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Default Bug report: ???


When I was llaying solo,

I did the following.

1. 1 opent all airvents
Including the biltchpump
Air in both ballast tanks
Air vent into trim tank
And the air vent in the negative tank.

2. I did not closed the vents and let them run empty
So there was no more compressed air in the system

After that i opend up the front and back ballast tanks.
And waited...
Nothing happend.

4 after a a few minutes waiting .. i filled up the negative tank
And set the boat to fullspeed ahead and used the dive control fins to push the nose down...

The boat would not sink...
This is not correct rigt or am i missing something?

Sorry for my bad english...
Thanks for the help!
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Definitely not correct. What would happen in real life is, if you were standing on the bridge, you would see bubbling coming up as the compressed air was forced out of the open Kingston valves and slots at the bottoms of the various ballast tanks. That’s actually how they knew they were empty is they saw the bubbles and ordered the (albeit with diesel exhaust) blowing stopped. And so if you bled all of your compressed air out you would be left with really the same amount of air in the ballast tanks that you started with.

I’m wondering if the code somehow makes it so if you keep blowing even with empty ballast tanks you accumulate a fictitious “buoyancy reserve” that prevents you from diving. I have no idea though. Good catch though!
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Onkel Neal
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There's no reason to empty the trim system, that's the issue in this case. If there is no water in any of the tanks, the boat will not dive as it should (slower).
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