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Default Wolfpack campaign

Hello to all fans of Wolfpack submarine simulator game.

October 2022
1. Introduction.

The WPC 3.0 campaign is a new game content for the Wolfpack game. Campaign participants get access to unique missions and tasks. Their game progress accumulates in the form of a player's career.

2. Campaign tools.

To participate in the campaign, the player must be logged into the discord community of the WPC campaign channel.
To maintain their own statistics, players must use a special application that will take into account the player's career. Players can participate in campaign missions without keeping statistics with other players who have access to tasks and missions.

3. Types of missions.

There are 4 types of missions developed in the campaign:
• Blitzeinschlag
• Skirmish
• Special Mission
• Campaign Patrol

4. Statistics and rating system.

Player statistics are stored on a special google server. There is a lot of useful information available there, as well as information about the work of the campaign calendar, the rating of players and flotillas.
Players ranking by the sum of experience points for 30 days. Flotillas Rating Score based on the sum of experience points of the top 10 players in each flotilla.
The calendar is updated every day at 12:00 Central European time.

5. Awards, ranks and achievements.

For each mission, the player receives experience points. Depending on the accumulated experience, a military rank is assigned.
For completing special missions or patrol missions, players receive military awards. The highest award for a special mission is Knight's Cross of the Merit Cross, for patrolling U-boat Front Clasp in Silver.
For the sunk tonnage, participants are awarded the Knight's Cross. The highest award is Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds.

6. Rules for pack missions.

The host boat automatically becomes a command boat or the command boat is selected by agreement of the wolf pack commanders.
The command boat controls the pack boats in the mission. The command boat loses its status if it does not get in touch at the agreed time interval before the start of the mission.
If the command boat has lost its status or is absent from the mission, the other boats are required to coordinate the time of the attack.

7. Rules of radio messages.

Each boat is obliged to comply with the rules of radio communications, not allowing plain text, until the mission is completed. Existing types of radio message published by google table.

8. Violations and penalties.

The campaign has fines and penalties for violating the rules. For falsifying data in the mission results report, by the decision of the campaign command, a player can be excluded from the campaign or his statistics are removed.
For violating the order of the command boat, by the decision of the campaign command, the player can be suspended from participating in the campaign for a certain period.

9. Organizers and authors of the campaign.

The campaign management consists of the campaign headquarters, inspectors and developers.
 DoubleK040 is general manager of the campaign, inspector and manager of the Discord channel.
 the.gamer112 is developer of the campaign application and screenwriter.
 Septimanien is Campaign Headquarters commander and creator of special missions
 Alx_Novoros is a campaign developer, inspector and manager of the server part of the campaign.
 Kellermann is the general inspector of the campaign.

10. Important information.

If a mission participant has not launched the WPC app to participate in the mission, then he will not receive any achievements based on the results of this mission. In the event of the death of the boat, players lose all the sunk tonnage, regardless of whether the application was used or not.

A WPC campaign participant who has not launched the WPC application, or who has not sent a report on the result of the mission, will not see the result in the personal statistics of the WPC campaign. In case of loss of the boat, if the participant has not sent a report, the result will be entered into the WPC table by the inspector.
A WPC campaigner who cannot finish the mission sends a report - an aborted mission with tonnage at the time of exiting the game. In case of loss of the boat, if the participant has not sent a report, the result will be entered into the WPC table by the inspector.

WPC statistic server

Wolfpack campaign discord

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