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Default U-tanker fix, without U-tanker fix?

Anyone know how to edit how much fuel U-tankers give you, and to keep your renown and patrol grid? Time spent in dock can be changed with sh3, but if there is a way to fix that too with u-tankers that would be good to. I could use U-tanker fix but I have steiblers patch and tycho patch installed and I think you can’t use options selector if you got tycho patch.
Also, in the install order, we’re so I put the steibler GWX patch?
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Old 01-05-2021, 03:31 PM   #2
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Also should add I’m using the GWX mod, and arb GUI.
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John Pancoast
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Are you also using H.sie's patch ? Stiebler's patch is meant to be used with it, not by itself.
The mods you list have several files that conflict with each other. Applying them via JSGME will tell you which ones.
Then it is up to you whether to modify any files involved so they don't conflict, or which mod's conflicting files you want to overwrite the others.
To answer your fuel question, not that I know of. Some of your other questions are handled by H.sie's u-tanker patch which also makes me think you don't have it applied ?
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hsie , mods , sh3 , steibler patch , u-tanker

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