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[REL] Optical Targeting Correction revised March, 2012

Optical Targeting Correction
Revised March, 2012

The "Download Links" are found further down this page using this colored title name.

This modification for Silent Hunter 4, Wolves of the Pacific is a comprehensive correction to the optical game world. It was found that the views of the various periscope and optical screens were incorrectly displayed in size and magnification resulting in inaccurate manually found range when the Telemeter divisions (the periscope lens hash marks) were used for measurement. It was also found that each possible game resolution a player could use (depending on his system hardware set-up) had an inconsistent image since the game engine does not consistently re size the periscope or TBT/UZO screens for all resolutions and monitor aspect ratios. The importance of this is the fact that if you use manual targeting, the optical views play the most significant role in rendering a correct range to target when using the stadimeter or telemeter divisions. Any inconsistency and the found range can be inaccurate. The game resolution issue was addressed with making additional add-on mods, corrected to each aspect ratio, to allow for consistent measurement at the TBT/UZO and Periscope screens.

Another problem in manual targeting was discovered when in comparing a bow stadimeter reading to a stern reading, two different ranges were given from the same target, at the same distance. In other words, the stadimeter focal point was not centered to the sub, giving as much as 12 to 20 meters difference between the bow target and the stern target over an equal true distance of 1000 yards! This error grew wider as the targets true distance increased. At 3000 yards distance the difference between the bow and stern ranges grew to as much as 50 to 70 meters.

In "real life" the focal point for the stadimeter was the periscope. It made no difference where on the sub the periscope was placed. The centering point was the periscope itself, figuring the "rise in angle" from the waterline to whatever known height a sub firing party would use to calculate the targets range. The game on the other hand, uses an independant "camera" view to simulate what you see through the periscope. With this independant view being "off centered" compared to the stadimeter position for figuring range, the range error became known. This problem was corrected by moving the periscope to the stadimeter focal point for each conning tower effected. Information and insite on these optical issues can be found further down in this first post under the "Discussion" heading.

Additionally, a long standing issue of having incorrect mast heights listed in the game would give the Stadimeter found range inaccurate results. Correcting these issues are the primary focus of Optical Targeting Correction. However, as the mod developed several other areas of concern were addressed. One being the lack of displaying a ships length (even an inaccurate one) which gives rise to the ability to determine Angle on Bow by knowing its true length, subtracted from its measured "at angle" length, and compared to its distance (range) from the sub.

Additional tools could be added to the game which would allow implementation of real life tactics for solving target firing solutions. Two tools for this purpose are the Omnimeter and Range Dial. The Omnimeter was a "real life" tool that aids in finding Range and AoB through the use of the scopes Telemeter divisions. A Range Dial was added to the game to provide a means of inputting range of a manually found target to the TDC to help create the firing solution. This in turned prompted a rework of the Radar Station to also give range for manual targeting purposes. As you can see, one issue developed into another creating this collection of modifications that is meant to recreate an accurate manual targeting process. The changes modify both American and German side of play; Imperial and Metric units of measurement.

Below are a few comparison photos of how the world "view" has changed when using the corrected optical game parameters. These changes seem small, but make no mistake, the corrected optical views make a huge difference in manual targeting.

This modification will:

  • Correct the world view, allowing for objects to be displayed as their size intended.
  • Change the various scope views to have them corrected for the new world view.
  • Check and correct both Height and Length for all ships and placed the dimensions in a redesigned Recognition Manual.
  • Put in-game a device called an Omnimeter that will use the Telemeter divisions to calculate range when knowing a targets height. Using the targets length, the Omnimeter will calculate a targets Angle on Bow when knowing a targets range.
  • Put in-game a Range Dial that will provide a means of entering a targets range to the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC). This could be used for any range finding, including one attained from Radar or a "calculated guess" when determinning range at a moments notice.
  • Rework the Radar units ability to pick up objects. Add an overlay to the two U.S. radar screens to aid in correct range and bearing findings. Tweak the radar view to allow for a zoomed feature to better see the returns. Tweak the various radar parts to coincide with the necessary changes.
  • Tweak several of the HUD dials and buttons in their appearance and size.
  • Add a Nomograph to the Navigation Map screen.
  • Provide metric versions of the Omnimeter, Nomograph and Radar Overlays in one optional mod.
  • Include the U.S. Medals Fix modification (with retextured images) to correct the stock game award system.
  • Rework the carrier/land base aircraft parameters that will lower the number of aircraft in game, lower their maximum range, lower their attack frequency, and yet keep the same stock game sensor ability of finding the enemy and attacking it.
  • Add additional Float Plane search capabilities to various Japanese Battleships and Cruisers, as well as the German Graff Spree. Removed the Betty bomber from the Shokaku carrier (its a land based plane).
  • Adjust the Destroyers, Heavy and Light Cruisers to a more acceptable power level to eliminate the jack rabbit acceleration of these ships. Appropriate readjustment was in order to the center of gravity of these ships, plus a couple received different mass adjustments to coincide with the ships proper stance.
  • Changed a number of the sounds found on the sub to coincide with a better environment.
  • Rework the Ammunition at the various Deck Gun stations to better reflect the real life type and quantity. Repositioned the gun views to better reflect using the sight as a function of aiming the weapon. Added a Tool Tip box at the ammo station to explain when a gun is loaded or not.
  • In an attempt to have equipment bought and refitted onto the boat at the proper date. An extensive corrective check was made to the files necessary that accomplish this. Corrective dates and correct sequence of dates were used within these files in order to correct this problem. I hope.
  • Change most of the menu screens to real life photographs of WWII submariners and activities surrounding submarines.
  • Center the Stadimeter calculation point on the required sub classes that proved to render range unequally around the various relative bearing positions. It was found that the stadimeter produced different ranges depending on the direction a reading was taken, even though the target was at an equal distance from the sub.
  • Reworked the AI sensors for making a more realistic game play.

To access the Download links for an SH4, 1.5 version
Click the mod titles below: (For SH4 version 1.4....scroll further down)

Optical Targeting Correction
August, 2011
Stock SH4 version 1.5 only. This is the latest "updated" version as of the above date.

OTC for RSRDC v550
August, 2011
This edition of OTC is compatible to the Run Silent, Run Deep Campaign version 550 (which is used with the stock SH4 v1.5 game) and its Patch_1. Activate this mod with JSGME AFTER the RSRDC v550 mod, and its patch.

An alternative to the GameFront site this mod is uploaded to......Try MediaFire's download of OTC for RSRDC v550

OTC_Gato Sonar Bearing Fix
June, 2013
This "fix" provides the Gato, Gar, Tambor, and Balao class subs the ability to use the mouse to set the sonar bearing indicator at the sonar station. Activate this fix after either of the two OTC mods above.


The latest versions of OTC 1.5, compatible to TMO 2.5, or RSRDC v502 are below:
released March 2012

Optical Targeting Correction 1.5 for TMO 2.5
March, 2012
This edition of OTC 1.5 is compatible with "TriggerMaru Overhaul 2.5". At the download site, it has the the following name "1.5_Optical Targeting Correction 031312 for TMO 2.5.rar".

Optical Targeting Correction 1.5 for RSRDCv502
March 13, 2012
This edition of OTC 1.5 is compatible with RSRDC v502 and its Patch (the Run Silent, Run Deep Campaign mod that's made for TMO). At its download site, the name is "1.5_Optical Targeting Correction 031312 for RSRDCv502.rar"

These two editions introduce the OTC 1.5 versions. They have the additional changes as listed below.


++All interiors allow free camera movement.
++Added the Radio Room to all subs.
++Added a focusable shortwave radio to the Salmon, Sargo, Gar, Gato, Balao, Tambor, Tench, S18, S42, Radio Room interiors.
++Added access to the Radio Room through a focusable door from the Command Room. With access through an added hatch back to the Command Room.
++Added several different focusable objects to the Radio Room to make the room seem more functional.
++Made an effort to have the interior of each sub class appear a bit different. Adding lights to panels, strategic maps, functioning controls and instruments.
++Corrected/added the camera rotation for all subs when the sub ascends or dives.
++Corrected the Gato compass at the engineers desk to function correctly.
++Corrected the Salmon/Sargo helm compass.
++Changed the camera starting positions for most of the rooms.
++Have the S18, S42, Porpoise, and Narwhal subs using the 450 foot depth gauges. The other classes will have the 600 foot gauges.
++All depth gauges found in the subs will permit mouse capture depth control.
++A new Bearing/Compass was added at the PPI Radar station for all subs.
++Moved lighting nodes to allow for a better view of specific areas, or crewmen.


++Replaced the Navigation Map sub bearing overlay with one that only shows bearing lines (Unless you use a mod like the 3000 yard/meter Bearing Tool that's scaled for the particular resolution your game runs in, the TMO range lines where inaccurate in providing distance).
++Changed the keyboard controls by making several additions. Checked and fixed all keys to work as they should (example: The D key will permit a Dive to the bottom of the ocean IF, the sub can stand the depth. If not, its a one way trip. You decide!)
++Made a new Keyboard Layout Card to indicate the new keyboard functions.
++Made a new Reference Card to do the same.
++Revised the in-game Help menu to indicate the changes OTC 1.5 has made, or added information to provide for better understanding of the game.
++Made a new Attack Data Tool Stadimeter range dial that will display an accurate reading when using the Imperial measurements.
++Made a German Imperial Range Dial, placing the metric version into the optional OTC_Metric Tools mod.
++Made a lighter periscope compass background (when retracted), to allow for seeing and setting a targets relative bearing before sending it to the TDC/Position Keeper.
++Made a new periscope relative bearing compass to be easier read with the scope in either the retracted or extended positions.
++Moved the basic OTC periscope lens Telemeter Divisions to the center of the lens. This should aid in keeping the center line of the scope placed on the target. The target bearing is sent to the TDC/Position Keeper at the same time as the range is sent. Both bearing and range must be correctly set before the data is inputted. This should help.
++The optional mods Realistic Scopes division lines have kept their original position, but are now slightly colored to allow for better night visibility.
++Fixed the Gato sonar station bearing dial to allow for a mouse capture to move the dial.
++Moved the American sonar station Send Bearing toggle switch to a more visible position, under the bearing dial. The notepad that is positioned at the top right of the screen DOES NOT send a bearing to the TDC/Position Keeper. It only works when playing the German side (a leftover from the SHIII game).

Additional Changes

++Fixed the RSRDC ST periscope radar that caused the observation periscope tconstantly rotate its view as the radar rotated.
++Checked and fixed the RSRDC ship markers found on the Navigation Map. Many ships had no markers, meaning there would not be any way of seeing the ships position on the map (even with the No Map Contact Update disabled). I used the TMO dot image for the ship marker.
++Made changes to the OTC for RSRDC mod that corrects the RSRDC sonar Type 13 and Type 21 parameters. IJN Type 13 radar will only be air-search, and the Type 21 will be dual purpose with limited effectiveness vs. subs. Removed the Zero fighter bomb load capabilities. Added sonar capability to the IJN TypeB, TypeC, and TypeD escorts. Thanks and credit to Tater for these mod fixes.
++I made sure RSRDC didnt overwrite visual or sensors files that may cause unwanted behavior from the TMO intent.
++Adjusted the optional OTC_Tokkos Revenge for TMO mod to allow for less air traffic, yet still create a harder game environment.
++Reworked the camera.dat file to allow for a free camera at both the Museum and Next/Previous Unit views.
++Repackaged the optional Aspect Ratio mods to include the changes made to the camera.dat file.
++Revised the included documents High Realism Tutorial, How to use the Omnimeter, and Using Radar to better describe the game and the tools used with the mod. A thorough explanation of how to input target bearing and range gleaned from the radar was added to the Using Radar; document. A new chapter on the Position Keeper was added to the High Realism Tutorial.
++Removed a typed error that placed the 1680x1050 resolution into the 4:3 aspect ratio group. It wouldrd be correctly placed in the 8:5 aspect ratio group.
++Reset the placement of the Shortwave Radio and Stop Watch to allow for them to be correctly viewed in larger screen resolutions.
++Reset the placement of the periscope's compass bearing to allow for the same thing.
++Removed a TMO conflicting file image that caused distant objects, and terrain data to appear white.


To access the Download links for an SH4, 1.4 version
Click the mod titles Below:

Optical Targeting Correction for 1.4
August, 2011
This new edition is to be used with a stock game patched to only the 1.4 version.

OTC 1.4 Patch_1
Feburary, 2013
This patch is intended for the "Optical Targeting Correction for 1.4" mod. Install the patch after the "main" Optical Targeting Correction for 1.4 mod. It corrects the deck gun in providing accurate range measurements when using the range dial provided at the station. The deck gun will work as expected in the three views. It was found that the original OTC deck gun did not measure correctly causing errors in sighting targets. As an extra modification, adjustments to the ammunition were made, especially to the anti-aircraft shells. The AA shells will now "explode" in mid air, set at a predetermined range, providing the ammunition a more realistic look and lethal result to aircraft. All surface guns have the ability to use anti-aircraft ammunition. The patch is NOT needed, or compatible to the "Optical Targeting Correction for RFB 1.4" found below.

Optical Targeting Correction for RFB 1.4
This compatible edition is to be used with an SH4, 1.4 version game also having the Real Fleet Boat 1.4 mod activated.
RFB 1.4 is found HERE

A note about Optical Targeting Correction for RFB 1.4:
As of July 2015, the mod has been uploaded to MediaFire for access. Clicking the above link should take you to the download there. Also, the file date should show 7/25/2015. This download has corrected a problem with RFB v1.4 which did not allow the American subs to show in the Museum (they would CTD the game). It's believed that any game asset that CTD's within the SH4 "Museum" will also do the same within the game (at one time or another). This correction should eliminate a future issue of that nature.


What's in the Download for the above versions?

Optical Targeting Correction (OTC) The "main" modification having the above listed modifications. The main mod is corrected for the stock game native 4:3, and the 85:64 aspect ratios. These aspect ratios cover the following game resolutions:


The "main" OTC mod will provide correct measurements for the Periscope and TBT/UZO screens without further mod additions. However, if you use a game resolution other than the above, with an aspect ratio different than 4:3, you must add the appropriate "Aspect Ratio" mod found in the Optional Mods folders.

Please note this error: The "main" OTC mod README lists the 1680x1050 resolution under the above 4:3 Aspect Ratio group. The 1680x1050 resolution has an Aspect Ratio of 8:5. You must use the specific "Optional" mod called "OTC for 8:5 Aspect Ratio" (for the 1680x1050, 1440x900, and 1280x800 resolutions) in order to correct the optical views of this particular resolution. Sorry for the error.

Optional Mods

OTC_Metric Tools An optional modification which adds a Metric version of the Omnimeter, Nomograph, and Radar Overlay tools to the game. Activate this additional mod if you wish to use the metric unit of measurements.

OTC Realistic Scopes An optional modification to change the appearance of the various station views to a more authentic look. Fractional Telemeter divisions have been removed. The lighter color (green) has been removed, making it harder to use the periscopes for night readings. The TBT/UZO has kept their color since the authentic versions were lighted for night work. These screens are corrected for use with the main OTC modification which corrects the 4:3 aspect ratios only.

To use the "Realistic Scopes" for any other aspect ratio, you must use the specific OTC Aspect Ratio optional mod for the particular resolution/aspect ration your system uses to play the game. Each Aspect Ratio folder contains both a corrected screen size for the Periscope and TBT/UZO and also contains the correct Realistic Scopes screens for that particular resolution.

OTC_German PPI Screen This Radar Overlay is intended to be used when playing the German side, giving the PPI screen bearing lines but removing range lines. The range lines are not necessary due to the German Radar having a digital range readout (although the readout is only giving range in meters, not yards; no matter which unit of measurement you choose. This is a stock game bug that can not be fixed).

OTC_US Radar from Start This optional mod will provide radar at the start of the war for all U.S. submarines during a Career. It is not based on reality; however it will provide radar through out the game.

OTC Tokko's Revenge This optional mod creates a heightened AI awareness and strength, giving the player a much harder game. Tokko means "special attack" or "tactics", which also was referred to as Kamikaze. There will be additional planes added to the OTC version, but not too many as to make the game unplayable. The planes will have a greater capacity to hunt you down, and use heavier hitting bombs, without resorting to seeing you through deep water. The Japanese warships will have a higher level of "awareness" to find you and use whatever tools they have to suppress your presence. Their depth charges will be more deadly, and more prolonged. A few other changes that will keep you on your guard when making an attack will be added. All in all, a much harder opponent with deadlier consequences if you let your guard down.

Aspect Ratio Folders These 5 additional folders will correct the inconsistency of rendering different screen resolution and aspect ratios for the game. Chose the aspect ratio your game system uses to correct the problem of rendering the periscope or TBT/UZO screens inaccurately. Each folder has two mods, one for use with the standard OTC scope screens, the other to use the "Realistic Scopes" option. The folders are as follows:

OTC for 5 to 3 Aspect Ratio.......Correcting the 1280x768 resolution, 5:3 aspect ratio

OTC for 5 to 4 Aspect Ratio.......Correcting the 1280x1024 resolution, 5:4 aspect ratio

OTC for 8 to 5 Aspect Ratio.......Correcting the 1680x1050; 1440x900; 1280x800 resolution, 8:5 aspect ratio

OTC for 8.5 to 4.8 Aspect Ratio..Correcting the 1360x768 resolution, 8.5:4.8 aspect ratio

OTC for 16 to 9 Aspect Ratio......Correcting the 1920x1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio


For those wanting to know what Aspect Ratio your computer is using when playing in-game.......Follow this link to calculate your screen size to determine Aspect Ratio.


AoB Test Mission
For either 1.4 or 1.5 versions

This test mission has a stationary Porpoise class sub at periscope depth with 4 approaching targets at different angles and speed. The mission is JSGME compatible (activate after OTC). It will appear in the Single (Quick) Missions of the main game menu. Running the mission as directed will give a player practice at using the Telemeter divisions for Range and Angle on Bow determinations with the calculations being made by using the Omnimeter. There is also a night mission using the same targets.



This modification is intended to correct the optical view of targets through the various scopes and stations, enabling a correct reading of height/length dimensions. This will aid in correct range and angle on bow determinations when using the Telemeter scope marks and the Stadimeter. An in-game tool called an Omnimeter will be used to help facilitate these findings. Corrected ship height and length dimensions are placed in the Recognition Manual to aid in this process.

The basis of information which I have used for the majority of my reference comes from a once confidential instructional pamphlet entitled Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual. It was published in 1950 at a time when the WWII fleet boats were still used as the main ship of the line submarine. Although the whole manual is interesting, Chapter 5 holds the most information on the specific periscope characteristics and the process of turning a targets height/length through Telemeter readings into range and AoB findings. I do admit some of the measurements do not add up when correctly figuring the formulas. For instance on page 5-3 it states "We know that at a range of 1000 yards, 17 ½ yards, or 52.5 feet will subtend an angle of 1 degree". To be exact, the true distance in feet is 52.333. Also, the correct range formula for the High Power magnification should read 76.4 not 76.2. Small issues but whoever proof read these manuals should have done a bit better in what they cleared for print. The basic process is correctly laid out, so the information is accurate when using the corrected math formulas.

Game Optics

You may ask, whats wrong with the optics? Well for starters the magnification and the Field of View (FoV) of the stock game are incorrect. The Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual states on page 5-1, the magnification for the Type II (Observation scope) should be:

High Power 6.0x
Low Power 1.5x

The Type IV (Attack scope) has the same magnification.

The stock game optics gives us a magnification of:

High Power 4.0x
Low Power 1.0x

Its little wonder the game seemed to have the ships appear further away than they should. When this game first came out I noticed problems with manual targeting which relies heavily on the optical view to determine range to target. I made a modification (Ship Centered, Accuracy Fix or SCAF) to help allow a player to use more visible parts of a ship (funnels, flag tops) to measure with the Stadimeter because the mast tops were not visible at normal range finding distances. Many of the mast height dimensions were inaccurate too, so SCAF assisted in providing a corrected way of finding target range by changing the height reference point and having a correct measurement of this reference point. I did not suspect that the optical view of the world played a greater role in manual targeting than what it did. The wrong magnification was one thing; the fact that the games optical Field of View was incorrect was not discovered until I began testing during the winter of 2010-2011.

Field of View Inaccuracy

Referring to page 5-2 of the Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual, we see the Field of View (True field low power) for the American periscopes is 32 degrees wide (the German periscope had a FoV of 38 degrees at the Low 1.5x magnification, 9 degrees at the High 6.0x magnification). To test how wide the stock game optics truly was, I made a test mission, placing stationary ships in front of a stationary sub at specific distances creating a backdrop for measurement. I replaced the stock periscope compass bearing with a much more accurate and precise one. I then began to measure fixed positions on the backdrop to determine how much FoV the stock game provided. I found the stock game had a FoV of 36 degrees. 4 degrees larger than the authentic optical view should be!

For those of you who may wish to see for yourself the stock game optical problems, download this Optical Test Mission Pack found HERE. There are two modifications found in the pack, Optical Test Mission which puts a "Test 21" mission into the games Quick Mission menu, and Big Bearing Compass which puts a larger, more precise relative compass bearing onto the Attack Periscope. Measure for yourself the Field of View with these JSGME ready mods.

Now, you need to know this, the larger the Field of View the smaller an object will appear (at least in the game; the AngularAngle parameter in the game controls FoV). By coupling the wrong FoV size with a smaller power magnification the game has no way of providing an accurate firing solution process for manual targeting. Least wise not with trying to use real world dimensions in an incorrect optical game world. There are mods that put real life measurements into the game, and leave it at that. The problem is they won't measure correctly as long as the optical views are wrong (not being set to real life sizes). SCAF corrected height measurements by calculating what was "actually" found using the stadimeter to the distance the game stated was correct. SCAF calculated a new height dimension to fit the optical view that, at the time, I did not know was wrong. It worked, but you could never attempt to use the Telemeter divisions to measure height or length as long as the optics were wrong.

If you use the automatic computer controlled targeting system all of this is unimportant. Except for having the objects in the game world appear smaller than they would be; auto targeting does not rely on the optical view to get a correct measurement of range or angle on bow. So, those that use auto targeting will get no benefit from OTC except for having the world view objects rendered larger in size than in stock. However, for those that use manual targeting, the OTC optics will greatly enhance game play by giving you a correct perspective of the world view, and an accurcte system of measurement.

Before I move on, there was something else that was found as an optical problem to the stock game. I tested most if not all game resolutions (limited to only my two different computers and their monitors; one a 32 inch LCD, the other a 19 inch CRT). I found through both computer set-ups, the periscope gave a measured 38 degree Field of View for the game resolution 1280x1024 (32 degree FoV is what the "real life" periscope lens provided). This was completely unexpected. For whatever reason, the game does not consistently error with the FoV size for all game resolutions (36 degree FoV for all others), the 1280x1024 is worse!! To correct this, the optional mod "OTC for 5:4 Aspect Ratio" should be activated in JSGME after activating the "main" OTC mod.

To illustrate this, the following images are testing the stock 1280x1024 resolution using the stock relative compass bearing. The way to check is to pick a spot on one of the stationary ships at the edge of the scope. Read the center compass bearing, then move the center line to the spot you picked on the test ship and read the difference in degrees. In this case the relative bearing compass read 20 degrees difference from centered to outer edge, meaning the overall field of view was 40 degrees wide. By using a more accurate relative compass bearing (which is in the download of the "Optical Test Mission Pack") the total FoV was found to be 38 degrees.

Along with the periscope inconsistency for the resolution of 1280x1024, there were inconsistencies with other game resolutions between the periscope and TBT/UZO station views!

Inconsistency Between Periscopes and TBT/UZO Views

The issue of having an inconsistent scaled view between the periscope and TBT is a stock game issue. The fact that each of us use different equipment to play the game makes a cure difficult since each set-up is unique. As a modder, we don't have access to the way the various resolutions are displayed, this is contained in the game engine files. Our only fix is to manipulate the optical sizes for each resolution and aspect ratio and correct the size problem in that way.

Let's look at the problem and what or who does it effect.

If anyone would like to test for yourself the inconsistency issue between the periscope view and the TBT/UZO view; here is the same test mission with 8 Hiryu CV's set around a stationary Porpoise sub. The targets are set at the approximate 914 meters or 1000 yard distance from the sub. HERE'S THE LINK, to the "Hiryu Mission Test". Using the same test should prove useful when checking whatever it is you may want to look at.

Using the stock game only, no mods added, except for the "Hiryu Mission Test", I counted the Attack Periscopes telemeter divisions of the games native "1024x768 4:3" aspect ratio.

Roughly, 8 divisions from waterline to mast top, using the Hiryu at the bow of the sub and at the High Power magnification. It makes no difference what the height really is, just count the divisions (rest assured I care, and fixed the count to the proper height measurement in OTC). One should note that the stock games periscope "mask" image and the TBT "mask" image are both 1024x1024 sized images.

Surfacing the boat, and going to the TBT station this is what is found.

Roughly, double the telemeter division count, 16 divisions from waterline to mast top.

Lets go to the resolution size of "1360x768 85:48" aspect ratio and see what we have.

Ok, so the Attack Periscope counts the same division marks as the 1024x768 resolution. Good to know, this would not have been the case if I would have chosen the 1280x1024 as an example. As I already pointed out, the 1280x1024 periscope Field of View is larger than all the other resolutions, throwing off the ability to get the same count on the telemeter divisions.

What's the TBT going to show?

The stock game, using the 1360x768 85:48 aspect ratio counts 21 telemeter divisions to the mast top. Remember, the 1024x768 4:3 aspect ratio counts 16; both are off compared to the periscope count of only 8 divisions tall!

And, this isn't the only count that's different. Below are the different resolutions my two computers and their monitor set-ups reveal. Note the differences in the count of telemeter divisions.

1920x1080 16:9 aspect ratio / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=21 1/4

1792x1344 4:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

1680x1050 8:5 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=19

1600x1200 4:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

1440x900 8:5 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=19

1360x1024 85:64 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

1360x786 85:48 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=21

1280x1024 5:4 / periscope=7 1/2 divisions; TBT=16

1280x960 4:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

1280x800 8:5 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=19

1280x768 5:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=20

1152x864 4:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

1024x768 4:3 / periscope=8 divisions; TBT=16

As you look over the figures, also notice the aspect ratio similarities. The aspect ratio seems to be the critical issue between the differences of the periscope division count and the TBT count. All 4:3 ratios had a difference of 8 divisions for the periscope compared to a 16 count for the TBT. All 8:5 ratios had a difference of 8 divisions for the periscope and 19 count for the TBT. It would seem the aspect ratio is what decides how much of the difference there will be.

I've had to make a total of 5 additional mods that represent the game resolutions that have different aspect ratios. The native 1024x768 4:3 aspect ratio and the other resolution sizes that also use the 4:3 ratio are corrected in the "main" OTC mod. For a corrected periscope and TBT screen you MUST load one of the Aspect Ratio mods listed for your particular game resolution.

These specific Aspect Ratio correction mods are added to the download as follows:

"OTC for 16:9 Aspect Ratio" (this will work for the 1920x1080 resolution)

"OTC for 8.5:4.8 Aspect Ratio" (for the 1360x768 resolution)

"OTC for 8:5 Aspect Ratio" (for the 1680x1050, 1440x900, and 1280x800 resolutions)

"OTC for 5:4 Aspect Ratio" (for the 1280x1024 resolution)

"OTC for 5:3 Aspect Ratio" (for the 1280x768 resolution)

To allow a player the option of using the "Realistic Scopes" feature, the above modifications had to be combined with the Realistic Scopes mod in again a seperate mod. To package the entire download, these mods are placed in their specific folders, named after the Aspect Ratio they correct. You must open each folder and extract the specific mod folder file you wish to use in JSGME. Not extracting the proper folder will cause JSGME not to load properly. JSGME should have the following file structure to load properly if you chose the 8:3 aspect ratio:

"Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific/MODS/OTC for 5 to 3 Aspect Ratio/Data/. The important issue is to have only one folder heading between the "MODS" folder and the "Data" folder of the particular mod you choose.

Stadimeter Centering Issue

I mentioned an issue regarding the stock game rendering a different range to target depending on whether the target was towards the bow or stern of the sub. This "off centered" camera view produced an average of 20 meters difference over a 1000 yards true distance between the bow and stern directions. The following image shows the stadimeter found range of a Northampton CA at approximately 915 meters (1000 yards).

Notice the difference between the bow stadimeter found range of 867 meters (the sub is facing South), comparied to the stern found range of 886 meters, that's nearly 20 meters difference in only a 1000 yard true distance from the sub (the reason the stadimeter found range is not at, or near, the true distance of 915 meters is due to the stock mast height being off by 2 meters in height, but that's another "fix"). The point is there is no difference between the port or starboard targets found ranges (their not accurate, but they aren't showing a difference as the bow and stern comparisions do). This difference will increase in error the further you are away from the target, causing even more of a problem in correct range finding.

The difference was created due to the stadimeter not being centered to the periscope. The "camera" view of the periscope is "independant" of the position of the periscope itself. As in the following image, this shows the periscope station view centered on the sub, but the periscope you're suposed to be looking "out of" is seen in the fore ground of the image!!

This of course could never happen in "real life". The optical starting center point of the periscope was always the periscope itself, no matter where on the sub the engineers put it. But, the game renders the periscope camera view in a different position than the position the scope is actually placed. Thus the difference.

To correct the stadimeter centering issue (and not see the back side of the periscope as in the above picture), the different sub conning towers had to be moved to position the camera view at an equal distance in all directions. A few cosmetic details were changed but for the most part this was the only way to correct the stadimeter center point issue. As in the real life periscope, the stadimeter will now read correctly in all directions. I believe this was expected by every real life Captain, and so it is for the game using OTC.

I know this makes things confusing. Believe me, I wish I could have done something differently. But considering this is the hand we're dealt with, it's the best I can do. We all would have expected the game to have rendered the optical views the same no matter what the game resolution we choose, or direction you point the periscope in. It doesn't, and the tests prove it. We're stuck with either playing the game with auto targeting or fixing the mess the developers left us. Optical Targeting Correction is that fix.

Ship Height, Length, and Angle on Bow

Correcting the measurable FoV and putting the correct magnification into the Periscopes and TBT/UZO stations leads us to needing to check for accuracy of height and ship length. The additional correction of "centering" the stadimeter has played a critical role in measuring for correct mast height. This allowed to have a target seen at any position around the sub to be manually checked for correct range (something we all expected should happen when playing the game, but didn't, due to the flaw). Some ships like the Hiryu Carrier or the German Pocket Battleship have their stock listed mast heights well off the mark; most are close, but will still produce an error. This gives rise to check each one before placing the height into OTC, which was done and corrected as needed.

I do want to point out a game feature that is not changable by modding but relates to stadimeter use and mast heights. The game is not consistant with taking a stadimeter range check over several distances. I found I could correct the mast height for the 1000 yard distance (the stadimeter found range would be only a yard off) but moving the same target out to the 2000 yard distance the stadimeter would show a 30 yard error when the reading was taken. Move the target out to the 3000 yard distance and the error grew to nearly 90 yards difference.

Now, this is different than the "adjacent pixel line" difference I've reported on before (but not in this thread). The adjacent pixel line feature is the games way of producing an error in range gathering depending on where you place the stadimeter waterline mark, between the top most view of the scope, and the waterline. The higher in this area, the less of an error results if you misplace the stadimeter image off the mast height top (maybe an error of only a couple of yards towards the top). Do the same misplacement towards the waterline area, and the error becomes greater, maybe a couple of hundred yards off. I believe this was added to the game to simulate "less" of an error when a target is close (the mast top is higher in the scopes view), when compared to a "larger" error, further away (when the target is near the horizon or waterline).

No, this error is different. This occurs when you place the stadimeter waterline directly on the mast top. You'll still get the "adjacent pixel line" error if you misplace the waterline image, but placing the stadimeter waterline image on the correct position gives you this error. The only way I've found around this is to lessen the error by having the mast height corrected to the 2000 yard distance rather than the 1000 yard distance (like I've used before with SCAF). What this will do is cause the 2000 yard distance to be fairly accurate (unless you move off the correct position by a pixel line or two), the 3000 yard distance will reveal about a 50 yard difference in accuracy, the 1000 yard distance will be about 10 yards difference. This doesn't make the Stadimeter read accurately in all distances as you would expect, but I think this is the best compromise since we can't make it read consistently.

If you wish to get an accurate stadimeter reading at the 3000 yard distance, raise the water line mark off the reference point (mast top) by a couple of clicks (you can hear clicking if you use head phones for sound). This will produce an accurate reading. Move it up a bit more if the target is at 4000 yards. For anything around the 1000 yard range take the water line down a click or two, just enough to have the water line image just below the reference point.

The length (even though there is a parameter found in the ships .cfg file) was never enabled within the game hard coded files. I believe there was a plan to do this (or there would be no need to have the length parameter at all) but, for some reason never implemented. As I stated, correcting the optical view gives rise to the ability of using the total length of a target to attain Angle on Bow. Angle on Bow refers to the angle from the target ships point of view, towards the attacking sub. Not the angle from the sub to the target (this is the subs "relative" compass bearing). Think of it this way, you're on the target ship facing towards the bow. The bow of the target ship, like the sub, is represented by zero (0) degrees. The attacking sub is on your right, directly perpendicular to you. The subs Angle on Bow (your bow/the target ships bow) is 90 degrees (sometimes read as 9 for abbreviation) Starboard (directly right of you).

To obtain the subs Angle on Bow for a firing solution you need to know the target ships total length and subtract the difference of what the total length is by what the length is seen when it's at an angle. You also need to know the distance (range) between yourself (the sub) and the target at the time you make the comparison. Without having an accurate optical view this could never be done.


This brings us to the addition of the Omnimeter which will calculate the difference between a ships known height and the measured Telemeter division height, in order to find range to the target. The Omnimeter will also calculate the difference between a ships known total length and the measured length of it at an angle, to find AoB of a target. Its trigonometry mathematics and the Omnimeter will keep you from reaching for your calculator.

This is an image of an original Omnimeter made by and for the USS Cod. There are two slideable sections (the finger knobs at the left are used to move the independent sliders) which correspond to a Height/Length scale and a Range scale.

The following image is my in-game working Omnimeter.

Finding the Omnimeters range to a target by using the Telemeter divisions is easier than finding AoB. Using the lower half of the Omnimeter, you simply set the Telemeter scale's "red pointer" to the targets ships height reference point (found in the Recognition Manual), then measure the distance between the waterline and the reference point with the Telemeter marks. Find the same figure on the Omnimeter and read the corresponding range. In the Omnimeter above, the Telemeter scale's "red pointer" is set to about the 103 ft height measurement. If you had measured the targets height to be 2 and a half Telemeter divisions (at the High Power Magnification), the range to target is approximately 3180 yards.

To find the Angle on Bow of a target, the How to use the Omnimeter is a .PDF document that will aid in learning the calculation. A bit longer in steps than finding range, but just as accurate.

The default OTC scope Telemeter divisions are broken down into fractions for precise measurement and colored for night use. An optional modification can be activated in JSGME to make a more authentic scope lens with traditional Telemeter markings.

Range Dial

Now that we have a way of finding range to target besides using the Stadimeter or Sonar, we needed to input the range measurement into the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC). The Range Dial will serve this purpose.

Its function is limited to a minimum of 500 yards/meters to a maximum of 6200 yards/meters. It is independent of the Stadimeter, and does not interfere with its function. Once the data for the three parts of the firing solution (Range, AoB, and target Speed) have been sent to the TDC, the Position Keeper may be turned on to keep track of the target as it would with a Stadimeter or Sonar reading. The Range Dial can be used to send data to the TDC that was obtained from the Radar as well.

The following image shows the Range Dial in practice. After the Dial has been set to the desired range, you click on the Attack Data Tools "Send" button and the Position Keeper and TDC are updated with the corresponding range (and yes, it will do it even if there is no designated target, as the image below illustrates).


Using radar to gain target range was done many times to take advantage of the equipments ability to see targets at long distances and prepare an approach for attack. Radar was also thought of as another means to support an ongoing firing solution calculation, by checking and rechecking its findings against the Telemeter divisions, Stadimeter, and Sonar (when appropriate) range and bearing figures. As captain, you should take advantage of all tools at your disposal to reach the final goal of an accurate firing solution. To do this, I've added an overlay to the American radar screens (both A-Scope and PPI) to help in determining range and bearing of a target.

Below are images of the A-Scope and PPI screens at their unzoomed sizes. The spike on the A-Scope screen is at 3000 yards, at a bearing of about 11 degrees (read the Bearing Compass on the wall, above the A-Scope set). The ability to zoom-in the view was added to the radar screens, to better see the tools.

The below image of the PPI screen shows the same target as what was found on the A-Scope. The range setting for the screen is on the lowest setting (8,000 yards) with the target at the 3,000 yard range ring, at about the 11 degree bearing location.

The overlays are scaled to the various ranges the radar can be set, with a reasonable amount of accuracy for all settings. I changed the radars capabilities to work as intended. I found the radar missed targets, even at visible ranges, due to game parameters set inaccurately.

The image below is with the Zoom feature of the radar screens at its nearest view. The lower "Orders Bar" and "HUD Dials" were hidden with the "Delete" key command to take the picture. Depending on the Range dial setting of 8,000, 32,000, or 80,000 yards, the blip at the zero degree bearing is either at 4,000, 16,000, or 40,000 yard distance from the sub.

You should note that the radar will not give you a precise figure, which I believe is appropriate for following real world abilities. You should use the radar as an aid for your other tools to make firing solution determinations. To help understand the radar provided, and the use of the overlays, please read the .PDF called Using Radar found in the Documentation folder.

Other changes:

I chose to address several factors that I don't like with the stock game. One is the number of planes in the game, in my opinion way too many. I felt the number of flyovers was excessive, the frequency between the flyovers too short, the maximum range these planes can use from their base (land or carrier) too long, land based bombers coming from carrier ships, all needed to be changed. I've done this, with the additional features of having more float search planes added to the appropriate Japanese ships. It is my belief that when a carrier or Japanese task force of capital ships is in the area, an increase in the specific type of aircraft used at these bases will alert you of their presence when out in the wide expanse of the ocean. It will depend on you to find this source of aircraft, and deal with it as you see fit. In my opinion, the game does not spawn aircraft out of thin air; there is a reason for it. Take advantage of aircraft found, when no other land bases explain their presence.

I have also felt the jack rabbit acceleration of the Destroyer and Cruiser class ships needed to be changed. I found too often a Destroyer sensing an approaching torpedo and jump from a 7 knot speed to 15 in a matter of seconds, avoiding the hit. These ships should not act like dragsters doing zero to 60 in a few seconds. All Destroyer and Cruisers were reduced in power to provide a more appropriate acceleration model. Changes were also made to other factors that coincide to the power parameter, giving the ship model the capabilities it should have.

I made changes to the type and quantity of the deck guns ammunition (both large and small guns). I felt the main ammunition was the High Explosive shell and the load out is now appropriate. Slight changes to the ammo icons and mouse over text were also made.

I've added my U.S. Medals Fix modification to OTC to fix the stock game award system. This will allow for a more appropriate medal to be awarded when the game calculates your achievements.

Several sounds in the environment were changed to give a bit of realism to the game.

I have added World War Two photographs to most of the menu and start-up screens, making the game seem a bit more authentic. It's a small tribute to the actual men who served in battle we simulate with this game today.

The HMS Shannon vs. USS Chesapeake outside Boston Harbor June 1, 1813

USS Chesapeake Captain James Lawrence lay mortally wounded...
.."tell the men to fire faster, fight 'till she sinks,..boys don't give up the ship!"

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looks very impressive. Great work
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This looks pretty impressive.

Gotta ask though: Can I assume that this will work ok with RFB or TMO?


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Is there any way this will play nice with the 3D TDC and Radar Range Unit by Nisgeis?

There seems to be some really nice features here.
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I was going to ask the same thing as Sharkbit. Is it compatible with any supermods, RSRDC or for stock only? I presume there would be no conflict with webster's GFO?

I had been waiting for the release of this mod to start a new patrol.
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Awesome! Can't wait to try it.

I would also like to know about the questions regarding major mod compatibility. I assume this negates the need for SCAF anymore?
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You've been very busy Captain!

I will try this out on the next patrol (w/ RFB).

Great work.
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If you don't mind...
I just want to play with your Omnimeter, as I have ideas for this in a different application (IOW - different scales for diff apps)

WRT zoom values... have you stuck to stock camera angle/FOV values ?
I ask this (as you probably know) as the zoom and camera angle values go hand-in-hand.
If so my 768 diameter scope scaled views would fit well here, which might be an addon to your mod.
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Very impressive Capn!!! I'm eager to incorporate this into game play.

I also eagerly await your reply to razark's question. I'd love to see this play well with 3D TDC and Radar Range Unit by Nisgeis!
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Man this looks goooood!
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Thank you Capnscurvy! Perhaps I can actually start hitting things now :P

I'm an RFB+RSRDC user, and JSGME says the OTC Mod is overwriting some of the campaign files, what have you changed in this respect?

nevermind, found your changelog.

I'm experiencing a bit of a conundrum though, I'm trying to make this mod RFB+RSRDC compatible, and so far I'm just doing a quick and dirty fix for the time being, I started out missing crew, got them back, then missing guns, and i got most of them back...but I'm missing an after AA gun on the Gato class, with the cut down tower.
I'm pretty sure this is the same for the other boats...but I'm sure i have removed everything that would interfere with the guns, specifically, everything in the USSubParts folder, I've removed the Submarine folder, which was causing the missing crew, the unitparts.upc, which handles the AA guns...but I'm kinda lost as to why one gun isn't showing up.

I'll look into it a bit more, but any help would be appreciated
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I will eventually find a new repository for my old mods once I look through and make sure none are outdated

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Either you are nuts, a genius or both. And you have ruined my weekend, as I will spend it tying out your mod.

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Very good mod and very well done!

With your mod I was able to plant 2 of my 3 fish into the side of a Tyohei Maru. Last one barely missed to the forward due to the spread. What makes it a feat though was that I engaged and hit at 4200 yards!
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After looking at Sledgehammer's post I was wondering if it would be possible to release a version that is just the Optics changes and the omnimeter/range dial features. That might help make it more compatible with all the other major mods out there.

I tried this and it looks great. I REALLY like the addition of the range dial on the TDC. This is a huge help.
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To help answer some of the posts, this mod should not be considered compatible with any other mod. I have made many changes to the stock game files; so has RFB, GFO, TMO or most others. I learned a long time ago trying to make specific versions of a compatible mod for "Super Mods" (that change as often as one changes their socks) is not hardly worth it to me. Every time they make a change in their mod, I've got to keep up? No thanks. Been there, done that.

The fact is there are file changes that relate to other files, which relate to others, and so on. Changing one aspect can throw off a whole group of others. For instance, I know some of the environment type mods (those that simply change the color of the ocean and other effects) get into changing the Camera.dat file to suit their needs. Of course, so does Optical Targeting Correction. One is going to overlap the other depending on which one gets loaded through JSGME last. That's not a good thing to do for either mod.

I will tell you, I'm really well along in making OTC compatible with Run Silent, Run Deep Campaign version 550 (that's its version for a stock game). I have every intention to make OTC compatible with a mod that offers the kind of mission package RSRDC provides.


There was a question about SCAF?

The OTC mod should be considered a replacement for the Stock version of Ship Centered, Accuracy Fix. The benefits of having a corrected "height reference point" (no matter where this point is located on a target) is included in OTC. With the added accurate measurement of the targets length to the Recognition Manual. I'll admit I've moved the height reference point back to the mast tops for most ships (except for the merchants). Does the measurements mean you can't miss with manual targeting? Not at all, there are still plenty of ways to incorrectly input data for a missed firing solution. It does mean its up to you to use the tools at your disposal to "lessen" the chance of an inaccurate firing solution. I've just never believed incorrect measurements should play a part in simulating real life events. In real life if a measurement was found wrong it would have been corrected.


To answer the question will you just make a stripped down version of OTC so certain parts can work with other mods?


Why go through the trouble of having an Omnimeter placed in the game if you don't fix the optical view? Why fix the optical view if the measurements used in game aren't correct? Why bother to have a Range Dial when you can't get a reasonably accurate manually found range of a target due to not having the corrections above? As I pointed out, one thing leads to another. By the time you get things all put together you have no small mod. It's going to have many files that will overwrite the mods you want to have it work with. At this time you either make a commitment to keep up with whatever changes someone else makes just to make your mod compatible with it, or say no thanks. It is what it is.

The HMS Shannon vs. USS Chesapeake outside Boston Harbor June 1, 1813

USS Chesapeake Captain James Lawrence lay mortally wounded...
.."tell the men to fire faster, fight 'till she sinks,..boys don't give up the ship!"
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