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bullet force games * json formatter tool * router
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Default welcome aboard!

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Originally Posted by Cyborg322 View Post
Ahoy !

I could not find Steam version on Amazon. ( Both thru the Subsim Link or Direct thru browser ) I checked on the Steam Community Hub and Silent Hunter 5 is listed as N/A

There are several versions of the game on Amazon and as you can see there is a huge variation in prices

I noticed it is now Published by Blacklime Games ( Focus Essential ) as a DVD no idea when that happened. Cannot find much info on them

There is also an option to buy a UPlay Key ( Ubisoft Version )

The is Gold Edition which is just the Standard version patched

Special collectors Edition has dropped to around the same price as other versions . you get a fairly decent *map with Shipping lanes , an *Official Guide book ( Not sure if its the same book reprinted to look aged )
*7 Extra UBoat and Ship Skins but I can't imagine that is the case.
Oh and a Nice looking box

You should have no problems with your system spec I had GTX660 2GB Vram ( Older version of your 960 ) + i5 3570k until upgrading 1yr ago Max Graphics settings no problem WOS v 2.09
Thanks for your very informative help Simon

Sorry for the delayed response - life, you know
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