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Onkel Neal
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*** 2009 SUBSIM Werewolf Hunt - Story and Game thread ***

This will be the story and game thread. Questions about the game, how it works, what you should do?
Post questions and ideas in this thread.

Here is the list of players and their public identities as of 2/15 10:00 AM CST

Kamp Letzte Jagd personnel
Chad -Oberst (Colonel) [DEAD]
Hitman - Hauptmann (Captain) [LYNCHED]
UnderseaLcpl - Oberfeldwebel (Sergeant Major) [DEAD]
Oberon - Gefreiter (Corporal) [DEAD]
stabiz - Gefreiter (Corporal) [DEAD]
A Very Super Market - Gemeiner (Private)
Letum - Gemeiner (Private) [LYNCHED]
Laufen zum Ziel - Gemeiner (Private) [DEAD]
JCWolf - Gemeiner (Private) [DEAD]

Jimbuna - Kapitänleutnant
Raptor1 - Chief Engineer [DEAD]
Nisgeis - Leutnant zur See
Fincuan - Oberfähnrich zur See [DEAD]
Weiß Pinguin - Wachoffizier
Gorduz - Funker [LYNCHED]
Task Force - Seaman [DEAD]
Firewall - Seaman [DEAD]
Aramike - Seaman [LYNCHED]

Village of Vanvikan
Contact - Mayor [LYNCHED]
mookiemookie - Postman, acting mayor
Nokia - Innskeeper [DEAD]
Penelope_Grey - Barmaid, new owner of Mercy's Inn
XabbaRus - Sailor [SUICIDE]
SandyCaesar - Fisherman [DEAD]
NealT - Fisherman [DEAD]
lesrae - Shepperd [DEAD]
Gus - constable [DEAD]


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