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Captain Ken
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Default Need help with Fall of Rising Sun Mods

I played this game infrequently, but really love it. Unfortunately, I had to replace my HDD, and although I cloned the disk, FOTRS no longer will start up.

Because it has been so long since I installed it, I can't remember the procedures and extras that need to be installed with it.

Are there any instructions for how to go about getting a clean install with the latest updates, and possibly how to transfer/import the previous career data to the new install?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!
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Do you have an SH4 v1.5 - Uboat Missions or "Gold" Edition? You'll need that for the mod. Just insert the disk and install. However, you'll want to move the install location from the default "C:\Program Files\ Ubisoft\ Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific\" folder. If you have another hard drive, I just type over the "C" with the other drive letter, such as "D" or whatever. Or, you could delete the "\Program Files" (or "\Program Files (x86)", as the case may be), and then have the install path be "C:\Ubisoft \Silent Hunter..." You will also have to install the DirectX v9.0c, which comes on the game disk. It will not overwrite the current DirectX version you have, just supplement it with the old, compatible files needed by older 3D games. You won't need the UPlay or the Adobe Reader, if you already have a form of Acrobat Reader on your computer. The version on the disk is like 12 years old now anyway... You do need that DirectX 9 though, without fail, else the 3D portion of the game will NOT work, and if you install the game in a Program Files folder, Windows won't let you install any mods (unless you're using XP SP2 or lower)... Your image of the drive might not be working because the dll for the game isn't found anymore, and a re-install would correct that.

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