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Old 11-08-2019, 10:34 AM   #256
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Default Donation made via Paypal

Hello Neal

Please note that on Nov, 4th I made a donation of €4,50 using Paypal to and sent a mail to with the paypal transaction number and my nickname in the forum but still I have not received any news from subsim. Any problem ?

That´s copy of paypal confirmation

Se está enviando su pago de €4,50 EUR a SUBSIM realizado el 4 nov 2019.

Estimado(a) Ignacio Martin:

Hemos completado la revisión de esta transacción.

Detalles de pago:

Nombre del destinatario: SUBSIM

Fecha de la transacción: 4 nov 2019

Importe de la transacción: €4,50 EUR

Id. de su transacción: 6DF02875H4334003G

Esta transacción ya no está pendiente y se está enviando al destinatario. Gracias por su paciencia.
Plas advise

Thanks and regards,

Ignacio Martin<>martroz

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Onkel Neal
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howdy Capt. Martroz!

yes sir, I see the donation in Subsim's paypal summary, I have manually updated your account. Thanks so much for the support and for letting me assist you.

Would you like to join my Wolfpack crew? Friend me on STEAM, my username is SUBSIM.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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