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Old 05-29-2020, 09:21 AM   #1
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Exclamation What about the News :) ?

Hello dear community.
Many days lie behind my last post here.
think you should know what is happening here.
first of all i want to thank the community for the translation support, i will come back to this.
But I still owe you all a statement where Project Seahunter is now. Some decisions had to be made lately, not least because of the Corona crisis. ( I translate this with Deepl, I hope you understand it that way, because I write in German ).
Behind me are hard decisions concerning the game system, which I had to make.
Many of you have already tried World of Warships with the submarines.
When I saw the system of WOW, I was very satisfied. It is not what you can expect in Seahunter. I was afraid that WOW might overturn my system, but that is not the case.
I have listened to all of you, to your wishes.
Seahunter, is at the point of publication.
Now I am just waiting for an account number, and Seahunter will register with Steam as Early Access, with start date.
Steam has to check my content ( I will start with 2 games, not only Seahunter but also another Good King bad Crown ) and will create a release for my content ( the game ).
it were hard ways necessary, the money which is taken if necessary, also the project (thus the play) to property to let come.
So far we are now.
It was a very hard way, a way I never asked for anything ( from you ) and a way I had to go.
Thousands of hours of work, listening, changes and much more, are now in my "baby" the game Seahunter.
Whether it pleases you then, that is for you alone to decide.
Every criticism, I will accept ( and try to improve ) as well as every praise gives me pleasure, but does not let me forget - that I still have a lot to improve.
But one thing I can say: I developed this game, all by myself, as a single person, with much love, much devotion, and sometimes more than what you should do. I went beyond my strength.
But to get to the point:
Seahunter, is now just a wink away from the show on Steam.
which means the show for the sale of the game will start soon.
my own incorporated "publisher" for it, is called "Arktic Ice".
Soon you will find Seahunter under "soon to be released".
I think, in 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the Steam Exam) I should be able to show you my preview, then there will be a release date for early access.
What will happen in the meantime?
With the release on Steam, I'm pulling away from Alpha teams.
There will be a closed beta on Alpha Team (I don't even know that yet).
But in this closed beta, youtuber will be included.This will give you a chance to see how others feel about my game, watch some missions, and make your own judgments.With the announcement on Steam, the Kickstarter will also start (I will announce this separately).
You don't have to feel obliged to join the Kickstarter.But I want to assure you: Every cent you pay to a Kickstarter will also go to Seahunter (with the exception of 15% of the income Kickstarter keeps for itself).
Seahunter, from this point on, you can join Seahunter via Kickstarter.
Do not feel called or obliged to do so!
I attach great importance to this, because I have pre-financed everything in this project.
Where does Seahunter still need "support" ?
Not for boats, not for missions.
Also thanks to the community, if those who promised it - not in translations.
Primarily in 2 things:
First, a spokesman.
Second - UI design.
Seahunter does not have a nice "menu" yet, nor a timely "view" in the menu. I would like to finance this with Kickstarter.
But everything else: is already done.
With the money that might be donated via Kickstarter, I would like to pay "speakers" that make you feel like someone is talking to you instead of just reading silent texts.
I need a total of 5 speakers, with up to 8 000 spoken words depending on the task.
In addition, I would like to have a UI designer who can spice up the UI (the menu) I created. For this I would like to have Kickstarter. But that is up to you.
And what happens if the kick starter is a mistake ?
...then Seahunter will still appear.
As soon as I'm ready to activate the Early Access, which will probably be in September, you can buy the game from Steam.
Of course you can also pre-order it.
I have to get used to it ( please understand ) first.
Seahunter in Early Access will appear on Steam with the following items:
1st - the full German Campanie, in all circumstances,
2. - Covert missions.
3 - a unique (meaning you only have one score) memory system,
that can't be cracked.
4 - The type XB, VII A, B, C, D and the type II (as DLC the type XXI)
5 . - a story telling campanie of 35 missions that will take you through World War II aboard a submarine of the German Kriegsmarine.
... and the conclusion of the German Campanie.
This includes Early Access.
You can upgrade your boats, you have a (no real money) ingame store, which lets you buy things after success or failure, and much more.
Far more than 8 different torpedoes, machine guns or anti-aircraft guns are already prepared for you.
A total of 3 types of mines are waiting to be laid by you.
And each of these weapon systems has its advantages and disadvantages.
But the Early Access is not the end.
During the Early Access phase the Japanese Campaign is developed.
The German one, ends in Neuschwabenland ( I may reveal that much ).
In the Early Access phase, the game is extended to the Japanese Campanie. For this I need - since I build this alone - of course some time.
I hope you are looking forward to all this content, and can understand that I don't want to show many videos or content anymore.
Sometimes bigger ones can offer something you thought of yourself, because they have more "man power".
That's what I want to avoid, I hope you can understand that.
But all in all you will be able to get a "picture" of what you can expect. Very soon.
Until then, I wish you a safe journey and good hits.
Your Andy.
Project Seahunter. Smoking Head Studio ( Publisher: Arktic Ice ).

i hope Deepl translatet this right, and wish all of you a nice Weekend
We are in the last Steps for the Way 2 Steam It's like Magic this Moment, all Things work very well,
and after all the Changes for your Wishes, i am really happy, to made it so far now.

I hope you all will enjoy the Result

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Old 05-31-2020, 07:38 PM   #2
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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As always, thanks for the steady updates!
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Old 06-22-2020, 08:16 AM   #3
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Hello, Uncle Neal.

Thanks for your lines. I'm sorry I don't post here often, I'm a regular facebook user. Depending on the status of the project.

Some of the things I've already written above, I don't want to show yet - before - Steam and the Early Access also starts the Kickstarter.

But now, at this very moment, Arctic Ice and Smoking Head Studio are ready to start. Exactly what matters is happening - right now.

When you've spent a lot of time on an idea like I did, a lot of things go through your head at a time like this.

Things like, "Did I do it right?"
"will the fans like it?"
or are they gonna judge it?

What can I improve on, where can I listen.

Nevertheless, it fills me with pride to say: "yes, I've finished it so far that it can be offered now" I've reached the point where the community, all people who like submarines and simulators, Acarde games or similar with this topic, can now become part of it all.

And it will be announced on Steam in 2 - 3 weeks (depending on how long Steam needs to register Arctic Ice).

In terms of development itself, dark times lie behind me. Times when I was alone, and no one at my side to tell me: "Do it this way".
But the result, I hope, will bring joy to you all.

Because that's all that matters.
Maybe I'm not a 100% simulator like you know from Silent Hunter.
Maybe Seahunter makes things simple - a bit different -
Maybe I am just a mixture of everything, but a very interesting mixture.

And it is coming towards you now with great strides.
And do I think (this is my personal opinion) about handing my work over to you in this way, and this in an early access, which is certainly not final, then I can say:

yes, the game is fun.
It's not a simulator, not even a pure "Acarde" game like World of Warships.
it is ... knitted a little differently.

and to be honest: I'm looking forward to show you the Steam announcement. I'm looking forward to start the closed beta, YouTube to show you how the game works and more. I'm also looking forward to announce the Kickstarter, which is a "if you like it, but you don't have to".
the project is so far, that it is not dependent on Kickstarter, but : if someone wants to contribute, it will only and exclusively serve the project, and not a cent goes into my own pocket, only into the game.

That makes me very proud.

It wasn't easy to avoid all those pitfalls. But now, here I am.
I have the content, I have the game, and I have the honor to present my work to you soon.

I have the pleasure of presenting joy to you.
and the only thing i can hope is that you like my idea exactly as much as i do.

But I am not afraid of that, because many ideas of the community have been taken into account. A lot of things that never existed before - are included in Seahunter.

whether you like it or not or it's up to you.

And what you don't like, there is certainly room for improvement.

Best regards,

Translated with (free version)
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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Old 06-22-2020, 09:46 PM   #4
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Join Date: Jan 1997
Location: Cougar Trap, Texas
Posts: 20,020
Downloads: 461
Uploads: 215


Nice, keep us posted, looking forward to seeing your game.
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