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Default Your thoughts on runners with Prosthetics.

Well, we got this runner who, by all accounts is doing quite well.
Thing is he doesn't have lower legs but has been fitted with carbon fiber blades.

The article that prompted this discussion with my girlfriend :

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) initially banned him from competing in able bodied races after it was found that his blades gave him an unfair advantage.
He took his case to the CAS and was cleared to run shortly before the Beijing Games."

My personal feeling is augmentation , giving him an advantage is wrong, however admirable it is . (my girlfriend thinks he should be allowed to run)

My suggestion , study his running , try to find out the advantage caused by his "blades" and subtract that percentage from his finishing time.

But in thinking about it i tried to find a basic rule for things like athletics and what i thought was anything NOT artificially enhanced should be allowed to compete...

But , then the Castor Semenya story raises it head.
Totally natural (nothing artificial)but excessive testosterone, giving her an advantage over other female athletes...

Anybody else have different ideas?
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