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Default My first experience with HMS Marulken

This is going to be a boring review, but I wanted to post it anyway.

Just to see how it looked, I started up build 144, and had a look around.

The periscope station is cool, and I like the (presumably) authentic prism effect much better than any approximation I've seen so far. I didn't find a way to raise and lower the scope, but I'm sure it's either there, or will be some day.

TDC station, also bloody cool. Some of the dials spun the "wrong" way, (a complaint throughout, but I'm sure it will be fixed) but it was such fun to play with.

Sonar Station was interesting. Always my least favorite part of any subsim, I'm not really sure how it is supposed to be, but it looked good. The inclusion of Enigma (generic version) is awesome.

Then I went back to the engine room.

I've never been so happy in my life! I can run the two engines interdependently of each other, divert power to one or the other battery, or the propeller, I have to use the battery to start them, I can drain the two batteries sequentially or balanced.... It's wonderful.

Oh, and I can steer the ship from back there, too.
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Onkel Neal
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Nice summary!

I want you in my crew
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After tonight's session on TeamSpeak with Neal, JonnyWayne, ChemicalKiller, and another guy.. there will be brawling, competition, bribing, and drinking to decide who gets to play which role.. but we always want the guy who is happiest at the role he gets to be in.. and lots of restarts and taking turns works too..

You may find me on one of these teamspeak servers: -
WWII Battleground Europe, Allied, -
Elite Dangerous, Gamers Cove -
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