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Rufus Shinra
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Default From The Depths - voxel submarine design and warfare

From The Depths is a really nifty voxel game (think Minecraft for design and construction) focused on building ships, submarines, aircrafts and spacecrafts with a high degree of functionality from sensors to weapons and propulsion, allowing them to fight in campaign, free roam and (for whoever manages to make it work) multiplayer.

In short? You build this:

With the internals looking like this if you wanna spend the time:

So, yes, it's pretty cool, considering you can make anything from sail ships of the line to Ace Combat worthy airships or Halo space warships:


From age of sail cannons to mortars, lasers, plasma weaponry or fully customizable modern guns and missiles/torpedoes, it pretty much allows for a lot of design and battle time. But here's why I'm posting about it here: it also comes with the possibility to write Lua scripts and to configure AI to make some very interesting elements, and in the case of SubSim... a boomer with a fully functional command room. You can walk around the submarine, and control its movement through various computers programmed by yours truly as well as getting data feeds from periscope-mounted sensors, towed arrays and hull-mounted sonars, to control missile and torpedo weaponry in combat:

So, in a way, it's an arcadey but very, very fun naval and aerial combat game in which you get to build and test your own ships, with the Workshop hosting a huge number of full-sized historical replicas for the History buffs out there. The Graf Zeppelin, for example:

And with a bit of work to properly automate ballast, dive bars and their likes, it also becomes a fun submarine game in which you can surface to duel a second rate ship of the line in your Balao or nod grimly inside your Ohio and start flushing your Trident missiles at an orbital battlestation. Or attack a NATO battlegroup with VLS armament, CIWS and networked sensors trying to deal with the missile spam from your Oscar II replica.

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I've got this and i must say its astounding even if it is Sci-fi robot wars.
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