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Default SH5 Quick Start Guide

New comers may spend hours reading threads just to learn which mods to install. Even though there are threads where everyone list the mods they're currently using the list is often forty or more mods. This becomes confusing and tiresome. Where I once listed a set of recommend must have mods to start out with I now recommend you try The Wolves of Steel - SH5 Megamod . There is also Magnum Opus v0.0.1 (BETA version for testing/feedback purposes). If you still rather custom mod it yourself then start by reading SH5 Mod Guide for Beginners.

When you install from the dvd if you want to use English type with German Language Speech select custom install.

If you like to use your DVD to install SH5 on a new or different computer then your original install you may do so. Here's how;

The key is that the UbisoftGameLauncher that installs with the game is not enough. You must go online to your Uplay account and download the UbisoftGameLauncher App and install it all over again. It will give direct access to the log onto UPlay through a dialog box.

Once you have the dialog box you can click the gear box to change settings. Go to Network settings and check the box to 'Always start Uplay in offline mode'.

You may have to sign in and go online once and change to offline but I don't believe so.

Also if anyone is running Windows 10 or 8 you must change the SH5.exe properties | Compatibility and check 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' well as.... 'Run as administrator'

Check your game version is up to date. If not run the Updater found in your drive; \Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\Support\GameUpdater\gu.exe

If your game stutters try antilag for a stable frame rate and smoother graphics.

Next play the first campaign mission and complete it. It is a get to know the boat and crew tutorial and the full interface doesn't become available until you're done with this mission.

You could add mods at this point but you may want to do a mission with the full default interface and find out what's going to annoy you the most.

Set Game Options for the realism you want before going any further and starting your first real campaign mission. Whether continuing after the tutorial completion or starting a new campaign under a new name the game will present a mission diagram of the war years. Only the next mission will be available unless you apply the hack. There is no input screen here, just type silentotto to hack into all the missions throughout the years. Trust me just try it. Then choose your mission.

You will be in the sub bunker to begin the next mission but since you applied the hack you have no renown. Press ESC to go back to the main menu screen. Now go to the save\load screen and click on the top save which was autosave for you when you enter the hacked mission. This enters you back in with renown. Go see the supply officer first then see the flotilla commander.


It's best to install all mods using JoneSoft thread

Then install your Mega Mod of choice or Custom build.

Game tips thread

All the default game key commands:
ScrLock = Console [Cmd2]
Backsp = Pause_game [Cmd3]

Npad - =Time_compr_reduce [Cmd4]
Npad + =Time_compr_increase [Cmd5]
\ = Time_compr_normal [Cmd6]

F1 = Help [Cmd1]
F2 = Toggle_free_camera [Cmd582]
F3 = Focus_on_event_cam [Cmd30]
F4 = Avatar[Cmd117]

F5 = toggle the deck gun crew [Cmd574]
F6 = toggles the flak crew [Cmd575]
F7 = toggle action stations
F8 = toggle silent running
F9 = over-stress Diesels
F10 = overload E-Motors
F11 = "tickle" Torpedos
F12 = preheat Torpedos

Shift+F1 = Select_tube_1 [Cmd315]
Shift+F2 = elect_tube_2 [Cmd316]
Shift+F3 = Select_tube_3 [Cmd317]
Shift+F4 = Select_tube_4 [Cmd318]
Shift+F5 = Select_tube_5 [Cmd319]

1 = Ahead_slow [Cmd162]
2 = Ahead_one_third [Cmd163]
3 = Ahead_standard [Cmd164]
4 = Ahead_full [Cmd165]
5 = Ahead_flank [Cmd166] Shift+UpArrow

~ = All_stop [Cmd171]

Shift+1 = Back_slow [Cmd167]
Shift+2 = Back_standard [Cmd168]
Shift+3 = Back_full[Cmd169] Shift+DownArrow
Shift+4 = Back_emergency[Cmd170]

W = Move_forward [Cmd92], Shift+W = Move_forward_fast [Cmd93]
S = Move_backward[Cmd94], Shift+S = Move_backward_fast[Cmd95]
A = Strafe_left[Cmd96], Shift+A = Strafe_left_fast[Cmd97]
D = Strafe_right[Cmd98], Shift+D = Strafe_right_fast[Cmd99]

B = Binocular_camera v [Cmd18]
M = Navi$gation_map [Cmd31]
O = Toggle_Activate_Clock[Cmd113]

G = Crew_control[Cmd41]
H = Systems_control [Cmd69] or Enter
J = Guns_control[Cmd112]
K = Toggle_captain_panel[Cmd114]
Z = Toggle_silent_running [Cmd155]

T = Camera_on_sub [Cmd490]
C = View_previous_escort_unit [Cmd551]
Y = Deploy_decoys [Cmd200]

R = Surface [Cmd193] R+Shift Emergency_surface [Cmd202]
F = Periscope_depth [Cmd194]
V = Dive [Cmd192], Crash_dive [Cmd201] View_next_escort_unit [Cmd552]
Shift+F = Order_maintain_depth [Cmd145]

Ctrl to mouse select the depth

Num0 = Rudder_amidship[Cmd184]
NumpadDecimal = Heading_to_view [Cmd148]
- = View_to_heading [Cmd149]

Ins = Rise_periscope[Cmd120], Shift+Ins[Cmd121]
Del = Lower_periscope[Cmd122], Shift+Del[Cmd123]
PgUp = Rise_obs_periscope[Cmd134], Shift+PgUp[Cmd135]
PgDn = Lower_obs_periscope[Cmd136]

Home = Hydrophone wheel clockwise
End = Hydrophone wheel counter-clockwise

. = Select_next_tube [Cmd572]
, = Select_prev_tube [Cmd573]
/ = Toggle_open_close_torpedo_tube [Cmd312]

Space = Toggle_lock_target [Cmd127], Shift+PgDn [Cmd137]
Space = Lock_guns_target [Cmd139]
Space = Fire_gun [Cmd307]
Shift+Space = Fire_torpedo [Cmd313]

Up Arrow = Move_speed_up[Cmd110] UpArrow = Gear_up [Cmd570]
Down Arrow = Move_speed_down[Cmd111] DownArrow = Gear_down [Cmd571]

LeftArrow = Rudder_to_port[Cmd568]
RightArrow = Rudder_to_starboard [Cmd569]
Shift+Left Arrow = Rudder_hard_to_port[Cmd182]
Shift+Right Arrow = Rudder_hard_to_starboard [Cmd183]

Num7 = Strafe_up [Cmd100], Home, Shift+Num7 = Strafe_up_fast[Cmd101], Shift+Home
Num1 = Strafe_down [Cmd102], End, Shift+Num1 = Strafe_down_fast,[Cmd103] Shift+End
Num4 = Rot_left Shift+Num4 [Cmd104]
Num6 = Rot_right Shift+Num6 [Cmd105]
Num9 = Rot_up[Cmd106]S hift+Num9
Num3 = Rot_down, [Cmd107] Shift+Num3

Ctrl+Left Arrow = Roll_left [Cmd108] Q
Ctrl+Right Arrow = Roll_right [Cmd109] E

Tab = Show_multiplayer_status [Cmd553]

Shift+U = Get_avatar_unstuck [Cmd584]
Shift+Z = ShowHideHud [Cmd585]

Ctrl+F8 fps
CTRL+F11 to take screen shots, stored in the main game folder


Added key commands with NewUIs with TDC for SH5 by TheDarkWraith

X+Shift - Delete Marks HotKey [322]
X - toggle follow target [512]

X - AutomationScriptHotKey1[389]
U - AutomationHotKey[365]

C - reposition a mark on the map
V - edit the mark text associated with the mark on the map

M - most fuel efficient speed[104]
N - nomograph visibility[427]

C - display the heading/rudder dial[451]
Q - journal [471]
E - decrease the desired heading when you mouse into the heading bar

P - hotkey used for crash dive

L - toggle the messagebox visibility[545]

T - teleport commands[911]

B+Shift - ottos chalkboard[1025]
I - increase the chalkboard count[1055]

My own mod list;

Accurate German Flags
Dynamic Environment

SteelViking's Interior mod V1.2 patch V1.1.1
Unterseeboot II SFX
U-Boat propulsion SFX
U-Boat Ballast Tanks SFX
U-Boat Watch Crew Routine SFX
No magic skills v1.5 MCCD compatible
Mighty fine crew mod
More Crew Commands by Dialog Mod MFCM_1.2.1_compatible
MightyFine Less Annoying Footsteps 1.0
Lite Campaign 1.2
German U-Boat Crew Language Pack
Speech fixes and additions (german version)
NewUIs with TDC for SH5 by TheDarkWraith (UI hidden until mouse-over)
Arclight_MRP w/MRP 16x9 patch (included in TDW mod)
NewUIs_TDC_6_3_0_ERM_Reaper7_NightVision_BlackSkin (included in TDW mod)
Intelligent Random AI ( IRAI ) w/IRAI no hydrophone on surface
EQuaTool - Kriegsmarine Light Style

See how others are modding SH5

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