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Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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radar Cold Waters featured: 9 Spiritual Successors to Neglected Classic Games

Nowadays the big studios focus on a handful of billion-dollar genres: first-person shooters, driving, sports, and so forth. Many classic franchises don’t fit in to the cookie-cutter moulds of modern triple-A development, and have languished in obscurity.

Lucky for us a new breed of indie studio is breathing new life into the neglected genres of yore, often surpassing the classics that inspired them…
The first truly good subsim was Aces of the Deep. Then there was Silent Hunter III. Now Subsim presents: Wolfpack.
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Old 08-17-2018, 07:05 AM   #2
Bilge Rat
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I don't think Wargame is spiritual successor to Command & Conquer: Generals. It seems pretty far-fetched.
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Could not agree more salazarus!
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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default welcome aboard!

"Only two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe..." Philip K. Dick
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