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Default U 115 - First War Patrol (2nd leg) - Supply Ship reached

Originally Posted by Kapitän View Post
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


U 115
- KTB -
First War Patrol
(17th war patrol overall)

Friday, 4 June 1943 - South-Atlantic

1105 - Qu.2198FS - Early Morning Dawn.

1133 - Crash dive for training. T=10 after 38 Sec. (3rd Watch with Diving Officer).

1137 - A-Meter.

1138 - Setting for T=20 at 96rpm.

1147 - Leveled-off at Reception Depth (9min. for 60m). Battery 74.3%; Compressed Air Supply 280Atü.

1150 - Surfaced after 17min. and 1.0nm.

1153 - Compressed Air Supply filled. 2x225RPM/8kn.

1159 - Sunrise. Weather and Sea unchanged in 3 days and 19.5h.

1200 - Qu.2432FS - Days Run: 187.6nm - ↗ 186.6nm (23h 43') - ↘ 1.0nm (17')
Total: 5565.0 (30tg 22h) - ↗ 5328.8nm (27tg 8h 44') - ↘ 236.2nm (3tg 13h 16')
437.5cbm (2cbm in 24h); Battery 74.3%; Course 169°; 3xT-3, 2xEtoFat, 1xT-4; 9xBold; SSE6/5, clear, very good visibility, >1000mb.

2307 - Incoming Radio Reports:

From O.K.W.:
a) Chinese 79th Corps launched a frontal attack against Japanese troops in the Hubei-Hunan border region in China, on the southern side of the Yangtze River; Japanese positions were pushed back, but the Chinese suffered very heavy casualties.
b) The Luftwaffe attacked the large Russian Tank factory in Gorki.
c) The British House of Commons refused to lift the economic blockade against occupied Europe.

From B.d.U.:
a) U 180 (IXD1; Fregkpt. Werner Musenberg) sighted aircraft on her return passage in FM 73 course 230°, in FL 62 course 150° and in FL 37 course 110°. She believed that there was routine air reconnaissance from Ascension for traffic from S. America to Africa. No radar observed. The boat sank the Greek "Boris" 5,166 GRT on 3.6 in FL 3816. Ship was carrying wood, minerals and mixed goods from Santos to Freetown.
b) U 177 (IXD2; Kptlt. Robert Gysae) has requested a rendezvous with U 195 (IXD1; KrvKpt. Heinz Buchholz) to transship a stoker, who is suspected of having a disease of the lungs. Rendezvous was ordered for 1200/7/6 in GR 4885.
c) U 594 (Kptlt. Friedrich Mumm) and U 409 (Oblt. Hanns-Ferdinand Massmann) are to move away to the W., if they have not succeeded in breaking through the Straits of Gibraltar and a fresh attempt seems too difficult.
d) U 758 (Kptlt. Helmut Manseck) reports experience with conning tower casing; with sea 4, diving times, depth keeping and spray normal. No disturbance in quadruple mounting.
e) U 455 (Oblt. Hans-Martin Scheibe) successfully beat off an attack by a Mosquito in BF 37.
f) U 418 (Oblt. Gerhard Lange) and U 436 (Kptlt. Günther Seibicke) were on their way home and, according to careful reckoning, should have made their arrival reports several days ago. The boats last reported on 23.5. from AK 9438 and 21.5. from BD 59 respectively. There are no clues as to cause of loss, but it was probably due to the very strong air activity in Biscay.

B-Dienst Report:
a) A Luxembourg national working at Peenemünde, Germany, reported to the United Kingdom the presence of a 10-meter-long rocket with 150- to 250-kilometer range which was fueled by "bottles containing gas".

2314 - Sundown. Weather and Sea unchanged in 4 days and 7.5h.

KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


U 115
- KTB -
First War Patrol
(17th war patrol overall)

Saturday, 5 June 1943 - East of Brazil

0946 - F.T. from Spitzbergen Weather Station: To Naval Command:
Were attacked today by Norwegian troops. Escaped to the mountains. Portable Radio loosing power. No supplies.
- Hazlenut Weather Station - Kross Fjord - Svalbard -

1110 - Early Morning Dawn.

1200 - Qu.5551FS - Days Run: 180.7nm - ↗ (24h)
Total: 5745.7 (31tg 22h) - ↗ 5509.5nm (28tg 8h 44') - ↘ 236.2nm (3tg 13h 16')
436cbm (1.5cbm in 24h); Battery 74.3%; Course 169°; 3xT-3, 2xEtoFat, 1xT-4; 9xBold; SSE6/5, clear, visibility 5.7nm, >1000mb.

1206 - Sunrise. Weather and Sea unchanged in 4 days and 20h.

1247 - Qu.5554FS - Control Point 3 reached.

1307 - Supply Ship (Merchant Raider) in sight straight ahead, E=10500.

1347 - Course 180° - Small Ahead.

1607 - F.T. from F.d.U. Norwegen: To all Northern Boats:
Go to Spitzbergen and rescue staff of the weather station Hazlenut in the Cross-Fjord.

2307 - Incoming Radio Reports:

From B.d.U.:
a) The following information has been given to the boats, based on general experiences and reports:
I. B.d.U.-Standing Order No. 12:
1) The enemy is prepared to resort to any means in the battle against U-boats.
It is suspected that explosives are fixed to lifeboats, cases, rafts, barrels etc. which fire when a U-boat approaches. Boats should therefore be suspicious when such objects are sighted, especially on the usual approach routes and in the usual operations areas in the N. Atlantic. Rafts and lifeboats should only be approached to determine the name of the ship, if they are found in a position where a ship has definitely sunk, or, in remote areas if, after close scrutiny, they are clearly seen to be harmless.
2) Boats should not approach the wreckage after an aircraft has been shot down. There is great danger from depth-charges which may roll out of the bomb racks, as has been proved in one case.
II. To boats with Radar:
Boat's own Radar set should be used to detect enemy aircraft in the former Biscay, if boats have to proceed on the surface. Aircraft are picked up at a range of at least 10 kilometers at a minimum height of 500 meters. Radar interception by enemy aircraft need not be expected for the present.
b) U 440 (Oblt. Werner Schwaff) has not reported since she left Nazaire on 26.5. She was probably destroyed by aircraft in Biscay. There is no further information.

B-Dienst Report:
a) In an American U-boat situation report of 4.6 up to 20 boats were reported within 300 miles around AJ 54. One radio message was made from this area from AJ 2960 on 3.6. Actually, there were only two boats there. This situation report seems to show that the enemy definitely suspects a considerable number of U-boats in the sea area between Newfoundland and Greenland. This time, information which he usually obtains from aircraft sightings and radio D/F is lacking. It remains to be seen whether he will soon discover the present absence of U-boats in the North Atlantic.
Again, several boats are believed to be within 150 miles around AK 3520, S-W bound, according to accurate radio D/F.

2323 - Sundown. Weather and Sea unchanged in 5 days, 7.5h.

KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
KSDII-Ace/GWX 3.0 Gold/CCoM 10.0 + h.sie-patch; Windows 7 (64-bit); NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 (310.90)
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