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Old 08-03-2013, 11:41 AM   #1
Bilge Rat
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SHO silenthunter online

It's been a while... Well I now am sporting a new Acer C7 Chromebook... so naturally I am VERY interested and excited about the coming release of Silent Hunter Online... THE BOTTOM LINE will it work with CHROMEBOOKS???? I have not been able to find out from anybody as of yet... I am running around in BattlePirates by Kixeye, with Subs, but not quite the same of ya know what I mean. So are there any other "ONLINE" submarine sims out there... Please don't just pass up this post at least say Hi and share your thoughts. Thanks Andy.

OK how do I move this thread over to the online thread???

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You should post this in the Silent Hunter Online area

It should work with chrome books, but I can't imagine it doing too well on a acer c7, it probably does not have enough processing power to run it well.

but to be honest, I was not invited to the beta, so I don't know
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The Enigma
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Congrats with your first post ajelliottjr.

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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Aboard!


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Originally Posted by ajelliottjr View Post
Please don't just pass up this post at least say Hi and share your thoughts.
Hi, welcome aboard
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Check his join date fellas. He must be an Ent.

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