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Onkel Neal
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radar How America's F-15 Fighter Almost Joined the US Navy (On an Aircraft Carrier)

How America's F-15 Fighter Almost Joined the US Navy (On an Aircraft Carrier)

Was the Sea Eagle a viable concept? The problem is the one that we are seeing with today's F-35: an aircraft that must serve more than one master inevitably sacrifices performance in some area (in fact, the F-14 was born after the Pentagon's abortive attempt to make the ill-fated F-111 a joint Air Force and navy fighter). To turn the F-15 into a carrier-based interceptor like the F-14 would have required so many design changes that the hybrid beast would probably have been inferior to either the F-15 or F-14.

Which points to the real problem: The Air Force and Navy have always had different requirements. In the 1970s, the Air Force wanted a powerful, highly maneuverable dogfighter to prevent a repeat of what happened when its F-4 Phantoms battled more nimble MiGs over Vietnam. Though ironically, the Air Force did at one point consider the F-14 as a replacement for the F-106 interceptor.

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We should still be building F-14s to this day.
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Originally Posted by em2nought View Post
We should still be building F-14s to this day.
Yep, I believe the Iranians are desperately short of spare parts
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I mean Tomcat was a good air defense interceptor, with it's Phoenix long range air to air missiles.
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This one for all concept is what concerns me about the F-35 in all it's versions.
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The Navy and Air Force list their own specific needs for an aircraft and all Congress sees/hears is "I need a plane to shoot down other planes and drop bombs." And that boys and girls is how the F-35 was born. Could argue the F-4 as well, and the F-111.

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