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Default Battle off Samar (TMO Update V2.0 Test) Screenshots

So when developing TMO I painstakingly reconstructed the Center Force and Taffy 3's engagement off Samar on 25 October 1945. I had to make it a little later in day due to the games time change, if a sub pac boat amd traveled from Pearl, it stays dark until about 0900 lol. I may change it and just making the missions dealing with Leyte COMSUBSOWESPAC boats so time can be accurate, a lot of work to retool everything, including the air strikes on center force, kamikaze strikes on CVE's after their withdraw etc.

Its just a test so I have full cams on, contacts on, auto target lol etc.

Anyways, in the upcoming version, through some rework of things, surface forces will now engage at much more realistic distances instead of closing to what is for warships point blank rank in every battle, esp daytime engagements. I wanted to test out the Samar battle with this change as have yet to do it. So created a quick test objective for campaign, loaded up a test career and put myself in right place at right time.

IJN battleships opened fire on DE and CVE from about 13000-14000 yards, in fact, they opened fire first, which was cool. DE's charged in, one even damaged a battleship, set fire on superstructure. Two IJN DD were sunk by US ships, one cruiser took some damage. Battleships from what I could tell, sunk three CVE, one Fletcher DD, two DE. The cruisers sunk several others. Taffy 3 was basically massacred, I saw two CVE left, one burning when engagement was over, one fletcher, some scatter DE.

Japanese as mentioned were missing two destroyers.

Aircraft from the escort carriers arrived (Wildcats and Avengers, some avengers with torpedoes(finally have them!) and the IJN fleet scattered some, turned north which allowed rest to escape. I surfaced and charged in, dodged a lot of gunfire. Let six MK 14's loose on a cruiser from about 7000 yards, submerged, took a big gun hit as was diving, lol , so would be sunk of course, but its a test mission.

cruiser evaded torpedoes but two went on and hit Nagato BB, developed list, some fire, but survived.

Air strikes did damage, but no sinkings could tell.

Unfortunately, did not get to see the kamikaze attacks this time, will test those though. Although, not much of Taffy 3 was left for them to attack in this case but other CVE forces in area will be attack in the afternoon.

Regardless, it was interesting to observe in the campaign. Surigao Strait is next.

We really need a movie about the Battle of Leyte Gulf or in particular, the story Taffy 3 and her escorts. Pushing 80 years later, and a lot of people do not know about this.

Some screenshots

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