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Game starts with a Ghost Radio Player?

I've look and cannot seem to find anyone that shares my problem:

Sometimes, when I start a game (either from save or new campaign), the radio player is on and cannot be shut off or changed. While I don't mind the music, it does make hydrophone work impossible.

I have integrated several downloaded 'radio stations' (ie: Grossdeutscher_Rundfunk) and they seem to work fine. I'm wondering if this is a known problem I'm missing obvious...

My mods: (radio stations placed manually)

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[C:\Program data\Silent Hunter 5\MODS]

sobers green spinning thing SH5
Accurate German Flags
smaller flags for Warships 1_0b
EQuaTool 01.01 by AvM - Large Style
Trevally Tutorial - All v0.2(for OHIIv1.3)
Trevally Automated Scripts v0.6
Trevally Harbour & Kiel Canal Pilot v2.9
gap - HD 1 deg Scope Bearing v 1.0
Church's Compass Dials Mod v2.2 - Option Two
Dynamic Environment _Basemod (realistic version) V2.1
Dynamic Environmental Colors (realistic) V2.1
Dynamic Environment Sleet For Winter Campaigns V2.1
Dynamic Environment Atlantic Floor V2.1
Dynamic Environment Skycolor Hotfix #1 V2.1
Dynamic Environment Undersea (tropical) V2.1
Dynamic Environment Undersea (temperate and polar) V2.1
Dynamic Environment Undersea (mediterranean) V2.1
sobers NO water drops V1
sobers best ever waves V4 SH5
sobers see thru wake fix
sobers darker ship bow spray
sobers 3D deck spray mod V7
sobers best ever fog V12 SH5
Pascal-Crew-Uniforms. 12.2011
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Alt faces
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2.2 Patch
SteelViking's Sky Banding Mod
Fuel Gauge WoGaDi_SteelViking's Interior
NOZAURIO'S SKIN (No Emblem) v-1.0.0
Hull wetness for U-Boats
Cerberus62 Corrected Depth Charge Projector 1.0
sobers bad weather deck gun V1 SH5
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Basemod
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 HOTFIX 3
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 optional always shouting WO in normal mode
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 optional scary creaks
sobers talking conning crew mod
OH - Harbour_Environment_Enhancement v0.5
OHII Higher Tonnage Objectives for v1.9
OHII TDW_Mines_Subnets_Detectable_in_hydro v19
OH II Minefield map for TDWs Ui
sobers green crew training V3 SH5
Reworked Morale and Abilities v.1.01
IRAI_No_Hydrophone_On_Surface_No_Aircraft_Spotting _1_1_0
Critical hits v 1.2
Critical hits 1.1 Torpedos
Shadow Improvement Mod
TDW FX Fix for Sobers chimney smoke

Halp Please!
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