine Reconnaissance Company at Abemama Atoll ahead of the landings there in addition to providing support upon successful landing. However, the initial assignment was to arrive at Tarawa Atoll by 17 November for a last minute reconnoiter provide weather, tidal, and any other information prior to the landings, which (unknown at the time) were to take place on 20 November at Makin and Tarawa Atolls.

8-16 November conducted drills, including drills with the Marines on deployment of boats from submarine. With the exception of diving for SD contacts (likely patrol plans from Gilberts/Marshalls) on 15 and 16 November, the passage was uneventful. Arrived off Tarawa Atoll 0500 17 November. Submerged ten miles South of Betio Island at 0600 and conducted approach.

Weather, tide, and other information were recorded and sent to COMSUBPAC per operation order. Noted defensive installations visible ashore.

At noon a pesky patrol craft type vessel meandered through the area, forcing NAUTILUS to 250 feet twice through the afternoon. At 1700 a EMILY flying boat was spotted flying low over the water, apparently in landing approach to the lagoon.

Conducted second day of reconnaissance on 18 November, but was hampered by afternoon storms.

At midnight 19 November was released from station and ordered to continue primary mission, proceeded to Abemama. Submerged at dawn en route to Abebama to avoid aircraft, maintained submerged transit.

At 1100 detected a small inner island freighter of a bout 1200 tons on sound, went to GQ and attempted to close, but vessel was out of range. Surfaced to attempt end around but a pesky "PETE" floatplane in area prevented surface run. Not wanting to be off schedule for primary mission, abandoned chase and continue on original course.

Submerged off Abemama Atoll 0500 20 November and conducted reconnoiter, noting position of visible shore batteries and other installations relative to the reef opening channel. Sound reported contact at 1331 and soon observed a PC type vessel departing the atoll, making a sweep in area. NAUTILUS was forced to 250 feet, rigged for silent running at 1441 as PC changed course and passed directly above. The sudden initial term gave the impression that the PC had detected NAUTILUS, but this proved to not be the case, thankfully. Surfaced after dark at 2100 and began preparations for special mission.

At 0000 21 November, with NAUTILUS at General Quarters, entered Abemama Atoll under cover of darkness on surface on carefully selected course. Arrived at landing area 0031 and deployed the Marines in their boats at 0040-0115 hours. Cleared the reef 0200. The dark night and calm surf in the lagoon made the infiltration of the atoll not as difficult as anticipated.

Submerged at 0600 off Abemama Atoll, maintaining periscope depth to watch for signals from ashore in addition to maintaining ability to receive radio messages. At 1300 received message from Marines ashore to conduct supply drop at designated location at 0030 hours 22 November . A nosey patrol plane lumbered through the area throughout the afternoon of the 21st, forcing NAUTILUS deep several times.

Surfaced at 2100 on 21 November and commenced preparations for supply mission. Went to General Quarters and entered the lagoon at 2330. Arrived at designated location close to just 2000 yards from shore at 0025 22 November and sent supplies ashore in three boats. Withdrew from the lagoon with understanding would arrange rendezvous to retrieve crew sent ashore at later time. This was decided during the preparation phase as best option to avoid NAUTILUS's time and possible exposure in the lagoon.

Surfaced at dawn 22 November and commenced patrol through area. A PC swept the area during the day, requiring NAUTILUS to go deep three times to avoid detected. Surfaced after dark. Received message at 2200 23 November to rendezvous east side of atoll to recover crew and two wounded Marines via raft at 0100 24 November.

Recovered the rafts with our crew, in addition to two wounded Marines and Captain Jones himself at 0130, who went back ashore at 0300. A mission for bombardment was put together for 0845 on 24 November to support operations ashore. Surfaced 5000 yards off North East end of Abemama at 0842 24 November, commenced firing at 0845, ceased fire at 0945. Bombardment with six inch guns reported highly effective against enemy troops. After ceasing fire, submerged and left area. Several explosions were heard aster of us about fifteen minutes later, presumed to be aircraft dispatched to reports of submarine in area.

Sound made contact at 1800, this was soon revealed to be the main invasion force for Abemama. Surfaced after dark and at 0005 25 November was received message releasing from station midnight 26 November. Patrolled area through the day with no enemy contacts. Surfaced 2100 25 November and departed for Pearl Harbor via Johnston Island 26 November.

On 27 November at dawn, two SD contacts at 9000 yards were made and soon spotted, coming in from opposite directions. NAUTILUS submerged and as passed 88 feet was shaken severely by multiple explosions, with numerous other explosions astern. Both aircraft appeared to be BETTY type medium bombers. This team tactic was interesting and NAUTILUS had not encountered it before. Remained submerged through the day, spotted aircraft in area (BETTY and MAVIS) three times throughout the day.

Surfaced after dark 27 November and continued on. Fuel status was somewhat low due to having to forgo the stop at Johnston in route and relative high speed had to transit to area at, thus the 7.5 knots advance was slower than would have preferred.

At 0914 on 28 November a SD contact was made at 14000 yards. Submerged to avoid and surfaced at 1035. A SD contact was made at 1200, forcing NAUTILUS to submerged again. Remained submerged for rest of the day, surfaced at dusk.

29 November- 8 December was uneventful, other than severe storms 2-4 December. Arrived Johnston Atoll on 8 December topped off fuel. Soon after departing Johnston ran into storms which slowed headway.

At 1104 on 10 December at 19-0 N 160-0 W 200 NM SSW of Pearl Harbor, SD made a contact at 12000 yards. A PBY was soon in view, exchanged recognition signals but aircraft made a bank and dive (friendly fire mod) at NAUTILUS, forcing us to dive. As NAUTILUS passed 100 feet, multiple explosions went off, one close shook the boat and caused air line and piping leaks in conning tower and control room. Leveled at 150 feet with a few choice words for patrol planes mistaking US for a enemy submarine.

At 1300 surfaced and continued on and at 1401 SJ made two contacts, bearing 030 21000 yards. Two DD were spotted at 1441 and NAUTILUS cautiously approached. At 1414 the DD's were observed closing at high speed and at 1418, they opened fire ! (friendly fire mod) NAUTLUS submerged. The DD's closed in and began pinging. NAUTILUS rigged for silent running and depth charge.

NAUTILUS was hunted and depth charged for eleven hours total by our own forces just 200 miles from Pearl Harbor. Minor damage was suffered but NAUTILUS was forced to 385 feet to get away.

Surfaced at 0400 11 December cautiously moved through area with SJ contacts at 9000 and 11000 yards. Storms swept through area on 11 December preventing approaching the harbor. At 0800 12 December, entered Pearl Harbor, docking at 0900 precisely, terminated patrol.


No enemy ships encountered on this patrol.


Successful. All Marines and supplies landed ashore as ordered.


Found this interesting as this was first time in campaign have been attacked near Pearl by friendly fire ships.

Should be noted that in reality, on 24 November 1943 off Abemama Atoll on this patrol(same assignment as I had in the sim) , NAUTILUS was hit in conning tower by friendly fire from the destroyer USS Ringgold DD-500 (Fletcher Class), which hit her, sending a five inch shell through conning tower, damaging the main induction valve.

Interesting patrol and enjoying the revamped special missions, not generic and boring as before.
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Default depth charge attack on USS Kingfish

depth charge attack in the vicinity of Palau, mid-1943. Playing FOTRSU 1.7.
i forget what depth we were at...prob near 200 ft and below the therm when we heard the DC launch, at which time i ordered a course change and more depth. the enemy guessed correctly at our depth but then sent a s#itpot full of DC much deeper at the same time as the DC in the screenshot. thankfully, those missed us.

there are only two things in the world: submarines and targets.
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Originally Posted by KaleunMarco View Post
depth charge attack in the vicinity of Palau, mid-1943. Playing FOTRSU 1.7.
i forget what depth we were at...prob near 200 ft and below the therm when we heard the DC launch, at which time i ordered a course change and more depth. the enemy guessed correctly at our depth but then sent a s#itpot full of DC much deeper at the same time as the DC in the screenshot. thankfully, those missed us.

Yikes lol . My most recent patrol in Narwhal, Feb 1944 off Palau, they put a pattern down, glad I had the cam off , it was bad inside, they were close. Don't recall boat shaking that way before and my topside was wrecked when surfaced, JP sonar head mounted on deck damaged beyond repair, etc. Forward deck and AA guns not functional, periscopes damage, real mess. I was at 370 ft.
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Default USS Nautilus SS-168 War Patrol TEN 24 January-13 March 1944

TMO Update BH V2.0
Donation Narwhal
100 difficult, cams and contacts off.

War Patrol Report
USS Nautilus SS-168
War Patrol TEN
24 January- 13 March 1944


Returned to Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. from War Patrol NINE on 12 December 1943, a special mission in support of the invasion of the Gilbert Islands. Conducted normal repair and refit for upcoming patrol. After three special missions in a row, NAUTILUS was assigned to a dedicated anti-shipping patrol in area CORN FIELD in the Philippine Sea, North of Palau. A mixed load of torpedoes were procured for this patrol. Forward torpedo room had eight of the MK 14-1A torpedoes with improved MK contact exploder, as well as six MK 23-1 torpedoes with the improved exploder as well. Aft torpedo room had four MK 18-1 electric torpedoes, and two MK 14-1A torpedoes with improved exploder as well. All torpedoes loaded on 23 January. Received word would be transferred to Australia in order to support operations in the Philippines , and thus would end this upcoming patrol in Brisbane. Ready for sea 24 January 1944.


Departed Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, T.H. at 0900 24 January and set course for Midway where would top off fuel prior to proceeding to assigned area. Conducted various drills en route to Midway over next few days and maintained a 14.5 knot speed of advanced.

Arrived Midway 0900 28 January and docked at sub tender for fuel top off, departing at 1400. Exited the reef and proceeded on course 255 a near strait line to assigned area some 3,200 nautical miles away. In order to conserve fuel, transit to area was made at 8 knots on the surface, diving as required.

At 0001 on 3 February, when NAUTILUS was approximately 250 nautical miles North of Wake Island, received ULTRA stating enemy submarine would arrive Wake Island between 0800-1200 4 January and to intercept. Proceeded to Wake Island, arriving off the channel to the North at 0400, making SJ contact with island at 29000 yards. Submerged ten miles north of Wake Island and conduct patrol. Sound soon contacts a small PC type boat which came out and swept the approaches to the channel, indicating expected arrival. At 0830 NAUTILUS had to 300 feet and rig for silent running to avoid the PC, which soon meandered about and clear area.

Sound reported possible submarine contact bearing 010 at 0900.. Rose periscope depth and soon spotted a surfaced submarine bearing 005 8000 yards. Went to General Quarters-Torpedo and began approach, turning off track to bring the stern tubes, loaded with MK 18 electric (wakeless ) torpedoes, to bear.0911 observation showed a Japanese I-Class Submarine on course 170 at 10.5 knots. Tubes were made ready to fire, set for a depth of 5 feet.

Torpedo Attack No.1

Fired tubes 5,6, from range of 1800 yards at 0914 and at 0916, both torpedoes hit the submarine, causing a massive series of secondary explosions. Submarine, on fire from amidships forward, sank less than 40 seconds. Went to 200 feet to depart area and avoid a PC closing on area.

Surfaced at dark and proceeded on course to assigned area.

February 5-10 was uneventful, en route patrol area. On February 11, and 12, forced to submerged twice each day to avoid long range air patrols (MAVIS /EMILY sighted) Transited North of Saipan on the 12/13th and into the Philippine Sea. On 14 February as passed through area FLOWER BED at position 15-20N 137-30E , spotted a surfaced submarine believed to be of Gato Class, but was unable but lost visual and SJ contact. Believing she submerged turned opposite direction and departed at flank speed, just in case.

At 0030 on 15 February arrived in assigned area (CORN FIELD). Submerged twice on 16 February to avoid SD contacts.

17 February

Torpedo Attack No.2

At 0748, SJ contacts bearing 006 27,545 yards,. position 15-50 N 132-30 E
APR-1 detected radar emissions same bearing as SJ contact.
Increased speed to close, and with rapid range/bearing changes and failure to close, along with radar emissions, deducted target was high speed vessel.

At 0831, spotted large warship, identified as a CA, possibly Takao Class. One DD escorting, on course 205 degrees at 21 knots. Unable to outpace the ship or keep up due to NAUTILUS's 17 knots max surface speed, readied torpedoes on low power setting for long range shot, depth eight feet.

At 0848 fired tubes 1,2,3,4 7800 yards, but at 0856 all torpedoes missed. CA took slight course change after launch, which opened range and changed angle, pushing target just out of reach of torpedoes max 9000 yard range.

Continued pursuit but the CA (now identified as Takao Class) pulled out of visual range and raced ahead. NAUTILUS continued shadowing to get visual at dawn and send up to date contact reports, hope for zig towards for another shot.

Torpedo Attack No. 3

However, all was not lost as not long after losing contact with the Takao CA, atSJ made contact bearing 288 27000 yards at 1016. PPI showed disposition of a northbound convoy. Turned to course 095 to intercept.

Submerged for attack at 1115 and conducted approach on seven ship, three escort convoy. At 1138 fired two MK 18 electric torpedoes from tubes 5,6,, which hit the DAIKOKU MARU (7590 tons) amidships. Escorts closing, went to 300 feet, rigged silent running and depth charge. Multiple explosions and other sounds were heard of the vessel sinking at 1144.
Escorts came in and delivered a brief depth charge attack, losing NAUTILUS as leveled off at 350 feet. However, they remained in area to prevent from surfacing.

Torpedo Attack No. 4

NAUTILUS finally surfaced at 1900 and proceeded to regain contact which did at 2044. However, as was passing the port flank of convoy at 2344 for end around, APR-1 detected radar signals and soon a DD identified as Akatsuki Class peeled off at high speed. NAUTILUS turned away but had no hope outrunning the destroyer.

At 0101 fired tube 5 (MK 14-1A) from 3800 yards in a "down the throat " shot on the surface and prepared to dive. Torpedo hit target, but did not get the expected explosion, possible dud warhead. The DD however, did slow and turn away briefly before coming back at NAUTILUS. NAUTILUS submerged to 300 feet, rigged for silent running and depth charge. The Akatsuki was heard leaving the area, as another escort arrived, pinging, searching, dropping multiple DC patterns in area, none close.

Torpedo Attack No. 4A

NAUTILUS surfaced at 0235 and began another attempt at end around. However, soon the enemy radar was buzzing and again detected NAUTILUS, as two escorts rushed back our way. Again turned away and fired a down the throat shot, yet again on the Akatsuki DD from 4100 yards on surface. The torpedo hit, but with same result as last time. However, Akatsuki did slow, she was hurt. NAUTILUS submerged to avoid the second escort, as fast moving subchaser type as well as a SD contact. Apparently a night flyer had been called in.

Secured GQ and remained on silent running while escorts hunted area. Finally able to surface at 0800. Attempted end around to regain contact, but multiple aircraft prevented this. At 1234 while on surface, SD failed to detected incoming aircraft, which seemingly appeared out of no where and bombed NAUTILUS, fortunately her bombs fell short to the port side , no damage. Submerged and remained submerged for remainder of the day.
18-19 February were uneventful with some storms passing through the area.

20 February

Torpedo Attack No. 5

Made SJ contact on convoy at 1844 bearing 240 26000 yards. Set intercept course and at 2040 spotted smoke of eight ships, two escort convoy on course 025. Submerged at 2050 for attack.

Approaching target, spotted a SANRAKU MARU tanker of 3016 in column on
opposite side of convoy but with the spacing decided could fire through with
a solid chance of hits on the tanker. At 2107 fired spread of three MK 14-1A torpedoes from tubes 1,2,3 from 1700 yards and upon impact of first torpedo, tanker, erupted in massive fireball, second and third hits increased the conflagration, no doubt fueled by volatile northbound fuel oil. Tanker sunk at 2109.

Selected a large AK similar to MIIKE MARU of 11800 tons and fired tube no 4 as ideal set up presented itself. Torpedo hit and set off a massive chain reaction explosion, toppling masts and causing the large AK to list. With escorts closing, went deep rigged for silent running and depth charge. Soon heard the maru breaking up and sinking at 2116.

Depth charge attack which followed was prolonged and brutal, but believe thermal layer and heavy chop of seas protected NAUTILUS to a large degree. Lost sound contact at 0200 and surfaced at 0300, attempted to regain contact but unable. 21-27 February were uneventful as patrolled area searching, aside from diving to avoid occasional patrol aircraft.

28 February

Torpedo Attack No. 6

At 1104 SJ contact bearing 177 25000 yards turned into another northbound convoy. Repeated zigs made approaching target difficult but finally was able to submerged for attack at 1345. At 1418 from range of 1000 yards fired three MK 23 torpedoes at MADRAS MARU 3800 tons. All three hit and AK quickly slipped beneath the waves at 1421.

Two escorts closed in and although had initial trouble locating NAUTILUS, their search paid off and pinging began at 1454 NAUTILUS was shaken violently many times but no damaged. Finally, a close depth charge, likely below the amidships/control room caused heavy damage. (see damage section. Most serious of which is apparently destroyed bottles which contain compressed air reserve. Some minor flooding in control room was reported as well. The depth charge attack persisted for five hours until lost contact at 2059.

29 February

Torpedo Attack No. 7

NAUTILUS, struggled, but managed to surface at 2200 to assess her situation. Fortunately, compressor was intact and able to produce some air into reserves, although a limited amount. Although damage, it was decided could mount a surface attack with last three MK 23 torpedoes and proceeded on pursuit course. Contact was regained at 0031 and pulled ahead of convoy, closing from starboard. Convoy was on course 330 at 8 knots. Slightly illuminated by the faint sliver of moon lowering over the horizon.

Spotted a large AK believed to be 7000 ton HIYAMA MARU. At 0054 fired Tubes 1,2,3 (MK 23-1 torpedoes) from 2500 yards on surface. All three torpedoes hit, crippling the freighter. NAUTILUS came under heavy gunfire from damaged AK and her cohorts while swinging, away but no hits were scored. Star shells and spotlights illuminated our stern as raced away under fire, and both escorts were closing fast. Merchants soon ceased fire as lost visual but one DE type escort astern fired several times before ceasing, apparently losing contact. Not wanting to dive unless forced, continued on surface. Soon both escorts converged and began dropping depth charges, convinced we had submerged, as NAUTILUS slipped into the night.

With all torpedoes expended, set course for Brisbane, passing East of Palau, West of of Admiralty Islands and East of New Guinea through the Vitiaz Strait. NAUTILUS opted not to stop at Milne Bay for fuel as had enough to reach Brisbane. Transited the Jomard Passage, spotting a Australian DD after exiting at 0800 9 March.

At 1726 on 9 March 135 NM South of Jomard Passage at 13-17S 152-27E,
SD made contact at 15000 yards. Believing contact to be friendly given location, did no submerged. However, lookouts soon spotting a large four engine flying boat, believed to be a EMILY, closing fast. Ordered dive. As passed 70 feet, heard plane roar above but no bombs were dropped. Possibly a recon patrol from Rabaul. Remained submerged until dusk, the surfaced and continued on to Brisbane.

10- March was uneventful as transited to Brisbane. Rendezvoused with Australian DD escort outside Moreton Bay entrance, navigated the minefield (new feature in V2.0, always a escort to show player the way through the minefield) at 0830 13 March. Docked at Brisbane at 0955 , terminated war patrol.


I-Class Submarine 1800b tons



AK MIIKE MARU 11800 tons

AK MADRAS MARU 3790 tons

AK HIYAMA MARU 7145 tons

Total tonnage sunk for patrol: 35,239 tons.


DD Akatsuki Class 2000+ tons


February 29 1944 Depth Charge Attack

All damage repaired at sea unless otherwise noted.

1.Compressed air banks severely damaged. Limited to just 12 percent of normal capacity for remainder of patrol.


3.Trim Pump

4. Hydraulic pumps

5. Piping leaks

6. High pressure air line leaks

7. Flooding- Control Room-minor.

8. Busted light bulbs and glass fixtures throughout the boat.


CTM H.B. Bell, USN. (Chief of the Boat) injured in control room by depth charge. Recovered.

S1c V.D. Pitt suffered severe combat fatigue during/after depth charge attack of 28 February. Detached for treatment.


Enemy appears to use using a more powerful depth charge that encountered on past patrols. Heavier charge appears to have a improved sink rate, providing less time to get out from under a pattern when dropped. Believe charge has a improved exploder permitting increased depth setting as well.

Enemy escorts, especially full fledge destroyers seem to regularly equipped with radar now.

Evasion was conducted by course, speed, and depth variations. Operation below thermal layers when available assisted in evasion as well. NAUTILUS reached a depth of 395 feet to evade enemy. A strong pattern above pushed the boat to 400 feet at one point.


A successful but challenging and busy patrol. This was NAUTILUS's first dedicated anti shipping patrol since early 1943 and first engagement with enemy vessels since May 1943, as three previous patrols were all dedicated special missions, along with a overhaul period in summer 1943.

While still a capable vessel, improved enemy equipment and tactics revealed NAUTILUS's age, vulnerability, she is not as well suited for front line anti-shipping operations compared to newer boats. However, in spite of this a impressive number of ships, including a enemy submarine and valuable tanker were sunk on this patrol.

W.D. Irvin
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Great reports, as usual !
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Originally Posted by ConvoyHunting View Post
Great reports, as usual !

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My first SH4 command, the SS One Punch, firing its main gun at a merchant ship we torpedoed 1 hour earlier that would just not sink.

The first time we surfaced only about 150 yds away, which was a mistake since it opened fire on us before we could load the main gun.

The One Punch then positioned itself a mile away and began shelling the freighter. After about 10 shots we hit it and the stubborn freighter gave up the ghost.
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Default USS NAUTILUS SS-168 War Patrols ELEVEN and TWELVE 20 May-28 June 1944

TMO 2.5 Update BH V2.0
Donation Narwhal mod
100 difficulty, cams/contacts off

20 May- 11 June 1944


Arrived at Brisbane, Australia from TENTH War Patrol on 13 March 1944. Although successful with five ships and one enemy
submarine sunk, NAUTILUS suffered serious damage, namely compressed air reserve banks destroyed, limited to just twelve percent of normal capacity. Moderate hull damage was also discovered in post patrol inspection. Repairs
were conducted at Brisbane. On 18 April CDR G.A. Sharp, USN, relieved CDR W.D. Irvin, USN, as Commanding Officer.

Repairs completed by 10 May. On 12 May departed Brisbane for training run off Moreton Bay including dive, torpedo
fire control, gunnery (mock and live fire), and emergency drills. Twenty MK 23-1 torpedoes loaded on 18-19 May along with provisions.
Ready for sea 20 May 1944.


20 May

In accordance with Commander Task Force 72 Operation Order 463-44, departed Brisbane at 1430 for Darwin, Australia via passage of of Torres Strait and Arafura Sea.

1537 rendezvoused with Australian PC for escort through the minefield to exit Moreton Bay.

1630 Exited Moreton Bay, escorted remained with until dusk. Remained on course 010 14.5 knots to round Sandy Cape.

21-27 May

En route Darwin. Transited Torres Strait on 25 May.

28 May

Entered Van Diemen Gulf at 0700 en route Darwin.

1330 Docked at Darwin.

Unloaded 14 torpedoes and all torpedo handling gear. Loaded 192,000 tons of cargo for special mission.

29 May

0600 In accordance with orders from Commander Seventh Fleet, Lieutenant (jg) John S. SIMMON44S, D-V (G) ,USNR reported aboard for temporary additional duty and transportation to TUGURAN, MINDANAO. TO make room for cargo and passengers, 14 MK 23-1 torpedoes and torpedo handling equipment unloaded. Maintained four in forward tubes, two in aft. 0632 Underway from Darwin, Australia with Commander Tsk Group 71.1 Secret Operation Order 67-44.

1530 conducted trim dive, surfaced 1545.

30 May

En route to conduct special mission.

31 May

1300 Entered Ceram Sea, North of Buru en route to destination.

1644 SJ Contacts bearing 330 26544 yards. Multiple pips, determined to be convoy. Closed at best speed to send contact report and not disrupt transit to special mission per orders.

1700 PPI indicated 8-9 ships with two escorts, one forward, one rear. Convoy on course 060 8.5 knots.

1900 Close enough for accurate contact report sent.

Contact Report
Convoy Sighted at 20-40 S 126-30E
Course 060 8.5 knots.
Nine AK, two SC/DE
Ships in two spaced columns.

1915 Reply to contact report received. Ordered to X ATTACK X
Opted to continue to shadow ahead until dark for night surface attack.

2010 Convoy zigged, changed course to 020, adjusting course as well.


2150 3000 yards off starboard side of convoy track. Sighted 5000 + ton freighter in middle of column.


2200 Fired tubes 1,3,4,.

2202:05 Torpedo impact!

2202:10 Torpedo impact!

2202:16 Torpedo Impact!

2202:25 Large fires erupted on AK, large hole visible at waterline.

220230 Star shells and search lights illuminating area as NAUTILUS turned away at best speed. Several of the merchants spotted us and opened fire with machine guns and deck guns, some splashes were somewhat close.
Both escorts were observed pouring on the coals and heading for our position.

Merchants ceased fire as lost sight of NAUTILUS in the night. Escorts continued rushing onward. However, they both soon lost contact with NAUTILUS in the dark night after about a ten minute chase. One escort closed to within 4000 yards but fortunately in the dark of night , did not sight NAUTILUS as made a gradual turn off her path, she eventually rushed on by at about 3000 yards, our stern pointing toward her with out doors on stern tubes open, just in case.
__________________________________________________ _________


TYPE Night Surface

Conditions Calm seas, low visibility, no moon.


AK AKAMA MARU 5425 tons.
2-24 S 126-41 E.


RANGE 3000 yards
AOB 88 P
SPEED 8 kts

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145542
SERIAL NO. 11041
GYRO 354 L
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, Forward, Aft masts
HIT [X] Yes No [ ]
POI Amidships under stack

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145543
SERIAL NO. 11043
GYRO 354 L
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, Forward mast
HIT [X] Yes No [ ]
POI Forward mast

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145546
SERIAL NO. 11048
GYRO 354 L
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, Aft mast
HIT [X] Yes No [ ]
POI Aft mast

OWN SHIP DATA (at firing)

DEPTH Surface
SPEED 2 kts

__________________________________________________ _________

2245 Secured General Quarters, continued on to special mission.

1-3 June

En route special mission via Molucca and Celebes Seas.

4 June

0600 Entered Moro Bay off Mindanao in approach to Illano Bay to reconnoiter for special mission on 5 June. Outline of Mindanao visible on horizon in morning haze visible.

0700 SJ made contact bearing 030 16000 yards, single pip. Appeared to be a patrol vessel. Submerged and cleared.

0740 Sound reports warship contact closing fast. Went to periscope depth from 100 feet, observed auxiliary type subchaser with a zero AOB, heavily smoking from stack heading for NAUTILUS location. At this point, were unsure if had been detected or if on routine patrol, but ordered 300 ft and rigged for silent running, depth charge.

0800 Sounds of vessel passing above, followed by splashes. Several depth charge explosions rocked NAUTILUS, real tooth shakers.

Strangely enough, there was no pinging, but this vessel, assuming without active sonar, had excellent sound gear and operator(s) as she stayed with us through maneuvers and depth changes.

At 0902, while at a depth of 340 ft, a very close depth charge explosion rocked the boat. Damage reported (See Damage Section) including flooding in forward torpedo room, which was quickly stopped by Damage Control party. Flooding was enough to throw the boat out of trim for some time.

As hours went on the attacks persisted, with several close charges between 1100-1200. NAUTILUS was at a depth of 355 feet. At noon, dropping of charges ceased for some time, but boat continued making passes and remaining no more than 2000 yards. Was thought perhaps was out of depth charges and awaiting assistance to arrive. NAUTILUS went through various maneuvers, depth changes, but was unable to shake this persistent subchaser.

At 1901, subchaser made a pass and dropped one depth charge, which fell astern due to speed burst made by NAUTILUS, then continued the stalk NAUTILUS, but not drop charges.

5 June

0100 Lost contact with the enemy, Remained rigged for silent running and continued on. At 0330, came to periscope depth, seas state had grown choppy as opposed to calm when we submerged nearly 24 hours ago. Visual observations detected nothing, at 0340 came to SJ radar depth. SJ had a pip just 5000 yards astern, not moving. Apparently the SC was listening, and heard us as just after SJ contact, his engines kicked on and his searchlight shined towards our scope. Ordered down scope and 350 ft depth, rigged again for depth charge.

Several charges exploded around us over 30-45 minutes but none close. The SC continued searching but failed to locate us, the heavy seas providing relief. Lost contact at 0530 and at 0630 with dawn approaching, low battery and nearly 24 hours submerged, came back to periscope, then radar depth. Subchaser was 8000 yards to port searching area Turned to being stern to bear, and surfaced. Put on flank speed and left the area to conduct repairs and recover.

SD contact forced NAUTILUS to submerge at noon and continued on a course back to Moro Bay, avoiding the same SC as it came into view at 1335 and 1901.

Surfaced at 2100 and began preparations for landing of personnel and cargo at TUGURAN, MINADNAO.

At 2130 as was entering Illano Bay, SJ contacted a pip, likely the SC in our path, went to GQ, increased to flank speed and avoided by a circular route which put as at the designated landing area at 2158, two minutes ahead of schedule. Friendly boats were spotted 1900 yards off shore and rendezvous was made. Deployed eight rubber boats total to go ashore.

6 June

0005 Special mission completed. Set course for Darwin as ordered.

7-10 June

En route Darwin

11 June

Arrived Darwin at 1000 hours. Rearmed, loaded cargo and passengers for next patrol. Ready for sea 12 June.

__________________________________________________ _________

12 June- 28 June 1944


Returned from War Patrol ELEVEN 11 June 1944. Refueled, replaced three torpedoes fire, conducted voyage and battle damage repairs possible in short order and loaded for special mission. Ready for sea 12 June.


12 June

0700 Received four enlisted men for transportation to NEGROS, Philippines.

1309 Underway in according with Secret Operation Order 74-44.

1800 Trim Dive.

1820 Surfaced.

13-16 June

En route special mission.

17 June

1800 Began transit of Sibutu Passage West of Tawi Tawi. SJ had two pips , first located bearing 040 25000 yards. Likely two DD's enemy uses to patrol strait reported by other boats. APR-1 detected radar emissions from contact bearing. NAUTILUS was able to avoid.

18 June

0400 Cleared Sibutu Pass, entered Sulu Sea en route area.

1300 SD contact 17000 yards, submerged to avoid closing aircraft.

1700 Surfaced

1835 Spotted fishing boat, possible japanese, avoided to prevent possibly alerting forces in area due to proximity to objective.

19 June

0914 Submerged to avoid SD contact, range 12000 yards.

1100 Surfaced.

20 June

0600 Submerged ten miles off NEGROS, PHILIPPINES to observe designated landing area.

Surfaced 2100 hours and prepared for special mission. Friendly boats spotted 1500 yards off shore. Began unloading cargo and personnel in rubber boats at 2200 precisely. A SJ contact was made at 2258,single pip closing area fast. NAUTILUS withdrew from coast and monitored a patrol gunboat type craft move along coast and depart area Moved back inshore to complete mission.

All boats deployed with cargo and passengers. 11 Passengers, including one German POW embarked for evacuation to Australia.

21 June

0011 Special Mission completed. Set course for Darwin.

1944 SD contact, submerged to avoid.

2041 Surfaced.

22 June

En route Darwin.

2000 Approached North end Sibutu Passage for transit south, increased speed to 16 knots.

TMO Update BH V.20
USS Nautilus SS-168

23 June

0421 About half through pass, SJ made contacts , two pips bearing 040 18000 yards. APR-1 detected radar emissions from same bearing. Attempted to open range but seems were detected, as pips were rapidly closing.


Unable to shake the, turned into closest contact and submerged at 6000 yards, would fire "down the throat" on the closest DD, hoping to make it one vs one. DD, believed to be of Fubuki Class or similar, closed at 30+ knots.

At 0444 fired tubes 1,2,3 "down the throat" of target at 650-600 yards, ordered 300 feet, rigged for depth charge and silent running. Time for expected impact came, but no sound of explosions. DD roared overhead and let loose a pattern, real tooth shakers.


TYPE Night Surface

Conditions Calm seas, low visibility, no moon.


AK AKAMA MARU 5425 tons.
2-24 S 126-41 E.


DD Fubuki
RANGE 650-600yards
AOB 0 degrees
SPEED 30 knots

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145549
SERIAL NO. 11048
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, bow
HIT [ ] Yes No [X]
POI ---

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145560
SERIAL NO. 11051
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, bow
HIT [ ] Yes No [X]
POI ---

TYPE MK 23-1
SERIAL NO.145571
SERIAL NO. 11081
METHOD Constant bearing
INTERVAL 5 seconds
POA MOT, bow
HIT [ ] Yes No [X]
POI ---

OWN SHIP DATA (at firing)

SPEED 2 kts
__________________________________________________ ________

Second DD roared above at 0450 and dropped pattern as well, close, boat shaken, air lines, piping began to leak. Aft battery reported damage.

NAUTILUS at depth of 395 feet, escorts maintained strong contact for some time.

0800 lost sound contact with enemy, believed both were "sleeping" listening.

0830 two new sound contacts, plus two others started up, four vessels in area, all warships. Believe assistance was called from Tawi Tawi to search for NAUTILUS.

1100 heard engines of one DD start up astern estimated 7000 yards.

1155, heard second DD start up and sweep area.

1214 Two random, large explosions close above. No vessel nearby, possible

1230 Warship contact nearby, passed above, then appear to slow, turned about and pinging began. This sounded like a lighter ASW type vessel vs the DD from earlier attack.

1234 Large pattern of depth charges dropped, all were above, no damage.

Two other contacts arrived in area but none located NAUTILUS.

1331 Lost sound contact.

2200 Periscope depth. All clear

2210 SJ depth, all cleared. Secured and surfaced.

2220 Position at south end of Sibutu Passage. Proceeded on to Darwin.

23- 27 June

En route to Darwin, uneventful.

28 June

1631 Arrived Darwin, Australia, terminated war patrol.
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30 June- 28 July 1944


Returned from War Patrol TWELVE to Darwin, Australia on 28 June 1944. Conducted voyage and damage repairs, refueled and began preparing for
next patrol, special mission, to commence 30 June. Eight MK 18-2 torpedoes were loaded (four forward tubes, aft tubes, two reserve). Began loading for special mission on
29 June. Ready for sea 30 June

30 June 1944

1832 Underway in accordance with Secret Operation Order 82-44, underway to transport 22 men under LCDR George F. Rowe, USNR, along with gear and supplies for transportion to
Mindoro, Philippines.

1-4 July

En route special mission.

6 July

0900 Submerged south of Sibutu Passage, on surface

1904 Surfaced to transit Sibutu Passage through the night.

1910 Storms set in during transit.

7-12 July

En route to special mission via Sulu Sea

12 July

1900 Arrived Mindoro Strait.

13 July

0700 Submerged to reconnoiter in daylight of landing area at BABAYAN POINT, MINDORO.

0730 First of many patrols contacted throughout day in Mindoro Strait area.

2100 Landing sight unsuitable, several small boats anchored nearby. Ordered via radio to proceed to alternate landing site SAN ROQUE, MINDANAO,
conduct operations 2200 hours 14 July

2200 Received message from COMSUBSOWESPAC, RAY (SS-271) will transit near our position en route her patrol area between 0000-0800 14 July.

14 July

0528 Sighted RAY at 12-12N 120-46 E 7000 yards. Exchanged rec signals.

0600 Submerged 10 miles off Mindanao.

2100 Surfaced, prepared for special mission.

2200 Conducted special mission, landed cargo and personnel via rubber boat at SAN ROQUE, MINDANADO.

2350 Mission Completed.

15 July

0015 ULTRA received regarding two tankers departing Coron for Subic Bay 0600 15 August. Ordered to conduct coordinated attack with RAY in Mindoro Strait.

0400 Received message, RAY would cover North end of Mindoro Strait, NAUTILUS was to cover central portion.

0600 Submerged for patrol.

1354 Detected distant props on sound bearing 290

1400 Radar depth. SJ contacts bearing 297 range 23250 yards.

1401 General Quarters

1418 Surfaced to pull ahead.

1425 Convoy zigged to NW toward NAUTILUS.

1428 Submerged for attack.

1446 Sighted convoy. Two AO, four escort course 290 12 knots.

1450 Convoy zigged to SW throwing NAUTILUS out of position. Went to 250 ft, closed at flank speed to

1503 Periscope depth. Convoy on course 265 12 knots. NAUTILUS 3300 yards off track.
Identified two AO...KIKUSUI MARU 3500 tons leading, followed by DAISHIN MARU 5150 tons.


1505 Bow tubes readied for firing. Depth set to 8 ft. MK 18-2 torpedoes in all tubes.

1507 Fired tubes 1,2,3,4 2900 yards.

1510 Torpedoes missed! Convoy zigged to starboard after firing, causing torpedoes to miss ahead (based on sound information)

1512 Pinging. Ordered 300 ft. rigged depth charge, silent running.

1515 Short scale pinging. Enemy closing in.

1516 Escort above. DC splashes. DC explosions above.

1517 More DC explosions, boat shaken.

1527 Close DC explosions. Damage reported

1745 Escorts moved on, one remained behind hunting, dropping charges.

1840 Escort visible astern 11000 yards, chanced it, surfaced undetected and moved ahead at high speed for end round.
All bow torpedoes expended, but four remain in stern torpedo room. Secured GQ

1845 Explosions heard and smoke visible in distance, likely result of attack by RAY in north end of strait.

1940 SJ noted two additional pips in area, possible patrol vessels assisting convoy escorts.

2000 Convoy zigged west towards NAUTILUS. Awaiting night fall for surface torpedo attack.

Expected word from RAY, none as of yet. APR-1 detected radar emissions from bearing 210.


2100 Lost contact with convoy.

16 July

0026 Regained SJ contact bearing 002 26200 yards.


0100 Convoy zigged to NE, apparently heading for Verde Island Passage as expected. Several pips are missing, including one in center, possible
RAY sunk one of the tankers, or even escorts.

0110 Convoy report sent. Convoy on course 040 11 knots. 13-29 N 120-03 E

0134 Tubes 5,6, made ready depth 4 ft. (seas calm).

0135 Fired tubes 5,6 3000 yards.

0138 Both torpedoes hit target. Massive explosion of loaded tanker.

0139 Escort chasing down NAUTILUS, pulling ahead, barely. Stern tubes being reload with last two fish.

0141 Received message from RAY. Inviting to conduct joint attack in Verde Island passage.
Did not mention if sunk other tanker. With two torpedoes aboard, decided to end around north of Lubang Island to enter the pass

0200 Lone pip nearby bearing 240 investigating.

0215 Pip is Etorofu type escort. Turned to course 350 flank speed for end round Lubang Island.

0220 Secured GQ.

0500 Sighted RAY in Verde Island passage bearing 290 8000 yards.

0701 SJ contacts bearing 27,950 yards.


0704 Three pips in "triangle" formation.

0706 APR-1 detected radar signals from bearing 007.

0710 Submerged for attack at dawn.

0715 Detected RAY on sound. Appears in position to attack from starboard side. NAUTILUS will attack from port

0721 Periscope depth, aircraft spotted bearing 244 9000 yards.

0722 Aircraft made low pass dropped bombs or depth charges. Aircraft spotted RAY.

0731 Contacts are remaining escorts from convoy (Two Type A Etorofu, one Type D Escort) closing on RAY's position, alerted by aircraft.
Closing contacts to assist RAY. Appears the DAISHIN MARU tanker and one escort attack by RAY sunk.

Torpedo Attack No. 3

0751 Fired tube 5 range 3400 yards. Target course 350 17 knots.

0752 Observed lead escort drop depth charge pattern near RAY's location.

0753 Another pattern of charges exploded.

0756 Torpedo missed. Believe target slowed as approached area.

0804 Observation. One Type A Etorofu appears to be sinking by stern and on fire likely hit by torpedo from RAY.

Escorts continue to lay patterns of charges. NAUTILUS closing via stern to utilize last torpedo.

0813 Observation. Type D escort bearing 175 2350 yards. Closing. Readied tube No.6 with final torpedo. MK 18-2

0816 Pinging.

0820 fired down the the throat shot 600 yards

0821 Ordered 300 ft. rigged silent running, depth charge. Can hear other escorts depth charging RAY

0823 Enemy passed above. Depth charges, large pattern.

0824 Many explosions., boat shaken, severely. Leaks in air lines and piping in conning tower.

0826 Large pattern. Many explosions boat shaken.

0829 Large DC pattern, explosions heard astern, Most likely escorts attacking RAY.

1101 Last depth charge explosion heard astern. Two of three escorts departed area high speed.

1130 Periscope depth. Escort 8000 yards astern, laying to, listening. Believe they lost contact with RAY.

1212 Secured GQ. Returned to 365 ft. Maintained Silent Running on course 280 to depart the passage.

1331 Sound picked up light fast, and slow heavy prop noises well astern in the pass. Came to periscope depth.
At about 9000 yards, spotted a damaged tanker, low in water, heavy list. Type D escort about 900 yards ahead sweeping.
Tanker believed to be DAISHIN MARU 5150 tons, heavily damaged by RAY in previous attack. Likely figured for casualty and was left behind with one escort
while the KIKUSUI MARU other tanker made the run for port. Out of torpedoes , NAUTILUS was unable to attack.
Returned to 350 ft, continued departure from area.

2020 Periscope Depth

2025 Radar depth.

2030 Surfaced. Set course for Fremantle, Australia.

16-17 July

En route Fremantle

18 July

1900 Began night time transit of Balabac Strait. During transit, seas increased to heavy swells and a thick fog descended rather rapidly, making for a challenging transit of the

19 July

0000 Weather cleared just before midnight. Eastern exit of the strait, turned to course 130 for Sibutu Pass.

20 July

0000 Transited Sibutu Pass southbound.

21- July

En route Fremantle.

22 July

1700 Submerged 30 NM North of Lombok Strait until dusk for transit.

2011 Surfaced. Went ahead full for southbound transit Lombok Strait through the night.

2117 SJ contact, single pip. Bearing 034 22000 yards. Likely North end patrol. Evaded.

2338 SJ contact single pip bearing 008 23655 yards. Likely central patrol, appeared to be in center of strait.

2344 Second pip detected with 2338 contact. Evaded both at 8000 yards.

23 July

0011 SJ contact bearing 323 24500 yards. Appeared to be south end patrol.

0132 Cleared South end of Lombok Strait. Set course 195 to Fremantle.

24-27 July

En route Fremantle

28 July

1035 Docked Fremantle, Australia. Terminated war patrol.


3500 tons


Completed at alternate location due to enemy presence. Mission Successful.


1. Forward Deck Gun

2. Radio Receiver

3. No. 2 Periscope

4. JP Sonar Head (Deck Mount)

5. Hydraulic Pumos

6. Piping throughout boat

7. High Pressure Air lines throughout the boat.

8. Main Induction jarred.

9. Light and glass fixtures throughout boat.

10. No. 3 Electric Motor was heavily damaged in Depth charge attack No. 1, remained noisy throughout.

11. Batteries would not charge beyond 97 percent after depth charge attack number 2.


The coordinated attack with USS RAY SS-271 on 15 July was quite effective, with one confirmed sunk and another severely damaged (initially thought sunk),
possibly sunk as still has some ways to go before reaching port, and a escort likely sunk. NAUTILUS would have loved another try, but was out of torpedoes, due to only having eight
aboard to make room for cargo and passengers.

Enemy ASW has improved and seems to get better each time NAUTILUS goes out. Unusual for a patrol, Commanding Officer was able to watch via periscope
the depth charge attack on RAY by three escort vessels. They worked as a team, taking turns attempting to box the submarine in. One would periodically stop to listen while others moved about.

The TYPE D escort vessels carry quite a few charges and if so inclined may lay quite the impressive pattern.


I had external cam off (like usual) on this run but got some decent shots.

Area of action on this patrol. Landing men and supplies at Mindoro, then responding to ULTRA, attacked convoy in area with USS RAY.

Ray under depth charge attack. (could not see the nice splash on this once, must have caught it too late)

'Emily' flying boat attacking submerged AI sub (USS RAY) on morning of 16 July in Verde Island Pass. Raised scope for observation and saw the plane flying quite low over water, dropped bombs/charges.
Alerted the oncoming escorts(survivors of convoy attack) which came in and attacked.

Escort smoking after being torpedoed by RAY. Believe it later sunk, as last I saw I, was down by stern in water and burning.

Escort smoking after being torpedoed by RAY. Believe it later sunk, as last I saw I, was down by stern in water and burning.

Escort smoking after being torpedoed by RAY. Believe it later sunk, as last I saw I, was down by stern in water and burning.

Escort from aft end of Nautilus bridge during night surface attack. Range is about 3500 yards.

Close escort, was attacking RAY, turn for NAUTILUS as crept close, took some attention off other sub.

Random shot of radar. I hate how the smiley face shows up when hit the screenshot button lol

RAY spotted as it transited our area of operations July 14 1944.

Racing away after sinking tanker.

Tanker through binoculars , looking aft on bridge, before firing torpedoes, range about 3500 yards

Tanker full of oil/gas always explode nice. The second torpedo was redundant in this case, torpedo instantly set off the explosion.

Tanker full of oil/gas always explode nice. The second torpedo was redundant in this case, torpedo instantly set off the explosion.

Tanker full of oil/gas always explode nice. The second torpedo was redundant in this case, torpedo instantly set off the explosion.

Tanker full of oil/gas always explode nice. The second torpedo was redundant in this case, torpedo instantly set off the explosion.

Oil from tanker burning after sinking.

Tanker down by stern sinking.


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Default USS NAUTILUS War Patrol FOURTEEN 5 September-5 October 1944. A tale of survival

TMO Update BH V.20
Donation Narwhal Mod
100 difficulty
Cams off, Contacts on



5 September

Departed Fremantle, Australia at 0730 for Darwin, Australia to load cargo and passengers for special mission, in company with MINGO SS-261. Orders specified to conduct sighting and fire control drills with MINGO as she transited to Exmouth Gulf to top off prior to going on patrol, where as NAUTILUS would part company and continue on to Darwin.

After clearing the area conducted trim dive, then proceeded maintaining cruising speed of 15.5 knots with MINGO in sight at six nautical miles.

6-7 September

Conducted sighting drills with MINGO throughout night. At 1100 on 6 September, raced ahead of MINGO and and submerged. Conducted torpedo
fire control drill, considered a hit at 1145. Conducted similar drills on 7 September as well.

8 September 0330

MINGO turned to course 088 towards EXMOUTH GULF, signaled us X GOD SPEED X and disappeared into the dark. NAUTILUS continued on to Darwin.

9-11 September

En route Darwin

12 September


Arrived Darwin, began loading cargo and passengers. Unloaded all but six torpedoes (Four MK 14 in bow tubes, two MK 18 on stern tubes). Refueled and provisioned.

13 September

Underway from Darwin at 0700 in according with Secret Operation Order 855-44, special mission to Cebu and Mindanao, Philippines.

14-15 September

En route special mission

16 September

2000 Transited Ambon Strait to avoid having to go west of Buru. Avoided radar equipped patrol vessel at 2051.

17 September

En route special mission

18 September

Near position 3-16 N 122-33 E in Celebes Sea.

0040 APR-1 began detecting radar emissions bearing 073. Lookouts spotted the bow wake of a destroyer bearing 072 5000 yards closing high speed at nearly the same time. A turn away to port was ordered and flank speed raised, with General Quarters called. SJ radar was secured after last sweep, as per procedure sweeps are made every fifteen minutes.

Now on the bridge, I could clearly see a large DD closing. Tubes 5,6, were made ready to fire but before could set a solution, the DD began a zig and opened fire. With shells splashing close, NAUTILUS submerged at 0045, rigged for depth charge, and silent running. A depth of 300 ft was ordered as well.

Pinging was soon heard and a barrage of depth charges followed. At 0055 a close pattern caused heavy damage, most critical of which was flooding in forward torpedo room. Leaks were, quickly stopped, and water in compartment compensated for.

Eventually lost enemy destroyer, remained submerged until 1800, surfaced.
Inspection of boat showed all four bow torpedoes were not operational. Damage Control party was assigned.

19 September

Transited Sibutu Pass West of Tawi Tawi, continued on towards Bohol Sea via Sulu sea

20-21 September

En route to special mission

22 September

0000 Entered Bohol Sea

On evening of 22 approached Libertad, Mindanao and deployed passengers via rubber boat fro 2200-2350.

23 September

0700 Submerged in Bohol Sea. Next special operation schedule for 24 September at Iusian Point, CEBU.

1900 Surfaced

24 September

Throughout day dodged numerous contacts with patrol vessels as approached the narrow area in Cebu Strait.

2130 Surfaced 6 miles off Cebu. Began landing operation at 2200. Deployed rubber boats with cargo and passengers. Embarked eleven evacuees.

25 September

0035 Operation completed. Received message from CTF-72 directing NAUTILUS to proceed to COALARGO BAY, LEYTE to recover friendly intelligence agent. Proceeded North through CEBU STRAIT.

Submerged 0500, dodged a patrol twice through the day. Surfaced at 2000 and at 2040 transited OLANGO CHANNEL, passing into CAMOTES SEA.

26 September

Submerged off BILIRAN and MARIPIP islands. Observed traffic not using BILIRAN STRAIT, as it was likely mined. Traffic used the wider strait between BILIRAN and MARIPIPI islands. Surfaced at 1900 and eased through this strait at 7 knots under cover of darkness, undetected.

Entered in COALARGO BAY, dodging a paddle wheel costal freighter at 2241 and a fishing boat at 2249.

Proceeded to "Spot 1" , arrived on time at 2330, 1500 yards off CABUCGYAN. No security signal was observed and objective was a no show.

27 September

Waited until 0430 when forced to withdraw into deeper waters to submerge for day, with plane to surface and meet at "Spot 2" , then try "Spot 1" again.

Sound of COALARGO BAY revealed max depth of 125 feet. Patrolled at 90 feet for most of the day with periscope observations every thirty minutes.
Numerous fishing boats spotted through the day in addition to a large flying boat flying low, apparently taking off from Leyte area.

1900 Surfaced and proceeded to "Spot 2". Agent failed to show and no security signals were spotted, in spite of waiting until 0430 before withdrawing into bay.

28 September

0500 Submerged in COALARGO BAY.

1850 Surfaced and proceeded to "Spot 1" , agent was again a no show, no security signals observed.

At 2351, SJ contact approaching fast. Contact visually sighted at 2358, identified as ATAMI patrol gunboat.

29 September

Arrived off "Spot 2" , once again, no security signals observed. Two small coastal patrol boats arrived in area. Believing operation compromised, not wanting to get trapped in the shallow waters of the bay, decided to depart area at 0130. Exited the bay area via BLIRANN-MARIPIPI STRAIT 0430.

Planned submerged but overcast and low visibility set in, so remained on surface en route SAN BERNADINO STRAIT to depart for MIOS WOENDI and termination of patrol.

0738 While passing between MASBATE and TAGAPUIN islands, larger shell splashes observed, including one just ten yards to starboard. NAUTILUS, apparently under shore battery fired, . immediately zigged and ordered a dive. No hits were scored, luckily.

1001 Two PC type vessels originating from MASBATE arrived in area and swept for submarines, did not detect NAUTILUS

1900 Surfaced. Approaching SAN BERNADINO STRAIT.

1940 Sighted a fishing trawler, avoided.

1950 APR-1 detected radar emissions ahead, soon two pips rushing towards NAUTILUS. The Trawler, 8000 yards astern began to close at higher rate of speed. Appears we were detected, assistance was radioed for, and were not snared in a trap.

Unable to evade the contacts ahead closing at high speed, turned away but the trawler revealed itself to be armed with a deck gun and searchlight. The searchlight began to sweep our direction at 2001 and the trawler opened fire from 4500 yards. Other contacts astern at 6000 closing fast.

Luckily were in deep waters in approach to narrow pass of the strait and submerged to 300 feet, rigged for silent running and depth charge. Soon what sounded like two DD or DE arrived in area, pinging.

Four successive depth charge attacks pushed NAUTILUS to 355 feet.

30 September

Over next several hours boat was damaged repeatedly but held together under brutal depth charging. Most serious damage was to batteries, leaving at just 30 percent capacity. Sound reported one enemy underway close aboard at 0710. A few pings were heard but no depth charges close to use. Astern of NAUTILUS, some poor fish or marine creature was getting beat up with depth charges.

After hours of no contact, NAUTILUS rose to periscope depth and then SJ radar depth. One pip was astern t just 6000 yards and turned out direction. Back to 350 feet NAUTILUS went and as descended past 260 feet, enemy destroyer roared above and dropped a pattern. Then circled and pinging area before leaving at high speed.

At 1400 , came to periscope depth and then radar depth, no contacts, thankfully, we had escaped. However, battery power was now down to 17 percent and had been under water for over 12 hours. Due to proximity of islands, could not surface until night fall. Eased along, planning to surface at dark, recharge batteries, and transit the strait.

At 1502 while at depth of 150 feet, several large explosions rocked the NAUTILUS, causing damage, mainly leaks in air and water lines. Assuming it was aircraft the spotted us in the clear inner islands waters, submerged to 200 feet. At 1702, at periscope depth, sighted low flying single engine floatplane. One minute later NAUTILUS was bombed again as she passed 100 feet, boat shaken, but no damage. Surfaced after dark and headed for SAN BERNADINO STRAIT. Damaged batteries would not recharge beyond 22 percent.

2300 Ran decks awash to avoid possible lookouts, shore batteries as crossed narrow entrance to the strait between CALINTAAN and CAPUL islands. While in the middle of the narrow, shallow pass, SJ detected four contacts closing from 170. These four pips were a small convoy of one mid sized AK with three PC type escort exiting Capul Pass into the strait heading for ALBAY GULF. NAUTILUS was in no condition to attack, but dispatched a contact report.

1 October

0030 Half way through SAN BERNADINO STRAIT, SJ had two rapidly closing pips bearing 000 24000 yards. blew tanks to fully surfaced, increased speed to flank and avoided what were believed to be our two "friends" (DD's) from the 30th.

0400 Cleared the strait and set course of MIOS WOENDI.

2-5 October

En route to MIOS WOENDI. Batteries restored to just 44 percent capacity. Torpedo Tube No. 1 determined could not be repaired while at sea.

At this time a fuel leak was discovered as our fuel supply dwindled faster than expected but still had enough to make MIOS WOENDI if traveled at 11.5 knots.

5 October

1130 Moored along side tender at MIOS WOENDI. Terminated war patrol.


USS MINGO SS-261 underway

Smoke of PC near COALARGO BAY

Troops in boat going ashore at Mindanao

Troops on bow of submarine, boarding their rubber boat.

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Donation Narwhal
100 difficulty, contacts on, cameras off.


Since boat was lost, can't really do a normal report for patrol, decided to do the report write up in the form of after action report of the DE. I had the camera off but can imagine their perspective. May try to replay scenario before I deleted my saves for the career, just to watch the DE work. I used the name RICHARD M. ROWELL DE-403, the DE that sunk the SEAWOLF in a "friendly fire" situation in October 1944. Ironically, also off MOROTAI.

In the "OVERDUE AND PRESUMED LOST" I explain from my perspective what occurred.


5 November 1944
2-34 N 130-16E
100 NM East of Morotai

4 November 1944


Ordered to patrol area East of the recently captured island of MOROTAI, due to attacks by and sightings of enemy submarines in recent days. Arrived in assigned area at 2345.

5 November 1944


Established radar contact with a lone, unidentified vessel bearing 001 and closed the contact. Ordered flank speed and to close contact to investigate.
General Quarters was called at 0304.

Submarine visually spotted bearing 5000 yards, confirmed by radar. Ordered forward gun to open fire when had a shot. Forward gun opened fire at 0314, shell splashes were close but was unclear if hits were scored. Observed a large submarine on the surface, which turned and submerged at 0315. Given there was no recognition signal and the dive/evasion by the submarine, along with not being in a safety area, it was believed this submarine was a enemy vessel and should be attacked.

Submarine was quickly detected on passive sonar, before active sonar was deployed. Sonar detected the boat at estimated 275 ft ft of depth and descending. At 0316, a salvo of hedgehogs were fired at sonar contact directly ahead. Eleven seconds after projectiles splashed in the water, one explosion was observed/heard, indicating a hit at 0317. A pattern of depth charges was dropped over the position as well as ROWELL steamed over the location at 0318. Pattern was set for stern racks and k guns, depth intervals of 150-250-350-450 feet. Sonar lost contact briefly after this depth charge attack.

After coming about, sonar picked up the contact, order was given to close range and another salvo of hedgehogs was fired, followed by another pattern of depth charges at 0323, but no hits were confirmed.

Came about to make another depth charge run on estimated position when at 0325, sound reported that he could hear a submarine, likely damaged, blowing its ballast. Already on the way for another run, reported that hedgehog launcher was reloaded, fired another salvo at 0325:35 with a hit confirmed by a explosion, as ROWELL rolled above target, a pattern of depth charges were dropped as well. Sound contact was lost after depth charge attack. No engine or other sounds of submarine could be heard.

However, at 0333, sounds of a vessel breaking up, collapsing hull was heard.

Continued to sweep the scene but made no further contact nor was any debris located. At 0400 ordered all stop and listened for one hour, until getting back underway at 0500, making sweeps in the area.
At 0530, as dawn broke, a PBY "BAKER 11" arrived in area to assist. At 0611, with the sun rising, spotted a oil slick and debris nearby, indicating the sinking of a submarine.


I was on the way to Brisbane via MIOS WOENDI after 15th war patrol in NAUTILUS(started in December 1941), a successful special mission delivering cargo and personnel to DIBUT BAY, LUZON, as well as using guns to finish off the USS DARTER , grounded on shoal in SOUTH CHINA SEA. Sunk a ATAMI gunboat (gunfire) off LUZON and a No.60 class subchaser (torpedo) in BALABAC STRAIT, survived a depth charge attack (no easy feat in this old boat in late 1944). I had one patrol left before NAUTILUS (as she was in reality during war) was withdrawn and ordered home.

NAUTILUS was cruising east MOROTAI en route to Brisbane via MIOS WOENDI for fuel top off (home port shifted back to Brisbane while was at sea) when APR-1 detected radar emissions, then SJ had a lone contact, which closed faster than I expected, but assumed it to be a IJN vessel, and tried to evade it, Soon, contact was in visual range and identified it as a John C Butler Class Destroyer Escort. Suddenly, it dawned on me , "friendly fire" , yes the friendly fire I implemented into TMO, was there to get me. I've been bombed by "Allied" plans in "friendly fire" incidents, but only once, and it was early war (Clemson Class in 1942/43) was I attacked by a DD in friendly fire, in the campaign.

Well, DE opened fire from about 4500-5000 yards, much further the Japanese usually do, assuming his superior radar assisted in detecting NAUTILUS, forcing a dive. DE roared in with hedgehogs and depth charges. I had the external camera off as usually, so could not go out for a look, but I heard the unusual (in sense not use to them, but have heard them before in testing) noise of hedgehogs launching and was hit somewhere up forward, as had flooding in forward torpedo room, every piece of equipment wrecked in that compartment. Followed up the attack as DE roared above with depth charges, which caused more damage in all compartments. Fought to keep boat from sinking with all back emergency but could not do it, so blew ballast tanks, figured the six inch guns could handle a lone DE or at least leave a mark. Tanks were blown dry, over 70 percent of compressed air used, finally began rising from 330 feet (was sinking below, sure damaged hull would have collapsed).

As was rising, pinging began again and soundman reported enemy closing fast, he was making another pass as we ascended past 155 feet. Heard the sound of hedgehogs launching and seconds later...BAM! Lights flicker on and off, boat shook, damage reports piled in. Flooding in control room, everything in compartment damaged. Then the depth charge pattern followed. Engine room took brunt of it. Batteries were essentially wrecked, two of four electric motors gone. Lost speed and stopping ascending at 135 feet, as loss of power and heavy weight forward dragged boat down at high velocity. Hull collapsed as passed 190 feet (due to hull damage) out of control , in spite of best efforts.

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Sad ending after a brillant career.
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