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Onkel Neal
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radar Royal Navy Names New Dreadnought-Class Submarine

Royal Navy Names New Dreadnought-Class Submarine

Hailed as the greatest name in the history of the Royal Navy in the 20th Century, Warspite will be resurrected in the 21st Century.

The third Royal Navy nuclear deterrence submarine will be named HMS Warspite. She is expected to be operational in the 2030s, alongside HMS Dreadnought, Valiant and a fourth, as yet unnamed, submarine, each carrying Trident nuclear missiles on deterrence patrols for three months at a time. The £31 billion ($41 billion) Dreadnought program will see the submarines enter service in the 2030s.

The 152.9-meter (501-foot) vessels will displace 1,300 more tons. They are expected to be fitted with a new lighting system which can imitate night and day and, for the first time in a British submarine, there’ll be a dedicated compartment for studying, a gym (rather than gym kit squeezed into odd spaces) and separate quarters for female crew.

HMS Warspite will be the eighth warship to bear the name which dates back to 1595 and was the last “great ship” to be built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
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Makes me wonder if UK would make any further cuts to it's RV stockpile by then.
Grumpy as always.
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If comrade Corbin gets in power everything will go
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