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Default [REL] Stop the rain! A definitive solution for bad weather!

march 2008
Stop the rain! for GWX2.0 V2
UPDATED: now it also supports 16km environments. Read below.


This mod raises from an old wish of all SH3 players: stop that annoying persistent bad weather that plague SH3 since itīs release. Alot of attempts were done to solve the problem, but neither one solved it until now. Stiebler&Subtype zero made the last attempt with excellents results but in truth just achieve to diminush the number of days per patrol with heavy rain & heavy fog, but with some frequency, the persistent bad weather is yet there.

The main problem with this condition is that apart it last for several days (a true deluge!) this weather conditions donīt allow the player to really play the game, itīs almost impossible to hunt on this type of weather.

So, what this mod does?
It cuts the bad weather if necessary, instantenously!

Before mod:

After mod:

When I may use it?
This mod is a "definitive" (and a bit dirty) solution for the persistent bad weather problem. It's main intention is to be only used if you have at least 48hrs of continue rain/heavy fog and/or if for any motive you donīt want to wait more for a bad weather changes that never comes. Another moment to use it is if for any motive you need to save a campaign game when in a storm. The chances of that storm becomes endless increase when you save reload a game in these conditions...I just suggest to you only use it if really necessary to avoid cheat the game (anyway the problem is a true bug, unfixed by the devs...)

How it works?
This solution will give to the player an immediate stop on the heavy fog/rain and the game will continues from that point (saved game) with now a medium fog without rain. It may be enable without exit sh3. After 48 to 72 hours (in game), the game itself will change the weather for the first time. At this point you may save your game, disable the mod without exit sh3 and reload your saved game with now your new weather and with yours original files. Like I said "itīs a bit dirty" but always works (100%) and it is the better "complement" to be used with your prefered normal weather mod or even with an unmodded game.

How you did it?
This mod is based on just one file: scene.dat that is tweaked to fool the game. Then the heavy fog/heavy rain state is now interpreted as a normal Medium fog/no rain by the game. Also the sea state is tonned down a bit (to allows you to really hunt again). All works as before, the visual and eletronics sensors, so you can hunt normally when using the mod until the game itself changes the weather and you return to the normal game again as described above. The scene.dat is one of the few .dat files that can be enable between patrols without problems.

Any side effect?
None that I have noticed until now.
Obviously it's a very new mod, only the feedbacks by users will show all it's good and also some problem if any. If you call a weather report when using it, you will notice that the Fog(visibility)/Preciptation are yet called Poor/Heavy. This is why i provide also an en_menu.txt into the mod (optional, just rename it), but en_menu.txt isn't enable by the game if you just alt tab, so to really correct this small flaw will be then necessary to restart the game. I dunno if it justify the effort, but the en_menu is there if you are very perfectionist and want a "without any flaw" mod. Anyhow I recomend to make a backup of your last saved campaign game before try this mod.

Speaking about compatibility...
I used the default 8km/16km GWX2.0 scene.dat for this first release. The default is for 8km - if you use 16km environment you need first to rename the scene.dat (on the mod) to scene.pat (as an example) and then rename the scene_16km.pat to scene.dat and then it's ready to be used. Even using the GWX2.0 scene.dat, it probably remain compatible with any game. Even stock or NYGM ones (just use the correct one for 8km or 16km environment). The game don't use the scene.dat info after you start the game/patrol. So nothing will "stay" in your game when you save it again and disable the mod. Anyhow if someone found something problematic for this or that mod i can provide special version for it.

How to install?
JSGME ready. Follow the conditions described below.
No SH3CMDR rollback is needed if you use it as described on this readme.

How to use it?
When you are in that bad weather endless situation you then may save&exit your patrol. Alt tab to windows and use JSGME to enable the mod. Alt tab again and reload that last saved patrol. Voila!. no more bad weather now! Then play normally (hunt if you want) and when the game itself start to change the weather 48 to 72hrs ahead (even a wind heading change is enough...) save&exit again, Alt tab, disable the mod, alt tab again, reload your patrol and continue to play normally! That is it!

What happens if I just forget to save&reload again?
Well, no problems at wall. You only will not have more Heavy fog and rain and your waves will be a bit less high on heavy winds until you reenable your original scene.dat. You in truth can switch back to your original files at any time as described above.

A last comment...
The mod already have the RealWeatherfix from Stiebler&Subtypezero applyed. Note that the main weather change will occur between 48 to 72 hours average, but this depends on your WeatherRndInterval setting in campaign .mis files. According to Stiebler's research and also from my observations the main weather change will occurs each 12/16 hours x your WeatherRndInterval setting at .mis files x 1 (for inside tropical lines) or x 2 (outside tropical lines). Sometimes it just changes for the same state, just varing abit the wind direction and itīs velocity. Itīs up to you to continues with the mod scene.dat until you are happy again with the weather. Then you may disable the mod.

Thanks to:
skwas' S3D, the best tool for SH3 ever!
Stiebler&SubTypezero for their research on the SH3 weather issue.

================================================== =======
Updated to version 2, probably the last one:
- en_menu.txt is now optional (need to rename first if you want to use it)
- added the two lowered rain sounds to also not have rain sounds when use the mod
- small adjusts on scene.dat to make it totally compatible with RWF mod
================================================== =======

Have fun!
One gamer's must-have mod is another gamer's waste of time.
-Sailor Steve

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