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If I want to uninstall existing GWX and install WAC5.0, how do I do that? seems GWX can't be uninstalled?
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schlechter pfennig
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Default Not sure what's up with the Hunt III destroyer

Not sure what's up with the Hunt III destroyer, but it seems to be indestructable? I encountered it just after a save, so this actually happened to me twice, once originally, and the second time after reloading the save:

Perfect weather, ideal AoB, within 2,000 meters, with the torpedo set at ~4.2, based upon the draft of 3.7. Goes off just below the keel, and rocks the dessie like a toy (see below) . . . and nothing.

Dessie just keeps cruising along and, in fact, keep going in a straight line as if nothing at all had happened.

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I have some questions about WAC5.01 without the campaigns (due to crashes on patrol loading). Especially how i have to deal with the HSIE-patch in this case and the correct order of mod installation/activation.

My installation/activation order at the moment (with atlantic-baltic-campaign):

1. SH3
2. 1.4b Patch
3. NoCD (dont know if necessary, other mods recommend it)
4. 4GB-Patch
5. installed JSGME
6. hsie-patch (patched the sh3.exe > started selector > copied the patched .exe into the "supplement for the atlantic-baltic-campaign"-folder)
7. installed and activated WAC
8. activated campaign
9. activated supplement altlantic-.... (see 6.)
10. activated ahnenerbe widescreen (optimized)
11. activated direct zoom

My first question is, can I use my patched/modified "supplement for the atlantic-balic-campaign-folder" (as I did at step 6) for an installation with the stock campaign or is it necessary to individualize it as required in the hsie readme (adding the new messages, Adding the AI-Subs for the Wolfpack Mod)?

Second question, which install/activation order you would recommend for WAC5.01 with stock campaign, hsie, ahnenerbe WS + direct zoom?

Thanks ...
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