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Default Is it a Bug?

A problem occurred while playing 'Silent Hunter 4' mode 'Soviet number 1.12v'. the bridge of the submarine are missing. Also, the periscope didn't work. And there were no crew members in charge of the bridge. how can i solve this problem

+I used JSGME 2.6v,the Submarine is XII

+I want to know how to upload a pictuer

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To upload a picture you need to have a file-sharing account at a site which allows you to upload pictures and then link to them.

You're not giving us a lot to work with here. I just fired up a M-XII career and everything seems to work fine with the bridge view intact. Also the M-XII only has a single periscope, which is mapped to the Observation Scope keys ("O" Insert, Delete).

What version of SH4 do you have Soviet Waterways installed over? I am successfully using SH4 with U-Boat Mod patched to v1.5.

We're using the same version, just caught your edit.

Here's my mod list, wherein everything appears to work as designed:

Addon Soviet Waterway (v_111)
Path SW v_112

Webster's Eliminate Floating Plankton
3000 Yard-Meter Bearing Tools (1280x960)
Stock Ship Icons
Historical Crew Size

I have no idea what the Cyrillic Mod is, third from the top of the list, only that there are problems if it's not activated.

Disregard the Historical Crew Size, it is a personal mod for the Type V and IX series and not ready for sharing.

More info is generally more helpful when troubleshooting issues.

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I found a problem while managing the mod. The font of the name of the unknown Cyrillic file was broken, and after moving to the activation mode item, it left an unknown file in the activation mode item. Didn't apply. where does the problem come from
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