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Default Is there anyway to get the ReplayVCR to show up with scenerios made w/ mission editor

Hello Is there anyway to get the ReplayVCR to show up with scenarios made with the mission editor?

I noticed when i die in a mission a Replay VCR to go over the mission pops up and also has a Excellent log feature to show events and when other units detected me, i like this feature I wished Sub Command and Dangerous Waters had this feature of timed log events and detection.

My BIG problem and question is when making my own mission it would be nice after i save game and quit the mission for the Replay VCR to pop up so i can see what happens, actually the only time I see the Replay VCR and logged time events pop up is when i die. Am i missing something here? How do i get to see the Replay VCR of mission, is this only available to see after you die? If so what a bummer looks like I will not keep 688i if there is no way to see what happens in a mission i played unless i die, very strange i must be missing something simple? Any info very much appreciated.

Thank You!

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