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Default Beating not making a wake!

G'day guys,

I found Bill Nicholls' FFG guide ; he mentions that, in the FFG, wakehomers can be beaten by going 4kts or less (i.e. not making a wake)

I gave it a test, provoking a Russian Kilo Pr 877 to fire at me with wakehomers.

It was VERY weird to stand still/go slow when you've just been fired upon - but the results were interesting - about 1/2 the torpedos fired missed when I was at 4kts or dead-stopped!

I don't know if the RA wakehomers have another form of search guidance (active/passive) though. At least 1-2 of the Kilo's torpedo spread would hit me (even when stopped) - a few circled around and then hit me - and as you know, one torp is all it takes!

I don't know if you've got strategies to beat them in the FFG (apart from 'don't be fired upon') but it was an interesting theory!

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I Used to play a lot in the Perry when we were using 1.04 admittedly I was usually playing against another human, I know one-shot wrote the FFG guide and I also wrote up some tips too (both can be found here)

One tactic I used to use especially when close to land is run into the shallows, most of the time the torpedo depth settings were deep so the torpedo would run into the bank.

More recently I tried out a new tactic (today in fact) and I'm using RA 1.49 and driving the Udaloy class DDG.

What I did was fire off a salvo of torpedoes turned and ran in the opposing direction before looping back around and going to 3 knots, the Sierra class that attacked me her torpedoes ran past me without finding me.

With the ASW theatre is is stay slow and silent rarely would I ever come above 4 knots in a multiplayer game.

Admittedly I'm rusty though.

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